UFC Fighter BJ Penn Pool Jump Workout

Saw this crazy video today on YouTube with UFC fighter BJ Penn doing a COMPLETE vertical jump out of a 3 ft. swimming pool. AWESOME power skills here that are undeniable!  After watching this video be sure to watch the video below to find the secret to doing this yourself…

This movement takes EXTREME explosive power & athleticism. But you can train to become explosive as well while also burning fat. 

If you want to do this too then you  NEED to gain strength in the lower body and work on your explosive power as well.  If you want to jump higher and lose fat at the same time, check out the video below for the BJ Penn Pool Jump Workout!  

Although I wouldn’t recommend doing these if you’re a beginner and don’t have the agility or strength to do them. But if you can then you’re metabolism will get cranked up to another level & you’ll be on your way to becoming more explosive!