Arm Workouts With Weights

My Summer Arms Blast (arm workouts with weights)

This is one of my favorite arm workouts with weights and I like to call it

The Summer Blast.  As I’m writing this blog post it’s officially the first day of summer and it’s time to get that beach ready body.

One of the favorite things I like about this arm workout is that you’ll only need a pair of dumbbells and also it’s loaded with metabolic compound exercises instead of just strictly isolation exercises.

The reason compound exercises are superior to the old fashioned isolation exercises is they’ll recruit more muscles to complete the movement and place a heavier metabolic load on the body.  And that basically means that this isn’t just any arm workouts with weights but it’s going to burn fat by building lean muscle all over your body.

Way too many personal trainers give you the blanket statement that spot reduction is a myth and when I hear somebody say this I quickly think they haven’t done their research.  Somebody probably just told them this or they read it in some fitness magazine.

But if you look at the research it is statistically possible to spot reduce fat on your body but the main problem is it’s pretty darn difficult.  So instead of just isolating one muscle group and doing it the hard way we’re instead going to focus on isolating the arms while also using other muscle groups to maximize our fat burning.

We don't want any beached whales this summer!

All you’re going to need for this arm workouts with weights is a pair of dumbbells and your body.  That’s it!  I’d also have my Gymboss timer ready to go so I can concentrate on the exercises at hand.  You can see my thoughts on the interval timer with my Gymboss review.

The Arm Workouts With Weights Video

My Arm Workouts With Weights Program

40 seconds ON / 20 seconds OFF (3 sets total)

  1. Side Lunge + Curl
  2. 1-Legged Hip Bridge + Tricep Extensions
  3. Squat Curl Presses
  4. Close -grip Push-ups
  5. Double Split Squat Curls to Hop
  6. Death March to Tricep Kickback

Rest 60 seconds before repeating

For this awesome Summer Arms Blast I’m going to recommend doing it no more than 2-3 times per week with a day of recovery in between.  Feel free to do some high intensity interval training with one of my HIIT workout programs for rapid fat loss.

I hope you crush it with my Summer Arms Blast and let me know if you want more arm workouts with weights by leaving a comment below or clicking the Facebook “Like” button!