BioTrust Keto Elevate C8 MCT Oil Powder Review (Does It Work?)

Here in my Keto Elevate review, you’ll discover the truth about this popular ketone supplement and whether or not it’s the real deal.

Now the keto diet can be very effective for weight loss but I’ve always been hesitant to recommend it to my clients.

Why? Because it’s hard for the vast majority of people to stick with it. The fail rate for the keto diet is sky high!

Imagine never being able to eat a carb again… no pizza, pasta, bread, beer, etc. This isn’t going to be a viable long-term solution for everyone…

But by taking a ketones supplement like Keto Elevate you can get many of the benefits of the keto diet without giving up carbs forever.

After thoroughly using and testing Keto Elevate I’ve come to see many of the pros and cons of using it.

Here is my review of Keto Elevate, and you’ll uncover everything you need to know and if it’s worth your money or not.

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What is Keto Elevate?

keto elevate ingredients
Keto Elevate ingredients

So what is the big deal with ketones? Here’s how they can benefit you for losing weight and burning fat…

When you stop eating carbs with the keto diet your body needs to find an alternative fuel source. So your body then creates ketones for fuel which is a byproduct of fat burning.

Once these ketones start cranking up in your body then you’ll be burning off significantly more fat for fuel.1

This leads to weight loss along with a host of other benefits such as boosting your metabolism, clearing out the mental fog, appetite suppression, increased energy, and improved gut health.

So how does Keto Elevate work?

It all starts with MCTs (medium-chain triglycerides). Your body breaks these down very quickly and utilizes them as a source of energy.2

Now regular MCT oil contains 4 different kinds of MCTs but that isn’t a good thing.

MCT List:

  • C6 – caproic acid
  • C8 – caprylic acid
  • C10 – capric acid
  • C12 – lauric acid

C8 caprylic acid is above and beyond the best of the bunch. It’s the most metabolically active medium-chain fatty acid.3,4,5 Your body can easily convert this specific one into ketones.6

It’s been proven in studies to boost energy, jump-start ketone production, and enhance weight loss. Plus it contains antiviral, antimicrobial, and even some cancer-fighting properties.7

Think of taking C8 MCTs like adding turbo-boosting fuel to your body’s engine. It’ll convert into ketones in only a few steps and provide instant energy to your cells.8

Coconut oil falls behind here since it only contains a fraction of the C8. So getting a supplement that contains 100% pure C8 MCTs will end up converting four times as many ketones.

Most people eat a ton of carbs in the morning to get glucose for energy. But this results in a lot of fat-promoting blood sugar and insulin spikes.9 Instead, it’s much more effective for weight loss if you fuel your body with ketones.

This will not only help to burn off more of your fat stores for energy but it’ll also keep away those fat-promoting blood sugar and insulin spikes.10

Keto Elevate Benefits

best mct powder

Since Keto Elevate contains strictly pure C8 MCT oil powder you’ll get the benefits of this powerful source of ketones.

Enhanced Fat Burning & Weight Loss

The keto diet has been found to force the body to burn off more fat stores for energy.11 But it’s quite difficult to stick with long-term and can give you the dreaded keto flu.12

So if you instead mimic the keto diet by adding ketones you’ll not only lose weight more effortlessly but you’ll also improve your metabolism by increasing your body’s thermogenesis.

The problem with eating more carbs for energy is they end up being converted to fat stores if unused.13

But by taking Keto Elevate you don’t have to worry about these ketones being stored as fat for future energy needs.14

One study found giving MCTs to obese women ended up improving their fat-burning metabolism compared to those taking LCTs (long-chain triglycerides).15

Now, this might make it sound like the shorter the triglyceride chain the better… but C6 MCTs taste horrible. They’re also much harder to digest making it easy to get the dreaded “bubble guts” after taking them.

Boosts Energy Levels

Ever experience tiredness and fatigue in the morning? Adding C8 ketones like the ones found in Keto Elevate can give you an impressive jolt of energy after taking it.16

You’ll experience increased stamina and endurance after taking it since your body instantly converts the C8 MCTs into energy. Keto Elevate is a great pre-workout to take before hitting the gym in the morning too.

If you don’t like taking caffeine then Keto Elevate itself is great for giving a boost of energy. It’ll give you an extra burst of energy without making you feel jittery like extra caffeine can.

One study found cyclists taking MCTs ended up increasing their performance times in 2-hour rides.17 There was even a study finding mice given MCTs could swim longer than those without them.18

If you’re into HIIT workouts then taking MCTs can improve your performance there as well. Athletes eating MCTs were found to be able to do longer high-intensity workouts.19

Those taking the MCTs had less blood lactate build-up in their bodies from this high intensity.20 Blood lactate is that “muscle-burning” feel you get when you’re working out hard.

Suppresses Appetite

Ask anybody what’s the hardest part of going on a diet plan… the hunger!

Fortunately taking healthy fats like MCTs can help to suppress your appetite and hunger.21 This will allow you to not only eat less than you otherwise would but you’ll feel hungry less often. Both of these are necessary if you’re trying to lose weight.22

If you’re Intermittent Fasting then taking Keto Elevate won’t break your fast if you’re doing it for weight loss.

If anything it’ll help you to feel fuller for longer.23 This is a huge plus to help you finish out your fasting window without getting the dreaded hunger pangs.

I like to put Keto Elevate in my morning coffee as a “creamer” substitute. I not only get a quick spark of energy but any hunger I had gone away for quite a few hours after.

The reason MCTs suppress your appetite is from the ketones. Your hunger hormone ghrelin is suppressed by increased ketones in your body.24

mct oil powder coffee

Improved Mental Clarity

Trying to go through your day and get work done with brain fog is like being blindfolded. It makes your life a lot harder than it needs to be!

When taking high-quality pure C8 MCTs your body quickly converts them into ketones. These ketones not only give you energy but also mental clarity.

If you’ve suffered from mental sluggishness then try combining intermittent fasting with ketones.

The MCTs you get from taking Keto Elevate will be converted into ketones. These ketones can cross your blood-brain barrier (which carbs and glucose aren’t able to do).25 Your brain cells are then able to use this energy for enhanced brainpower.

So one of the reasons you might experience brain fog is from lack of energy reaching your brain. But by adding ketones you’ll be able to provide your brain with an instant quick-burning source of energy.

This not only gives you mental brainpower but it’ll also clear out the brain fog.

Improved Gut Health

It’s little known that ketones derived from MCTs are highly antibacterial.26 They can fight off bad bacteria, viruses, and fungal infections in your body.

People who don’t have the best gut health can have what’s known as “leaky gut syndrome”. This is when your gut lining “leaks” and harmful toxins and bacteria can make their way into your bloodstream to cause damage.

This not only gives you serious digestive issues but can also cause serious illnesses. But studies have found taking MCTs can help to cancel out many of the harmful bacteria and toxins from ever entering your bloodstream.27

MCTs will help to give your gut a break so your beneficial bacteria can better flourish thus boosting gut health.

Why Keto Elevate Is the Best

keto elevate powder

Far and away the best part of Keto Elevate is it contains 100% pure C8 (caprylic acid) MCT oil powder. This particular medium-chain fatty acid is the best for reaping the benefits of adding ketones to your body.

Just about every other MCT oil, you’ll find on store shelves contains a mixture of various MCTs. You’ll find out-of-proportion amounts of C6, C8, C10, and C12 that only end up giving you a fraction of the results you’re looking for.

But what separates Keto Elevate from the rest is it contains strictly a pure form of C8.

Here’s a study finding C8 MCTs are 3Xs more ketogenic than C10 and 6X more ketogenic than C12. This is why you really want to only take 100% pure C8 MCTs.

But just about all MCT supplements contain a weird blend of multiple types of MCTs despite what their packaging might say.

c8 mct keto study

Many other MCT oils can lead to an upset stomach and give you a bad case of diarrhea. But C8 doesn’t upset the stomach in most people and the powder form makes it easier to digest.

I never knew how much more convenient it was to have a powder form of MCTs compared to having to use the oil. For one reason or another using MCT oil always ends up messy and all over the place.

But having it in a convenient powder form keeps it easy. You can also carry around the powder form with you to work if you’re traveling compared to having to use oil.

Since Keto Elevate is flavorless and odorless you don’t have to worry about any funky taste. Can’t tell you how many other MCT oils I’ve tried that just taste weird.

You can mix Keto Elevate in just about anything without it negatively impacting the taste. It has a slight sweetness to it despite not having any added sugar or artificial sweeteners in it.

How to Use Keto Elevate

I like to put it in my morning cup of coffee for “breakfast.” It adds a creamy texture that’s 10X’s healthier than using Coffee Mate powder.

If you’ve ever tried Bulletproof Coffee before then it’s similar but nowhere near as rich tasting. Or you could also easily toss it in your protein shakes too.

Just about every other MCT oil out there contains some weird fillers, additives, or flavorings. This not only dilutes the potency of the oil but it puts more junk into your body.

Keto Elevate doesn’t contain any soy, corn, or wheat-based fillers which could kick your body out of a state of ketosis.

I recommend practicing intermittent fasting by taking Keto Elevate in the morning. Just skip breakfast and don’t eat anything until lunchtime.

Keep drinking water throughout the morning. You can take 1-2 servings of this per day.

I usually take some right after waking up and sometimes will have another mid-morning for an energy boost. Another benefit of Keto Elevate is it’ll naturally suppress your appetite making it easier to keep fasting.

Keto Elevate mixes easily in just about any liquid you throw at it. Here’s a clip of me quickly blending it up in my morning cup of coffee.

mct oil mixing easily

Cons of Keto Elevate (Side Effects?)

keto elevate

I could only really think of a couple of cons after using it. One side effect is if you’re not used to taking it then you might feel the initial energy spike is a little too much. If you’re not used to it then you could feel somewhat jittery after first use.

If you’re not used to taking it then you could get an upset stomach as well the first time. Mixing it in coffee will also be easier on the stomach especially if you’re a usual coffee drinker.

This is why I always recommend starting with a small amount your first time to see how your body reacts. Then you can easily increase how much you take for additional benefits.

I’ve heard some do not like the packaging Keto Elevate comes in. The bags are a little hard to re-zip back up and it can be a little difficult to scoop out the last bits of it.

I personally prefer containers for my supplements but for me, it wasn’t a big deal to use their bag packaging.

I’ve noticed many people are really loving the product but it can be a little pricey. If you find it in other places on the web then it’s going to be more expensive.

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Will taking Keto Elevate break my fast?

And if you’re Intermittent Fasting you don’t have to worry about it breaking your fast.  The MCTs and calories in Keto Elevate won’t break your fast.

Taking a small dose of MCTs like what you’ll have with Keto Elevate won’t significantly disrupt your intermittent fasting.

It won’t spike your blood sugar levels and won’t cause an insulin-induced response in your body. It does contain a small number of calories but these MCTs are quickly converted into ketones in your body and aren’t processed like other calories.

MCTs have also been found in studies to improve insulin-mediated glucose metabolism so your body will have better control over your insulin. If you’re fasting for fat loss, longevity, improved brain function, etc. then you’ll get better results by taking it.

It should help to lower feelings of hunger so you can get an extra boost to fast for longer. By taking it you’ll be able to make it through your fasting window while burning more fat than you would without it.

I’ve added it to my morning fasting routine and have noticed my workouts are better and my body fat has gone down.

Is Keto Elevate safe?

MCTs are generally considered to be safe for consumption. And since Keto Elevate contains 100% pure C8 MCTs it’ll be a far safer supplement than other MCT oils or powders that contain less efficient MCTs in the form of C6, C10, and C12.

MCT oils or powders that contain less C8 MCTs have a harder time being processed by your body and can lead to gut distress. This is another reason to make sure you’re only taking C8 MCTs.

Make sure you’re following the instructions from BioTrust when using Keto Elevate. You could experience digestive issues as a side effect of taking too much. This is also usually a reflection of the current state of the user’s gut health.

If digestive issues should happen then it’s best to increase your fiber throughout the rest of your day. You could also try taking MCTs with food to reduce some of these digestive side effects.

If you have concerns it’s always best to talk to your doctor or qualified health professional before taking any supplement.

Does Keto Elevate Really Work?

keto elevate review

If you’re looking to lose weight more effortlessly and add a boost of energy then Keto Elevate will be right up your alley.

It’s by far the best ketone-producing product I’ve come across. You’ll not only lose stubborn weight from troublesome fat stores but it’ll also slim down your waistline.

Let’s admit it losing weight isn’t easy. And the hardest part is getting through the hunger pangs.

But the appetite-suppressing benefits of Keto Elevate will make you feel fuller for longer so you can blast through those hunger pangs.

Lastly, BioTrust makes excellent products and uses only the highest quality of ingredients for its supplements. They have their products tested by an independent 3rd party lab for quality and purity.

Plus their customer support is top-notch. I’m also a big fan of their collagen and low-carb protein powder.

Here are some Keto Elevate results that some of my followers have had from taking this C8 MCT oil powder:

“I am a devoted follower and have had HUGE success with intermittent fasting
and Keto Elevate…40 LBS LOST! Thanks Josh from loyal follower” – Bob W.

“The intermittent fasting diet and your Keto Elevate are doing wonders (25 pounds in 6 weeks). Thanks!” – Ronald H.

“Hello, Josh. My husband & I have been using Keto Elevate since the last weekend of February. We do very much like the appetite suppressant to guard against sweet and evening cravings. I have lost 9lbs and my husband has lost 10lbs in a little less than 4 weeks.” – Jory T.

Where can you buy Keto Elevate?

You won’t find Keto Elevate in stores but if you search around on the internet you’ll find the price for Keto Elevate can be a little costly due to it containing pure C8 MCTs.

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