Turbulence Training Review | Is Craig Ballantyne On Crack?

In my Turbulence Training review I want to share with you some of my personal experiences with the workout program.  I had first heard of Craig Ballantyne through a Men’s Health article so he immediately lowered my skepticism levels because he was published.  I still didn’t know if he was on crack or if the Turbulence Training workout program was legit, but I was going to find out.

I first tried one of his Turbulence Training workouts a couple years ago when I needed a way to mix up my workouts.  His main manual is loaded with fat loss interval workouts that really kicked my butt to be frank.  I thought I was in good shape before but it was kind of crazy how much his workouts can take things to the next level.  One real complaint that I had with the program was that they seem to be a little too short for my tastes, but I can see how some people who don’t have much time to workout would benefit.

I really liked how Craig Ballantyne actually mixed up the workouts too, because if you’re like me then doing the same workout over and over again can quickly become boring.  I also like how he didn’t fill his Turbulence Training manual with a bunch of fluff to fill out the pages, he gets straight to the point.

But that’s not too say that I found his workout program didn’t have enough valuable information in it.  He goes in depth on proper warm-up techniques, how many reps/sets you should be doing, the right tempo of each exercise, best interval durations for maximum fat loss, and also nutrition as well.

More Awesomeness In My Turbulence Training Review

The only person I wouldn’t recommend this program to is somebody who is suffering from a chronic injury who wouldn’t be able to perform the exercises correctly.  But overall I believe that the Turbulence Training workout routines can be done by pretty much anybody from the overweight mom to the former high school athlete.  I can’t think of anybody who doesn’t want to get twice the results in half the time…

Even though Craig Ballantyne’s workouts are difficult they shouldn’t drive you to the point of puking.  I’ve had clients do these workouts and even though they were completely exhausted after the workout they finished it all the way through.  Ballantyne has a great way of motivating you too so you don’t try to take the easy way out and sit around in your comfort zone all day.

It’s great to see the training techniques in the program be backed up by research as well.  Many times when you see a workout program it’s just a bunch of hopping and push-ups that the trainer learned in high school gym class, but Ballantyne really knows his stuff and he shares many of the research articles that have founded his interval training techniques.

I guess the biggest reason I enjoy the program is it’s simplicity and I really wanted to make that evident in my Turbulence Training review.  99% of other workout programs out there try to make things too complicated to the point that you no longer even want to do the workout anymore, but this program is simple and straight to the point.  I’ve noticed not only a good amount of fat loss from the program but also increased strength and overall stamina.  Turbulence Training gets my highest recommendation.

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