10 Best Saggy Butt Exercises (Fix That Droopy Bum Fast)

If you have a jello booty but want a J-Lo booty then here you’ll discover the 10 best saggy butt exercises. Many women think just because they were born bad genetics then they’re doomed to suffer from a saggy bum for the rest of their lives.

But this couldn’t be any further from the truth and if you’re willing to put in some work with these droopy butt exercises then you can tone up that booty quicker than you’d think. Now just because someone might have a big round butt doesn’t mean that there isn’t going to be some sagging at the bottom.

Sometimes you might have so much butt that it just starts to weigh itself down. This can cause a massive “crease” to appear between your butt and thighs that can make anyone self-conscious about their appearance. So much so you might not even want to put on a swimsuit because it’s so embarrassing to look at.

So if you want to be able to wear more than jeans and tired of taking pictures from your side then I’m going to show you how to tighten it up quickly so you can get rid of that saggy butt for good.

Why You Have Loose Skin and a Saggy Bum

Why You Have Loose Skin and a Saggy Bum

To be able to fix your saggy bum you’re first going to have to know what’s causing it in the first place. Getting the root of the problem is always going to a smart idea otherwise you’re going to end up having this problem for eternity.

Now some women are born naturally with a pear-shaped or apple-shaped body (1). This was largely based on survival as your ancestors were more likely to survive and reproduce with these genetics… otherwise you might not be here! Having bigger hips and thighs allowed them to store more fat for future energy use as well as improve their odds of successful childbearing.

But nowadays this is causing a lot more problems aesthetically than it is with any kind of survival. With food and health care easily available these genes that were useful for thousands of years are no longer helping you look good in a swimsuit. At least having a pear-shaped body is healthier than an apple (2).

So this “crease” or banana rolls will appear with any excess fat or lack of muscle in the area between your butt and thighs. Now I know it can seem kinda hopeless that it’s always going to be there but there are exercises and other things you can do to get rid of that droopy butt for good.

How to Get Rid of a Saggy Bum

saggy butt exercises

Long story short you’re going to have to tone up this troublesome and stubborn area under your butt by eating better and doing the right exercises. One of the reasons there’s excess fat and looser skin there is because your body fat percentage is too high.

Now there’s a saying that you can’t spot reduce particular areas on the body. But what you can do is lose fat throughout your body, use targeted exercises to tone the area, and implement other fat burning workouts to accelerate the process.

If you’re eating too many excess calories, junk carbs, and sugar then you’re never going to be able to tone up your bum. There’s a saying amongst trainers that “you can’t out-train a bad diet” and it’s 100% true.

You’re going to have to start to watch what you eat to get rid of this stubborn butt fat. Otherwise you might be able to build some toned muscle under your bum but there’ll still be some excess fat that won’t allow this crease to go away.

Next you’re going to have to use the exercises below to gain some lean and tone muscle to “tighten up” this area. Without the muscle this flabby area will continue to sag and the skin could loosen up even more.

Lastly, be sure to implement other fat burning workout methods such as HIIT. I like to combine HIIT and these specific exercises together to create a powerful 1-2 combination to get the best results.

Exercises to Help Lift Your Saggy Butt

1-Legged Hip Thrusts

1-legged hip thrusts

1-Legged Hip Bridges

1-legged hip bridges

Bulgarian Lunges

bulgarian lunges

Hip Bridge Marches

hip bridge marches

High Step-Ups

high step ups

Lunge Hops

lunge hops

Lying Ball Bridges

Lying ball hip bridges

1-Legged RDL

1-legged RDL

Split Squats

bulgarian split squats

Do This Cardio To Firm & Lift a Droopy Butt

best cardio workout droopy butt

So now that you know the best exercises to fix a saggy butt it’s now time to look at the cardio side. To be honest with you the above exercises will help to tone up the area but you’re still going to have to shed down how much fat you have too.

The best way to get rid of that excess flab under your butt is to implement HIIT workouts with the right kinds of cardio. The two best cardio workouts you can do are hill sprints and stair climbers.

If you have a hill anywhere near where you live then you can simply run up it as fast as you can. Then walk back down to repeat the hill sprint. Or if you have access to a treadmill you could also increase the incline level to at least 8. Run up or walk up the fastest you can depending on your fitness level then either turn down the intensity while you rest or carefully move your feet to the side railing while holding the handles.

If you have access to a stairclimber machine then this could also help to tone and tighten up the area. I prefer to do my cardio while fasted in the morning. Try to add in an extra 20-30 minutes of traditional slow-go cardio too in addition to the HIIT on your off days.

How long does it take to lift a saggy bum?

This is going to really depend on how bad it is. If you just need a little bit of toning then you could tone it up in 1-3 months. But if you have a lot of work to do then it could easily go well past that time frame. It’s all going to depend just on how committed you are as well as consistent. Doing the above strategies consistently is going to be key to getting the results you want.

The Last Word

We all have those stubborn and troublesome areas on our bodies that we don’t like. It can make anyone self-conscious about their appearance and that’s no way to live your life.

But the good news is you can still fix these embarrassing areas on your body that are giving you so much trouble. I know a saggy butt can be so bad that you don’t even want to wear a swimsuit.

I also know you don’t want to put in a lot of time and effort with only a little aesthetic change. That’ll be discouraging and I don’t blame people who want to give up after that. But if you follow the proven methods above then you’ll be guaranteed to fix up that droopy booty before you know it.

But like with anything it’s going to depend on how committed and consistent you are. Doing anything halfway is only going to give you half the results. So go all in and stay consistent with it so you can tighten up and lift that lower butt crease fast.