Why Cinnamon Does Not Break a Fast

does cinnamon break intermittent fasting

If you want to know if cinnamon can break your fast, then the answer will largely depend on why you’re intermittent fasting. Cinnamon is a tasty, sugar-free spice with a lot of health benefits, and it would be great to have some during your fasting period. But knowing exactly what will break your fast can …

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Why Collagen Breaks a Fast (Don’t Put It in Your Coffee)

does collagen break a fast

Did you know that taking collagen during your fasting period will break the fast… Intermittent fasting has become quite popular for its health benefits and simple approach to weight loss. But knowing exactly what you can and can’t have during your fasting period can also be confusing. Collagen peptides have been found to be quite …

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Why Monk Fruit Doesn’t Break a Fast

can monk fruit break fast

Will eating the natural sweetener monk fruit break your intermittent fasting period, or is it totally fine? Monk fruit is a zero-calorie sweetener from a plant that promises to replace sugar while not spiking blood sugar or insulin. But how does monk fruit interact with your intermittent fasting routine, and does it break your fast? …

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Dark Meat vs White Meat: Which is Better?

dark meat vs white meat chicken

If you’re wondering which is nutritionally better for you, dark meat or white meat, this article will provide a simple and straightforward answer. This article will break down the nutritional benefits, pros and cons of both. Knowing the nutritional nuances between dark and white meat will empower you to make the best nutritional food choices …

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Does Pre-Workout Break a Fast

does pre workout break a fast

Would taking a pre-workout supplement be sabotaging your intermittent fasting? Taking a pre-workout can help boost energy levels while providing nutrients to elevate your results… but can this pre-workout break your fast? Maximizing your workout by taking a pre-workout beforehand is a must for many people. But if the pre-workout is breaking your fast, it …

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3 Day Fast: The Benefits and How to Do It

3 day fast

Going on a 3-day fast can unlock significant health benefits and results in such a short amount of time. A 3-day fast might sound like the latest diet fad, but it’s a well-proven and researched way to quickly improve your health and lose weight. Imagine feeling more energetic, having improved digestion, and even kickstarting weight …

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