The Matthew McConaughey Workout to Get A Celebrity Ripped Body

Matthew McConaughey has one of those celebrity ripped bodies that the media just loves to broadcast day and night.  And I know it’ll be more than fair to say a big reason for his massive success is from all the hard work and hours spent working out.  I mean, have you ever seen him in a recent movie that doesn’t involve him taking his shirt off?  I rest my case…and in this post I’m going to give you the Matthew McConaughey workout plan that will get you on track to get a killer cut body.

The biggest concern with celebrity workouts is that they’re all about time efficiency, especially when they’re getting ready for a movie role.  Because they only have so much time to get in incredible shape before their movie starts shooting.  So every workout has to give the biggest bang for the buck and you know Matthew McConaughey wasn’t wasting time chit-chatting between sets.

He seems like an pretty cool guy overall and besides he played one of my favorite characters of all time as David Wooderson in Dazed and Confused.  And I’m sure you’ve seen his movies Fool’s Gold (bet you wish you didn’t…) and Reign of Fire.

I’m sure you’ve also seen picture of Matthew McConaughey working out on the beach and overall he is actually a pretty athletic guy.  His workouts aren’t just about lifting weights and doing the old-school bodybuilding stuff.  Matthew McConaughey brings in flexibility, agility and endurance in combination with strength training.  All the major components to build an athletically ripped body.

When it comes to the strength training part of the workout Matthew McConaughey uses supersets to maximize his time and get the best results possible.  If you don’t know, supersets are when you do 2 or more exercises back to back in one set. When I went to college and starting doing supersets in the college gym I can still remember people looking and me funny.  I didn’t know why until this one guy came up to me and in disbelief was questioning why I was doing more than one exercise in a row…I told him because “it’s the best way to train.”

The supersets that Matthew McConaughey uses involve various muscle groups and he’s always keeping the body guessing by switching up his order and exercises.  He focuses on strength training 3 days a week, every other day and the days in between he’ll do cardio endurance training…the best of both worlds.

There are a total of around 5-6 supersets for any given workout that Matthew McConaughey does and he uses a heavy weight that he can just barely get 8-12 reps on per set.  After the end of each session he’ll also finish it out with some cardio training and top it off with flexibility.

The Matthew McConaughey Workout To Get Your Celebrity Ripped Body

Superset 1…

1) Foot Elevated Push-Ups

2) Cable Cross-Overs

3) Swiss Ball Knee Tucks

Superset 2…

1) V-Pullups

2) 25-yard sprints

Superset 3…

1) Burpees

2) Bench Dips

3) DB Lunges

Superset 4…

1) Medicine Ball Push-Up to Slams

2) Stair Sprints

3) Ball Hover Planks

Superset 5…

1) Twisting DB Squat Presses

2) Stair Climber

3) Hill Sprints

Finish out with flexibility stretching.


This is just a sample workout that Matthew McConaughey would do and the key is to vary your workouts by using a lot of different forms of training then just doing the bodybuilding type of stuff.  This type of training will burn fat and build muscle at the same time and get you a celebrity ripped body.  It’s easy going to the gym and just doing the standard “Chest Day” but you’re really just wasting your time when you could be getting twice the results, have a lot more fun doing it and develop that natural athleticism instead of just being rock.

So overall the Matthew McConaughey workout is pretty impressive and he’s doing just about all the right stuff.  Another key thing I learned about Matthew McConaughey while doing research for this post was that he has also allowed himself to have a good time while not training.  He used to be super strict and not allow himself to eat anything unhealthy but has since then realized that there’s other things in life that everyone should enjoy in moderation.

I’m a fan of the 90/10 rule when it applies to this…work really hard and be healthy 90% of the time and the other 10% you can loosen up and go out drinking with your friends.  And with 90% you’re still getting an A grade.

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