Gladiator Workout For Extreme Fat Loss

We’re going for the gold with this gladiator workout and my goal is to get you on the track for extreme fat loss with it.  I wanted to do an official follow-up to the Spartacus Workout that I created before and thought this would be the perfect sequel to the original fat burning workout.

I first hit inspiration to create this gladiator workout routine after watching the film starring Russell Crowe on TV.  It has to be one of my all time favorite movies and I remember watching it non-stop when I first picked it up on DVD a few years ago.

But make no mistakes about it, even though this workout is inspired by a movie named Gladiator it’s still going to be intense.  Extreme fat loss is going to be the goal with this workout and it’s so intense that I wouldn’t do this kind of a workout every single day of the week.

In fact, I would only do this gladiator workout at a maximum twice a week.  I would try to do it on Monday and Thursday if you’re planning on doing it twice per week.  Also check out my Gymboss review for my take a cool little fitness gadget that will keep track of the interval timings for you so you can focus everything on the workout and not keeping time.

Get Extreme Fat Loss With This Gladiator Workout Routine

For each exercise in this Russell Crowe gladiator workout you should be going for 50 seconds and then only resting 10 seconds while in transition to the next exercise.  After you complete all 10 exercises you’re allowed to take a 60 second rest period before repeating the 10 exercise circuit for 2 more rounds.

This extreme workout is high intensity interval training in its finest form.  Very intense periods of exercise followed by a very short rest periods.  If you’re just beginning and can’t hang out with this workout because it’s too hard then I suggest decreasing the work time and increasing the rest time.

So if you’re ready for some extreme fat loss then this workout for gladiators is going to be right up you’re alley, without further ado here is the full workout video…

Exercises For The Gladiator Workout Routine

1. Burpees

2. High Knee Runs

3. Dumbbell Push-up Rows

4. Exploding Jumping Jacks

5. Split Squat Dumbbell Presses

6. Lunge Hops

7. Side Lunge to Dumbbell Curls

8. Skater Plyos

9. Dumbbell Balance Touch to Side Raises

10. Cross Body Mountain Climbers

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