The Taylor Lautner New Moon Workout Routine

Hey! Hope you’re doing great…if you haven’t heard yet about the movie New Moon yet then you’re going to want to check out this guy named Taylor Lautner.

This is the workout routine Taylor Lautner used to get ripped for the film New Moon were he plays a werewolf named Jake.

Now I don’t train Taylor but I did do my homework and found out what his trainer has been doing with him along with some of the exercises.  Piecing together everything I could get from his trainer and what Taylor talked about in interviews I put together this workout routine.

Taylor Lautner has put on an impressive amount of lean muscle mass since the first film and I was curious to see what his trainer was doing with him.

First he used much heavier weights than what the typical workout uses.  His trainer used up to 40% heavier weight then what you would normally use…but they made sure he kept proper form throughout the exercises.

He kept his nutrition on point which his trainer says makes up about 85% of Taylor’s great results from this workout routine.

His trainer always changes up the reps and sets…one week they’ll go 3 sets of 8-10 reps next workout they’ll go 4 sets of 15 reps…always keep the body guessing!

Eccentric Pull-ups / Band-resisted Push-Ups

Hanging Leg Raises / Ball Leg Curls / Prone Cobra

Ball Jacknifes / Reverse Crunches

The Taylor Lautner Eclipse Ripped Workout

I hope your holiday was great and had some good BBQ and saw some awesome fireworks…I know I did.

But back to work today and I got inspired after watching the new Eclipse movie to make a workout that would get anyone Taylor Lautner ripped.

Now this guy Taylor Lautner has an impressive physique for being so young and he definitely put a lot of work into developing his body.

Rome wasn’t built in a day…

So if you’re looking to burn off some fat and build some lean sexy muscle then this is the kind of workouts you should be doing.

Now doing this workout alone will obviously not be enough.  You have to have the right diet down and be doing additional trainings to build the body that Lautner has.

And if you prefer to look like a vampire, then just stay indoors until you get pretty darn pasty and never workout.

But if you prefer to have the toned lean and built body like the werewolves then you have to put the right work in.

To be honest I wasn’t a big fan of the movie but it did get me thinking about training, and it inspired this workout so it’s not all a lost.

If you’re ready to take the challenge then try this workout today, the year is already 50% over but the summer is still here.  It’s not to late to look hotter.

A1.  Pike Pullups (4×10-15)

A2.  1-Armed Bench Press (4×10/side)

B1.  Split Stance Overhead Press (4×12)

B2.  Split Stance DB Curls (4×12)

C1.  Kettlebell Situps (3×20)

C2.  Dragon Flags (3×12)

D1. Burpee to Gorilla Pullups (2×10)