Tabata Ninja High Intensity Interval Training Workout

If ninja’s were still around today how do you think they would train?

Tabata training has quickly gotten more and more popular with people looking for fast fat loss results.  But there’s a price that has to be paid if you want those quick weight loss results and that will do more than the typical 60+ minute snoozefest at the gym.

These methods have been working for a long time now and if you’re just catching on to this method of training then you’re getting lucky because I’ve found that it can rapidly increase your training results.

So what exactly is tabata ninja training?

If you’ve been reading my blog before you’ll know that I’m not a fan of steady state cardio as the driving force to burn fat and am a big fan of the scientifically researched high intensity interval training as a much better way to burn fat.  Tabata training is another form of HIIT training developed in Japan by Dr. Izumi Tabata and this is it’s basic form…

Tabata training is 20 seconds of hardcore training followed by 10 seconds of rest and then going back to 20 seconds of incredible effort and back to 10 seconds of rest, etc.  You do this cycle for 8 rounds or for 4 minutes total time.

Researched studies found those who did the tabata training had a much higher improved VO2 max than the groups who did the traditional steady state cardio training.  Which means you’ll burn more fat doing tabata training than you would running on a treadmill for 45 minutes.

And the best part unlike cardio training is that tabata and high intensity interval training will keep burning calories 38 hours AFTER you workout.


What happens when we do tabata training is that it causes a metabolic disturbance in the body referred by the pros as excess post-exercise oxygen consumption aka EPOC.  This metabolic disturbance is one of the driving forces behind HIIT and tabata training which is responsible for it’s crazy great fat burning results.

Now I wouldn’t JUST do this tabata workout but instead do a few different routines in a workout with 100% effort.  I usually incorporate tabata training after my strength training workouts as what I like to call an “afterburner.”  This will crank my heart rate up and finish the workout on a high note ensuring I keep burning calories after my workout and keep my metabolism cranked.

Watch the video below for a quick tabata workout routine that can be done virtually anywhere…

1. Jump Squats (20 seconds)

2. Push-Up Spider Crawls (20 seconds)

3.  Skater Plyos (20 seconds)

4.  Cross Body Mountain Climbers (20 seconds)