The Best 5 Dynamic Joint Warm-Up Mobility Exercises

If you’re not sure what to do or used to the old school warm-up for 5 minutes on the treadmill business then this is for you…

In this video I’m giving you 5 of my favorite dynamic mobility exercises for warming-up that will help prevent injuries to your knees, hips, back and shoulders.  These are very simple exercises that most people will be able to “easily” do.

I used to do the 5 minute warm-up on the treadmill stuff for years before I found out about doing this stuff.  I wish I knew then what I know now.  I could have saved myself weeks of back, knee and shoulder pain.

These exercises should be done after a proper full body foam rolling session, followed by some static stretching and then these dynamic mobility exercises.  After doing these exercises you can extend the warm-up by doing some dynamic warm-up exercises.

Warming-up is critical to protecting your body from injuries and it should NEVER EVER be ignored or bypassed because you’re in a hurry.  Because trust me once you start skipping the warm-up you’re going to be much more likely to get hurt and have aching joints.

Throw these exercises into your next warm-up routine, these dynamic mobility exercise routine can be done in under 5 minutes and will do wonders for preventing injuries.