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How to Kick Ass Like Will Smith

I’m not going to lie, Will Smith has been one of my favorite actors since the Fresh Prince of Bel-Aire days.  Who would of thought that he would go on to acheive the MASSIVE amount of success that he has gotten? Well…there is a secret to Will Smith’s […]

G.I. Joe Cobra Bootcamp Blast Workout

With all the excitement and buzz surrounding the new film, G.I. Joe I decided to create a quick bootcamp blast you can do in your home or outside in the park to coincide with its theatrical release. This workout is strictly bodyweight and requires absolutely no weights whatsoever. […]

The Best Super Shake In The World

Who wants to start the day off by feeding your body with the ultimate nutrients to have great energy to last until dusk? This is the super shake I’ve been taking for a couple years now and it has been the absolute best thing I could have done […]

UFC Fighter BJ Penn Pool Jump Workout

Saw this crazy video today on YouTube with UFC fighter BJ Penn doing a COMPLETE vertical jump out of a 3 ft. swimming pool. AWESOME power skills here that are undeniable!  After watching this video be sure to watch the video below to find the secret to doing […]

How to Lose Fat While You Sleep

Many people who are training to lose fat are actually going in reverse while they sleep after a hard day of working out hard. When you sleep there are some very important tips I want to give you that will definitely aid in the fat loss process instead […]

The Michael Jackson Workout

This workout is inspired by Lou Ferrigno (Michael Jackson’s Personal Trainer) and the techniques he used to get Michael Jackson in shape for his concert performances. Unfortunately Michael passed away last week and I’m watching his memorial service as I type this. I though this video would be […]

Fat Loss Breakfast

Hope everybody had a a great 4th of July weekend and used it wisely to relax a little bit.  The summer is heating up and everybody wants to lose weight.  Today I bring a great strategy to implement into losing fat, if you’re not doing this 1 thing, […]

Sculpt Your Sexy Arms

Watch the video for some great exercises to jump start your sexy arms. These movements combined with The Fat Loss Frog will be a deadly combination to getting your sexy arms. This is the summer guys! It’s now or never, sink or swim, so let’s take action on […]

Crunchless 6-Pack Abs Blast Gets Your Flat Stomach

Hey You! Brand new video with me showing you some great and innovative exercises for you to get your 6-pack abs this summer.  If you’re looking for more of a toned flat stomach look then this video also is going to help you out.  I used to be […]

No More Back Fat Workout

Tired of having the back fat?  This is another common question I hear so I decided to make a workout which will focus on those specific back areas you would like to get firmer.  But this isn’t a miracle workout & you must be working out consistently while […]

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