Killer Gym Back Workout

Hey everyone,

Got a new video for you today and I’m going to show you my killer back workout that you can do in the gym.

In fact, even if you just have a pullup bar at home, you can do it at home too!

I always recommend to my clients that they focus a lot more on the back workouts than there chest workouts simply because I want their posture to improve and correct imbalances in the body.

We’re hunched over all day; in the car, brushing our teeth, eating dinner, on the computer, watching TV.  It’s rare for our bodies to open up and focus on the posterior side.

And further more, you’ll see people in the gym who all they want to do is Bench Press and they’re just exacerbating the problem.

I did this workout at my local Napa gym HealthQuest and I can promise you that it brought the heat.

These exercises are going to put a lot of lean muscle on you and also burn a lot of fat by promoting GH release.

GH stands for Growth Hormone and it’s simply the best hormone to have when it comes to fat loss and muscle building.  And in this back workout it’ll be in full effect.  P.S. GH occurs naturally in our bodies, teenage boys are pumping with it!

So for the workout you’ll want to do them in circuit fashion and rest 30-45 seconds in between exercises and 60 seconds at the end before you do it all over again.

Here are the details…

1.  Thoracic Extension

2. Triangle Pullup Holds

3. Rack Pulls

4. DB 2 Point Rows

5. Cable Diagonal Raise

Be sure to watch the video for the exercise demonstrations and also to see my a little hung over on a Sunday!