Does Sugar Make You Fat

It’s pretty obvious eating sugar is going to make you fat and now the latest research is also proving that it makes you stupid too.

Researchers at UCLA have just come out with a study in the Journal of Physiology which found rats who were given high fructose corn syrup actually experienced memory loss. This was proven with by testing the rats with a maze they had learned 6 weeks earlier but after they were fed this high sugar diet they could no longer complete it.

Additionally the researchers found the rats who supplemented with omega-3 fatty acids actually experienced much less memory loss than the rats that didn’t have these essential fats. Omega-3 fatty acids are vital for your health and they have to be consumed in the diet because our bodies can’t naturally make them.  The reason omega-3 fatty acids are so powerful is because of the high amounts of Docosahexaenoic acid (DHA) and I personally recommend supplementing your diet with them from wild caught small fish sources. Inflammation in your body can also cause problems from having a high imbalance of omega-6 fatty acids compared to omega-3’s and the reason this is becoming such a huge problem is from all the processed foods most of us are consuming in the average diet.

Oh, and the plot thickens in the debate why sugar makes you fat…

The researchers also found the rats that didn’t have the omega-3 fatty acids also had developed insulin resistance which is very important for regulating your blood sugar and brain function. So when you put these two together consuming sugar is going to make you both fat and stupid! I think this is as bad as it gets.

The main reason why sugar makes you fat is because it’ll spike your blood sugar levels which will also cause your body to release the hormone insulin. Insulin basically signals for your body to start storing your calories as fat.  You’ll probably notice the feeling of a “sugar crash” as your body comes tumbling down after a sugar high and the only way to bring it back up is to eat more sugar.  This produces a roller coaster cycle of fat storage which can both increase your belly fat as well as decreasing your brain power.

Even though this study focused on high fructose corn syrup which is mostly found in processed foods you should do whatever you can do avoid any type of sugar in your diet unless you want to spend your days being both fat and dumb. You can find high fructose corn syrup in a vast amount of food products that you’d find at the grocery store such as breads, cereals, soft drinks and even condiments.  The big food manufacturers are trying desperately to convince the world high fructose corn syrup is actually good for you when actuality you should avoid it at all costs.

Does Fruit Sugar Also Make You Fat?

And like I’ve been saying for a while now in my Flat Belly Formula system you should limit your fruit intake and these researchers are now just finding out a high fructose diet is bad for you. To get my fruit fix I’d recommend eating high antioxidant berries instead.

You should be getting most of your carbohydrates through vegetable sources instead of grains or fruit because veggies will not spike your blood sugar the other ones. I personally try to get as many lean greens in my diet as I can even if I have to blend some spinach and broccoli into my daily protein shakes.  Unfortunately most people aren’t aware the fruit they’re eating on a daily basis is actually causing them to get fat and lose their brain power. Some really high sugar fruits you should avoid include watermelon, bananas and oranges.

So the two big ideas you should take away from this “Does Sugar Make You Fat” blog post are:

1. Kick your sugar intake to the curb and in doesn’t matter if it’s in the form of high fructose corn syrup, evaporated cane juice or organic fruits. Sugar is bad for you no matter what form it’s in. Look for healthier options to sweeten your foods if you must such as stevia or a little raw honey.

2. Supplement your diet with omega-3 fatty acids which will improve both your brain power as well as help to decrease your belly bulge. These are the omega-3 fatty acids I recommend taking.

It’s time to kick those sweet tooths to the curb and get your mind and your waistline back!