Best Home Exercise Equipment to Lose Weight (No Ellipticals!)

Looking for the best home exercise equipment for weight loss?

Just because you don’t have a gym membership doesn’t mean you can’t still lose weight at home with the right exercise equipment. There are quite a few advantages to working out at home such as a short commute and you don’t have to pay ongoing gym membership fees.

Now gyms do have their advantages. But with the right home exercise tools, you can get the same if not better results right in the comfort of your own home. But most people don’t have a clue about what they should get for their home gyms. Many just end up buying an expensive elliptical that just sits in the corner unused collecting dust.

As a trainer, below is the fitness equipment I would personally want in my own home gym if I was trying to lose weight. You can do a lot of impressive exercises and workouts with the tools below. This exercise equipment will help you lose weight 10X’s faster than you would be strolling on an elliptical.

I know it can be confusing to know what is the best home exercise equipment but here I’m going to show you what I’d get to build out a home gym if your goal is weight loss.

Best Equipment for Weight Loss

Now, most think just having a treadmill, rowing machine, bike or elliptical machines will be all they need to workout at home and lose weight. But unfortunately, these machines can only do so much and in the end, it’s way too easy to get bored from using them.

I have had a lot of clients with their own in-home gyms that had these cardio machines but were rarely ever even used. Jogging on a treadmill and strolling on an elliptical can easily get very boring after a little while which will make it less appealing to keep doing. Then what will be the point of even buying that expensive cardio machine in the first place if it’s not even getting used…

With the home exercise equipment below you’ll be able to do an infinite amount more of workouts and exercises. This will not only help to keep things fresh but it’ll also get you better weight loss results. The problem with traditional cardio machines is they stop challenging your body. Your body is built to adapt to whatever exercise you throw at it consistently. So unless you’re mixing things up your results will end up plateauing.

This is why the below is the best home exercise equipment if you’re goal is weight loss.

TRX Suspension Trainer

This is my favorite piece of exercise equipment that I’ve been using since I first saw it in the mid-2000s. As a trainer, if I could only have 1 piece of home exercise equipment this would easily be it. You can do so many different exercises and workouts with it plus you can literally bundle it up and take it anywhere. So if you’re traveling or want to go outside to workout then the TRX is the answer. Plus the TRX uses a ton of your muscle groups to do these exercises so your body will be constantly challenged therefore helping you lose weight. You can workout both upper and lower body way better than machines plus you’ll burn more calories.

Get the TRX Suspension Trainer

Powerblock Dumbbells

PowerBlock Sport 24 Adjustable Dumbbell, 24 lbs (Pack of 2)

I know most people will drive down to their nearest Target or Wal-mart to pick up a pair of 8-lb dumbbells but to be honest these are way better. You can adjust the weight of them so you’ll be able to better challenge your body based on the particular exercise you’re doing. Plus in the long run, it’ll save you time and money that you’d have to spend constantly buying new dumbbells as you progress. I know they look kinda funny but they’re very versatile in their functionality.

Pull-up Bar

Perfect Fitness Multi-Gym Doorway Pull Up Bar and Portable Gym System, Pro

Pull-ups are without a doubt one of the single best exercises you can do if you want to lose weight and build lean muscle. I personally keep one of these attached at all times around the house so I can throw in some pull-ups every day. Most people just do push-ups all day long but this can make you more chest dominate. Pushups need to be balanced out with pull-ups otherwise you’ll get round shoulders and postural problems. If you’re not able to do pull-ups yet then you can also check out the pull-up bar below too…


TRX Training Kettlebell, Easy Grip Handle, 4 Kg

Another essential piece of home exercise equipment is kettlebells. The best thing about them is you don’t have to buy a ton to get the job done. You really just need one to start out with then you can pick up some more as you progress. You can do a ton of different exercises for weight loss with them such as swings, goblet squats, snatches, etc. I’d start out with around a 20-30 lb. kettlebell if you’re a beginner just getting started.

Bosu Ball

Bosu Balance Trainer, 65cm - Blue

I’ve been using Bosu balls for quite a few years now and I’m still learning new exercises for it. Whenever I’m training a client in the gym or in their home I’ll always bust out the Bosu ball. You can do a lot of exercises for weight loss on them such as 1-legged Bulgarian lunges, squats, burpees, mountain climbers and more.

Adjustable Bench

SuperMax Adjustable Weight Bench for Incline Decline Workouts, 800 lbs Weight Capacity by Fitness Reality, Full Body, Foldable Exercise Equipment for Weightlifting, Compact for Home Gym Use

No home gym would be complete without an adjustable bench. You can use this adjustable bench to do essential exercises such as shoulder presses, bench press, 1-arm rows, etc. Try to get one that goes up to 90 degrees. And adjustable bench can also double as a “box” that you use to do step-ups and jumps on too.

Swiss Ball

Spri Xercise Ball, Balance Ball, 45- centimeter

The Swiss ball is another essential piece of fitness device that you can use for a lot of core exercises. You can do crunches, planks, incline presses and a lot more on. I’ll always have one inflated around the house and it can even double as a chair you can work at home from.

Val Slides

Valslide Discs - Color: Green

If you have carpet in your home then using these Val Slides can offer you some unique exercises. I mostly use them for mountain climbers, body saws and 1-legged reverse lunges. You just put your feet on top of them and they glide easily over the carpet. You’ll get more core muscle recruitment and muscle activation by using the Val Slides.

Super Bands

SUNPOW Pull Up Assistance Bands - Set of 3 Resistance Heavy Duty Workout Exercise Crossfit Stretch Fitness Bands Assist Set for Body, Instruction Guide and Carry Bag Included

These Super Bands are fantastic because they take up such a tiny amount of space but you can do a ton of exercises with them. Whenever I’m traveling I’ll toss a band in my suitcase to use in my hotel room. If you have trouble doing pull-ups you can wrap it around your knee for assistance. I like using them to do squat presses, rapid curls, overhead tricep extensions.

Jump Rope

XYLsports Jump Rope Adjustable Durable for Fitness Workout Exercise

Jump ropes are single handily the best piece of “cardio machines” you’re going to find. I’d recommend buying this over an elliptical or a rowing machine every day of the week. If you’re having trouble losing weight then I guarantee you just a few minutes of jumping rope will have your heart rate cranked up. I like to mix in the jump rope with another exercise this way you can keep your heart rate elevated will still doing pushups, pull-ups, etc. It’s the best way to burn calories and workout your lower body. If your goal is to burn more calories then simply jumping rope is your best bet.

Dip Bars

RELIFE REBUILD YOUR LIFE Dip Station Functional Heavy Duty Dip Stands Fitness Workout Dip bar Station Stabilizer Parallette Push Up Stand

Now, this is a unique piece of an exercise tool because it’ll allow you to do a few movements that you normally couldn’t do at home. Inverted rows and dips are the two big ones here. Without these Dip Bars, it would otherwise be particularly difficult to do them. For some of my clients who aren’t able to perform pull-ups yet, I’ll have them do more rows on these instead. It’s still quite challenging and you can do some great bodyweight movements on them.

Perfect Pushups

Perfect Fitness Perfect Pushup Elite

I can get a little hesitant to recommend these because I don’t want to deter people from doing pushups if they don’t have them. In my experience, they make doing pushups A LOT easier on your shoulders and elbows. If you do a ton of pushups just using your hands then over time I’ve noticed people tend to get shoulder and elbow problems. Since these rotate as you push yourself up and down it takes tension off these joints which is best in the long run. I use mine all the time and with clients.

Medicine Balls

Amazon Basics Workout Fitness Exercise Weighted Medicine Ball - 8 Pounds, Red/Black

I like to use medicine balls when I’m working out and training since it can offer some unique exercises that involve recruiting muscles you’d otherwise wouldn’t use. They’re especially great if you have an area where you can slam them on the ground for explosive training. But if you don’t you can still use them for a lot of exercises such as walking lunges, Russian twists, and more.

Exercise Mat

Amazon Basics Extra Thick Exercise Yoga Gym Floor Mat with Carrying Strap - 74 x 24 x .5 Inches, Black

No I think it’s safe to say that no home gym would be complete without an exercise mat. It’s a lot more comfortable than laying on the ground to do your sit-ups and crunches. This is the exercise mat I personally use and prefer. It’s a lot more comfortable, doesn’t make you slip and easily cleaned.

Battling Ropes

Amazon Basics 1.5 Inch Heavy Exercise Training Workout Battle Rope - 344 x 1.5 Inch, Black

Now battling ropes are what I like to call “unnecessarily awesome.” You can get some great upper body cardio from using them but the only thing is you’re going to need the space for them. But if you do have room then the battling ropes can give you some exercises and challenge your body in ways you couldn’t otherwise. Plus they’re a ton of fun and a great way to mix things up.

Which exercise machine is the best for losing belly fat?

To be honest I know most people would think first of a treadmill, elliptical, bike or rowing machine but in those only end up giving you lackluster results. They can easily get boring really fast to the point you won’t even want to use them anymore. This is why I’d recommend picking up some of the above home exercise tool so you can challenge your body in better ways. It’ll make losing weight more interesting, keep your results from plateauing and you’ll recruit more muscles which helps with weight loss.

Which workout equipment is the most effective?

The best piece of home gym equipment for weight loss is going to be the one that gets your heart rate up the best and challenges your muscles. And here’s the caveat… it’s also the one you’re going to end up using. I can’t tell you how many people I’ve met who buy elliptical machines but only end up using it a handful of times. It’s best to buy some of the home workout devices above that way you can get your heart rate cranked up fast, burn calories, recruit more muscles, challenge and confuse your body and keep things interesting so you don’t get bored and give up.

The Last Word

At the end of the day, you’re not going to need to spend a ton of money on cardio machines that really won’t give you the best results. Sure it’s great if you already have them or it’s not a big deal to add them to your home gym…

But if you’re just starting out then there are better pieces of home exercise equipment to burn calories if you want to lose weight better than an expensive cardio machine. The truth is your weight loss will depend on how consistent you are and how efficiently your body is challenged.

And the home exercise devices above is going to be your best bet. These are the same weight loss tools I recommend to my clients who ask me to help set up their home gyms.

And if they don’t have it then I usually end up carrying it to them to use during our training sessions. So, in the end, you don’t have to buy an expensive cardio machine to lose weight you just have to buy the best home exercise equipment.