How to Get Rid of Back Fat Fast (Best Exercises)

get rid of back fat

If you need to know how to get rid of back fat fast then you’ll find everything you need to know right here. Wouldn’t it be nice to say “bye-bye back fat?” Sure you might have already made some progress losing weight but for one reason or another, the stubborn back fat just doesn’t seem …

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Can You Chew Gum While Fasting

chewing gum intermittent fasting

Want to know if you can chew gum while fasting? Or does chewing gum break a fast? Chewing gum can make it easier to get through your fasting window by reducing hunger. If chewing gum suppresses your appetite, it’ll make getting through your fast much more effortless. But chewing gum can fall into the “gray …

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How to Get Rid of Saddlebag Fat (13 Best Exercises)

getting rid of saddlebags

Want to know how to get rid of saddlebags? You’re not alone there are millions of women who suffer from stubborn saddlebag fat that won’t go away despite their best efforts. What are saddlebags? Saddlebags are the area of fat on the outer part of your upper thighs right below your hips. It kinda looks …

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Working Out While Intermittent Fasting: The Perfect Weight Loss Combination?

working out intermittent fasting

Is ok to combine intermittent fasting and working out? Yes, and you can get even better weight loss results by working out while intermittent fasting. If you’re trying intermittent fasting or you’re fasting for other reasons and still want to get your workouts in, there are pros and cons to consider before you decide to …

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Are Green Powders a Waste of Money? Yes and No.

are green powders a waste of money

Are green powders a waste of money, or do they really work? Green powders promise you can get many superfood fruits and vegetables in one convenient drink. Yet, are green powder drinks just a gimmick or are they actually effective? Most green powders are on the expensive side, and the last thing you want to …

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