Easy Trick to Stop Eating So Much

easy trick to stop eating

A new study has just been released with rather simple ways to prevent yourself from eating like my dog when it’s dinner time. Hope you’re having a great summer so far and it’s hard to believe the year is already more than halfway over. I celebrated my birthday last week too. I never really understood… Read more →

Why Crash Diets Don’t Work

why crash diets don't work

Did you know 80% of people who go on a diet will eventually gain back their previous weight… It’s crazy but some will even get fatter than they were before. The big reason why people always gain back the weight they lost is because the diet simply isn’t sustainable. Even though they may lose some… Read more →

Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss ☕️

is coffee really that bad for you

Every time I wake up in the morning I’m excited because coffee is my favorite part of my morning routine. I’ll start with making my bed, meditating, and then proceeding directly to making my coffee. I’ll admit I’m turning into one of those annoying coffee snobs who has to have their morning coffee brewed JUST… Read more →

Hacking Your Sleep for Fat Loss


Along with training and nutrition your quality of sleep is the third pillar of living a leaner, more energetic and healthier life. If you’re not getting enough sleep then you’ll be fighting an uphill battle all day. This is something I’ve been working on hard for 2015 and I’ve made some big improvements. Unfortunately, I… Read more →