How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women

How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women Simplified

Finding an answer on how to get rid of belly fat for women seems as elusive as finding Bigfoot or a Yeti strolling down the street but in the this blog post I’m going to shed some light on why women pack on belly fat and the best strategies to annihilating it.

Women naturally have always had more body fat then men for many reasons that would ensure their survival as well as their offspring.  But in the modern world most women really don’t need to have so much body fat as our ancestor hunter-gathers did.  And it’s become obvious most people are carrying way too much body fat for their own good.

It all comes down to controlling the right hormones and if you’re serious about finding out how to get rid of belly fat for women then you’ll surely want to listen to this.  It’s not about cutting calories or going on a low fat diet because even if those work for a short while they won’t produce the results you’re looking for long-term.

You’re going to have to know about keeping the hormones that are telling your body to pack on fat under control and promoting the belly fat burning hormones that will have you looking lean and feeling happy.  Unfortunately for mankind it’s a lot more difficult to keep these fat burning hormone levels high while it’s so freaking easy to have the fat storing hormones pumping out at all cylinders.

The first hormone that is responsible for belly fat storage in women is insulin.  Insulin is essentially released from the pancreas and it’s primary job is to regulate the metabolism of fat and carbohydrates in the body.  When most people pack on the belly fat it’s because their diets have caused them to become insulin resistant meaning they’ve been eating the wrong foods for so long that the body requires more and more insulin just to function.

This was one of my biggest problems and it’s not only going to cause you to put on belly fat but it’ll also cause a ton of health problems down the line as well.  I remember coming home from kindergarden and all I wanted to do was snack on some cereal and watch The Goonies all day.

This was the exact opposite of what I should have been doing.  To keep your insulin levels low you have to stay away from foods that are going to cause your blood sugar levels to spike.  And the worst foods to cause your blood sugar levels to spike are sugars along with refined and processed carbohydrates so if you’re serious about how to get rid of belly fat for women then you have to eliminate these.

For the longest time we’ve been under the wrong impression that the true answer on how to get rid of belly fat for women was to severely restrict calories and/or go on a low-fat diet.  Calorie restriction diets will work temporarily because you’re also naturally going to be cutting out all the bad carbs and sugars that are elevating your insulin levels, but eventually your body will become sick of not getting enough food and you’ll end up going on an all day binge feast.

Also low-fat diets aren’t the answer neither.  A 2006 study by the Womens Health Initiative followed a group of women for 7 years and found there was no beneficial effect in fat accumulation in comparison to those who ate a low fat diet and those who ate whatever they wanted.  The truth is your body naturally wants fats and restricting them isn’t going to cause your body to lose belly fat.

My #1 Tip On How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women

But your body doesn’t want to consume sugars and unnatural processed and refined carbohydrates.  Our bodies didn’t evolve consuming these foods and they have to work their butts off just trying to digest them.  It’s what is going to cause you to pack on the belly fat and this is easily the #1 tip I can give you to keep it off.

So what are some of these bad carbs?

  • Bread
  • Smoothies
  • Pasta
  • Cereal
  • Beer
  • Muffins
  • Cupcakes
  • Soda
  • Candy

If you’re able to replace these bad carbs with protein sources along with a boatload of vegetables and a few fruits then you’ll do a lot to keep the belly fat off.  Some people think eating a bagel for breakfast is healthy but that’s nothing but a nutrient-less processed carb.  What I would recommend infinitely times more for a healthy breakfast is bacon and spinach scrambled into your eggs and I consider it the best breakfast for weight loss.

Is Exercise An Answer On How To Get Rid Of Belly Fat For Women?

There are also methods of exercise training that will also help to fight against insulin so you can keep burning fat.  The primary methods I recommend are metabolic resistance training along with a HIIT workout routine.

Metabolic resistance training uses heavy loads combined with hybrid compound movements.  There aren’t any weight lifting machines involved and everything is done with free weight or bodyweight while maximizing your time under tension (how long you perform an exercise).  It’s boatloads more difficult than hanging out on a machine and doing an actual set every 3 minutes while you play with your iPod but if you want to do what works then this is it.

There are other benefits to this type of training as well such as improving your agility, mobility, balance, explosiveness, flexibility in addition to blasting belly fat.  In fact this stuff works so great for fat loss it’s what I primarily do in my own workouts as well as my boot camps and in my Flat Belly Formula system.

And here’s a workout I did with some of my top exercises that lose love handles fast. They aren’t the typical exercises you’d think of to help tone up your abs.

So in the end all you have to really do is keep your insulin levels regulated and I’m more than confident you’ll burn a ton of fat.  The problem is that it’s a lot more difficult, at least at first, to eliminate these bad carbs and do this type of exercise training.  I can honestly tell you I feel 100x’s better when I’m avoiding those bad carbs and doing metabolic resistance training and HIIT workouts, and from what my clients have told me they feel the same.

Most people don’t have the motivation to make these simple changes but I’m hoping this has inspired you to take action and start implementing these simple strategies.  I hope this has shed some light on how to get rid of belly fat for women and now that you know the solution it’s time to take action and actually do it.