Six Pack Lower Ab Exercises Workout – Chub Blaster 3000

I’ve found the lower abs to be one of the hardest sticking points when it comes to toning and trimming up.  The belly fat that hangs around on the lower part of your abdominals can be a complete pain the royal butt to get rid of.

And you’re not alone, I’d say that 90% of people have the same problem and the reason they’re not getting rid of it falls down to 2 things they’re doing WRONG.

  1. They’re stuck in a plateau and not dropping those last 10 pounds.
  2. They aren’t targeting the correct area of the lower part of the abs.

They’re are a ginormous amount of stomach exercises out there that are meant to work out the upper and middle part of the abdominals but not too many people know the ones that are really effective at blasting the low ab.

I’m going to show you a workout that I do personally and do with all of my clients towards the end of the workout to really blast those lower abdominals and turn their belly fat into a rock hard stomach.

You don’t necessarily need any fancy equipment for these exercises but you do need to have some ab straps and preferably a medicine ball.

With the leg raises you want to make sure that you keep your hips as steady as possible while you raise your legs up and down.  Keep a slight bend in your knees while doing this exercise. And you want to come back down twice as slow as you came up, this will ensure you hit those lower abs better than just letting them fall down.

When you get to the point that it becomes too easy you can have a partner add some force to the downward part of the motion like I do in the video to add some extra resistance.  Just make sure you still keep your hips steady so have your partner hold them there.

The second exercise is the Reverse Crunch which in my opinion is the best exercise to specifically target those lower abdominals.  And doing this one right after the Hanging Leg Raises is going to annihilator your abs.

Finish out the circuit with Cross Body Mountain Climbers on a medicine ball which will help crank up your heart rate as well as work your stomach.  We like to use a medicine ball because it gets more muscle recruitment on the front side of the body and therefore is working the muscle more and burning more fat.

Here’s the full workout and exercises:

  1. Hanging Leg Raises (3×12)
  2. Reverse Curnches (3×10)
  3. Cross Body Mountain Climbers (3×16)

Thanks for investing your time and energy into this workout, now go give it a shot!