Banana Roll Fat (9 Exercises to Get Rid of Them Fast)

At one time or another everybody has stubborn trouble spots on their body and banana roll fat is no different.

If you’re asking, “what are banana rolls?” then know it’s the storage of excess fat beneath your bum at the very top of your back thigh. Or as most people call them, “the fat rolls under your butt.”

Along with bat wings, saddlebag fat and other trouble spots the banana fat roll can be quite stubborn to get rid of. Your body just seems to hold onto this extra layer of fat beneath your bum even though you’ve lost weight.

Many women believe having banana roll fat is unattractive and will even go to the lengths of using CoolSculpt surgery to try to get rid of them. But I’m going to show you how to lose your banana rolls fast and naturally with actually proven methods.

There are a few causes of getting banana rolls in the first place but just keep in mind this won’t hold you back from losing them. Here I’m going to show you what causes banana roll fat in the first place and how to get rid of them with the best exercises.

How to Get Rid of Rolls Under Your Bum

how to get rid of fat under bum

The odds you have banana roll fat in the first place is largely genetic (1). Many people who have this extra layer of fat under their bum is from their genetics telling their body to stubbornly store excess fat there.

Many women with a natural pear-shaped body type tend to have the most problems with banana fat rolls. With a pear-shaped body, many women store their excess fat in their hips and legs while apple-shaped body types store it in their belly (2).

But just because you’re born with a higher likelihood of having banana rolls doesn’t mean you’re doomed to have them forever. Despite your genetics you can at the very least largely improve their appearance if not get rid of them altogether.

banana roll fat coolsculpt surgery
You don’t need surgery!

They’re more common than most people think. Even women who are in pretty good shape can have banana rolls because of their genetics. And these trouble spots can stubbornly refuse to go away despite your best weight loss efforts.

At the end of the day having banana roll fat means you have too much fat on your body. And your body is storing this excess fat right beneath your bum and it’s stubbornly refusing to burn it off.

So the best thing you can do is to keep lowering your overall body fat while toning up this troublesome area. Spot reduction methods for targeted fat loss in specific locations aren’t very effective (3). But that doesn’t mean you can’t burn off more fat from your body while toning up the area to improve its appearance. There are more exercises for thigh fat you can use to slim down your hips and thighs.

Diet to Lose Your Banana Rolls

Diet to Lose Your Banana Rolls

At the end of the day, it’s going to be near impossible to keep burning off body fat if your diet is trash. Cleaning up your diet will give you the most bang for your buck when it comes to fat loss.

First off it’s best to start eliminating the bad foods that are causing your body to store excess fat in the first place. Bad foods like sugar, processed foods, refined carbs, artificial sweeteners, vegetable oils & fruit juice all compound on each other causing you to add more fat to your body.

Then make sure you’re eating the foods on my Food List Cheat Sheet to fuel your body with the best fat burning foods possible.

Try lowering your carb intake if your body is the type that naturally gains weight easily. I’ve found in my years as a Nutrition Coach that if your body stores fat and excess weight easily then cutting out the carbs works very well.

Then you can also try adding in Intermittent Fasting to take things up a notch. It’ll help your body burn off more fat than it otherwise normally would which will give you faster results.

Last but not least you should be drinking mostly water. Cut out the sodas, diet sodas, fruit juices and alcohol to burn off more fat from your body. Instead, drink some of my favorite weight loss drinks. And if you have a hard time not drinking any alcohol then take a look at my best alcoholic drinks for weight loss.

Best Banana Roll Fat Exercises

Single-Leg RDL

1-legged RDL

Crab Bridge Marches

hip bridge marches

1-Legged Hip Thrusts

1-legged hip thrusts

High Step-Ups

high step ups

Lying Hamstring Curls

lying leg curls

Lying Ball Hip Bridges

Lying ball hip bridges

Sumo Squat + Deadlift Combo

RDL squat combo

Bulgarian Split Squats

bulgarian split squats

Front Foot Elevated Split Squats

front elevated split squats


Best Cardio For Banana Rolls

cardio to get rid banana rolls

Now even though the exercise list above is going to work great for toning up and adding lean muscle to this area it’s still going to be best to keep burning fat off your entire body.

Intense cardio works best to burn fat off the body the fastest. So keeping your heart rate above 80% of your maximum while doing cardio is going to give you the best results.

steady state cardio stair stepper banana roll butt

In an ideal world, you’d do 10-20 minutes of incline treadmill sprints or sprinting up a hill. You can adjust your running and resting times during these intervals depending on your current fitness level. Then you can ramp up the intensity from there.

Then after your interval cardio training try adding in some more traditional steady-state cardio to burn even more fat. Adding in another 10-20 minutes of the stair stepper machine can help a lot. Try to take big steps on the stair stepper machine to better target tone the banana roll area.

What causes banana roll fat?

The reason people get them is from two things. Having too much fat on their body and genetics. Your genetics will largely determine where your body stores this excess fat. It’ll then stubbornly refuse to go away unless you follow the above strategies to getting rid of it.

The Last Word

Nobody is perfect and we all tend to have these areas on our bodies that make us self-conscious. Banana roll fat is no different and like all stubborn places on the body, it can make it feel impossible to get rid of.

But like all trouble spots on the body, the appearance of it can be improved. Losing more overall fat on your body in addition to targeted exercises to tone the area can help get rid of them the fastest.

Only losing weight isn’t going to be enough to get rid of them. You have to lower your body fat percentage on your body to lose them for good. If you only lose weight then you could get a saggy butt which can only make you feel even more self-conscious.

Getting rid of a banana roll can be a little frustrating but once you start following the above tips you’ll be doing everything you can to get rid of this trouble fat the fastest.