Napa Boot Camp’s Halloween Great Pumpkin Workout

Happy  Halloween  everyone!  I hope you guys all stay away from the tricks and the treats, but have a blast doing your thing.

As you may know I have a Napa boot camp and this week we did the pumpkin workout. This workout is a great example of finding creative and fun ways to exercise so we all get bored with our workouts.

We also do this work out to show that you don’t need a fancy gym or equipment to get  a great fat losing work out.  In fact you’re the much at all besides a pumpkin in this case.

Many of the exercises we do with the pumpkin can easily be done with a medicine ball in your home or at the gym. And these workouts also show that women and men who are strong don’t have to look bulky  but rather  lean, toned and healthy look.

I hope you get some great ideas for exercises in this video and it raises your Halloween spirits!

PS if your Napa come check out our  boot camp for free workout =>