Christian Bale Batman Workout Routine & Diet Plan

Want to get ripped like Batman by learning the Christian Bale workout routine?

If you’ve seen any of the brilliant Batman movies recently then you’ve probably noticed the physical transformation of the main actor Christian Bale who plays the Dark Knight.

I remember watching him in earlier movies such as The Machinist where he was as skinny as a rail.  He’s also recently co-starred in The Fighter and he once again transformed his body, but this time he went to the other end of the spectrum.

I was highly curious to look into Christian Bale’s workout routine for the Batman films and what diet plan he was on to make this incredible body transformation.

It’s darn right mind boggling the crazy body transformations he’s gone through and I want to document his most impressive one, by transforming his super skinny body into Batman.

The Christian Bale Workout Routine For Batman

First off you’re going to have to put on a good amount of lean muscle if you’re expecting to play the role of Batman.  To do this you have to skip the low-weight, high-rep B.S. they do in jazzercise class.

Instead focus on lifting heavy weights and while also keeping your muscles under constant tension for a longer period of time.  So instead of lifting a heavy weight for a couple quick reps, you’re instead going to lift a heavy weight but for a longer time.

Some of my favorite exercises in the Christian Bale Batman workout are Front Squats, Bent-Over Rows, Clean Presses, Squat Press, Weighted Pull-Ups, Deadlifts and Bench Press.

Be sure to pick out a weight that is going to be challenging but you can still keep good form with.  A lot of newbies make the mistake of grabbing a super heavy weight that causes them to use horrible form and not get the full range of motion needed to make the exercise worth while.

Christian Bale’s workout routine had him doing all these complex exercises while also doing slower repetitions.  An example would be to spend a lot longer time on the eccentric part of the exercise.  The eccentric part basically refers to the part of the exercise when you’re lengthening the muscle as it’s put under contraction.

An example would be to spend 5 seconds lowering the bar while doing bench press while only taking a second or two to bring the bar back up to the top.

A word of caution with eccentric training though, be sure you know what you’re doing.  A lot of people get injured from this type of training by letting their egos get ahead of them as they start packing on TOO much weight.  Know your limits…

I would also suggest mixing up your timing for Christian Bale’s workout and constantly try to progress the time under tension as well as the amount of weight you’re lifting.  This is going to be the fastest way to grow some lean muscle and perform most of your sets to failure.

Christian Bale’s Diet

To put on all the lean muscle that Christian Bale did for Batman you’re going to have to increase your caloric intake.  In plain English, you gotta eat more.

More protein specifically.  This is Christian Bale’s diet for Batman and if you’re looking to put on some lean muscle then I’d suggest eating around 1.25 grams per pound of lean bodyweight.  So be sure to subtract your bodyfat.

As an example, I currently weight 207 pounds and my body fat percentage is 7.8%.  After doing some fancy calculator work that means I have about 191 pounds of lean bodyweight.  Multiply 191 by 1.25 grams and I should be taking in 238 grams of protein per day to build lean muscle.

The quality of your protein you intake for Christian Bale’s workout routine and diet is super critical as well.  Eating a Big Mac will give you 25g of protein but you’re also giving your body way too much garbage along with it.

Look to get your protein from lean sources such as chicken, turkey, fish (salmon especially), beef, lamb and legumes.  Eat as many cruciferous vegetables as you can handle (broccoli, cauliflower, cabbage, etc.) and stay away from white carbohydrates.

Also focus on getting the majority of your carbohydrate intake from legumes, more specifically lentils.  The Christian Bale workout may be tough but the diet plan is going to be even harder.  To take this to the next level also check out my gladiator workout routine.

Remember that Christian Bale is an actor and not a bodybuilder.  To get a lean body like him it’s going to require some hard work but it’s not impossible.  Follow some of the tips in my Christian Bale workout routine and you’ll be well on your way to becoming the next Batman.