BioTrust MetaboGreens Review (Is It Legit?)

In my BioTrust MetaboGreens review I’ll give you my thoughts from my experience using it and if it’s worth it. There are a lot of greens supplements out there on the market today. So much so it’s making it hard to pick one from the other. And there are concerns if they’re an actual legitimate source for your daily fruit and vegetable servings.

Now there are real benefits to taking a greens supplement like MetaboGreens especially if you don’t always eat vegetables. So if you’re a veggie dodger or just want to give a boost to your overall health then MetaboGreens might just be for you.

One of the big problems I’ve found with most greens supplements is they taste like you went out to your backyard, scooped up some dirt and grass, and then blended it up. That’s why I’ll also be sharing if it passed my taste test and if it mixes easily. At the end you’ll know for yourself if it’s actually worth it or not.

Now let’s get into the review…

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What is MetaboGreens?

what is metabogreens

If you read the ingredients list on MetaboGreens you’ll be instantly impressed with how much good stuff is in it. MetaboGreens uses over 40 nutrient-rich raw greens, veggies, fruits, spices and herbs. This is pretty amazing considering how many Americans aren’t getting enough of their daily recommended fruit and vegetable intake (1).

The real selling point of taking a greens supplement like MetaboGreens is being able to replace eating fruits and vegetables. Most people don’t like or care to eat a lot of veggies so this will be the next best thing. I don’t think it’ll ever be better than eating a ton of actual fruits and vegetables but it still packs a lot of benefits.

One concern with eating fruit is the sugar content. I know they’re considered “natural sugars” and the fiber in fruit helps to mitigate its effects. But sugar at the end of the is still sugar and studies have found eating too much of it can cause you to pack on the pounds (2,3). So by taking MetaboGreens you could easily avoid the fattening sugar in fruit which will help keep your waistline down.

After reading through all the ingredients on MetaboGreens it would seem impossible to eat all those superfruits, veggies, herbs, spices and berries in a day. And then you’d have to keep it up at that rate which doesn’t even sound remotely doable. So another benefit is getting all these healthy superfoods in one tasty scoop that would normally take you all day to eat.

I like to think of MetaboGreens as “a multivitamin on steroids,” and it’s good for you. Since it’s made from real whole foods your body will better absorb its nutrients compared to taking a synthetic lab-made multivitamin (4). And synthetic vitamins aren’t used as efficient in the body as those from real foods (5).

Benefits of Taking MetaboGreens

metabogreens benefits

Faster Metabolism

Have a slow metabolism? Your metabolism is basically how efficient your body is at burning stored fat for fuel (6). When we’re younger we could eat more freely and your body would burn it off. But then as the years go bye all know your metabolism slows down making it far too easy to gain weight (7).

One of the causes of a slow metabolism is micronutrient deficiencies (8). Micronutrients are the various vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, etc. that your body needs to thrive. Not eating all your fruits and vegetables will cause deficiencies then your body and metabolism will suffer (9). And once your metabolism starts to suffer it’ll slow down to a turtle’s crawl and the pounds will start to pack on.

More Energy

I don’t think there’s anybody who wouldn’t want more energy. Nowadays it seems like everybody under the sun has low energy. Which is sad because it keeps from you doing the things you once enjoyed. Nothing worse then trying to get things done but you’re fighting off tiredness and sleepiness all day. It’s hard to be motivated when the energy just isn’t there anymore.

One of the biggest causes of fatigue and low energy is micronutrient deficiencies (10,11). If your body isn’t getting enough of the proper micronutrients then it’s not going to run efficiently. This ends up translating to significantly less energy for you.

So the better you’re able to replenish these lost micronutrients the higher your energy levels will go. MetaboGreens contains various ingredients that are backed by science to increase energy and fight fatigue.

metabogreens worth it

Slows Aging

One of the major causes of accelerated aging is inflammation (12). As the years go by we’re all much more likely to make poorer food choices and exercise less (13). Add in some unhealthy lifestyle factors like stress and poor sleep then you have a perfect storm of inflammation in your body (14). This inflammation is so bad scientists have even given it the name, “Inflamm-aging.” (15)

One proven way to counter the inflammatory damage caused by free radicals in your body is by taking antioxidants (16). Just about all antioxidants are found in fruits and vegetables (17). But if you’re not getting enough of your daily serving then your body will become inflamed and suffer with faster aging.

MetaboGreens contains a plethora of antioxidants and polyphenols to lower inflammation and detox your body. Polyphenols are powerful micronutrients that are packed with antioxidants and more health benefits. Studies have found polyphenols are effective at reducing inflammation, lowering blood sugar levels, lowering risk of heart disease, improving gut health and improving brain function (18,19,20,21).

How Does It Taste?

metabogreens taste test

Without a doubt if a greens supplement doesn’t pass the taste test then it’s very hard to get my approval. It won’t be fun at all to drink something that tastes like dirt even if it contains the healthiest ingredients in the world. So it does need to taste at least decent to ensure you actually want to keep drinking it more than once.

MetaboGreens is more on the sweet side and tastes a lot like you’re drinking a berry smoothie. It tastes far and away better than greens powders that aren’t sweetened. The sweet berry flavor does help to mask the greens flavor.

Overall I like the taste of MetaboGreens and look forward to drinking some every time I open the bag. I can see how for some it isn’t their style of taste. I’ve also been mixing it in with my protein shakes and can then hardly even taste it. But MetaboGreens tastes better than I expected and thankfully doesn’t have a weird, metallic or bitter aftertaste.

MetaboGreens by far is one of the best tasting greens supplements I’ve had and it passed my taste test with flying colors.

My Results From Taking MetaboGreens

biotrust metabogreens results

The biggest benefit I instantly saw from taking MetaboGreens was a big boost in energy. So much so I’ve been taking it before my lunchtime workouts for energy. I feel energized throughout the day and even feel like I’m generally in a better mood too.

I also noticed I felt fuller for longer. I found myself having less cravings for sugary and savory foods. This in itself is going to get you losing weight since you’re not eating as much junk food. Having less temptations and cravings for food will go a long way in improving your physique.

Sure it probably doesn’t fully replace eating all of these fruits and vegetables. But considering how many of us dislike eating our veggies this is going to significantly help replenish these lost micronutrients. I eat my veggies but I’m probably not eating enough. It’s great to know I’m helping to cover my bases by taking MetaboGreens.

BioTrust is very reputable company that’s GMP certified, made in the USA and even third party tested for purity. BioTrust thankfully also doesn’t use sugar, soy or gluten in their products. The quality of this greens supplement is as good as it gets and the ingredients list is packed with powerful micronutrients. I’m also a big fan of their Keto Elevate and Ageless Collagen.

Although for some I can see how it’s a little pricey but when you start doing the math it’s only a couple bucks per serving. I say that’s not too bad when you think about how much you’d spend at the grocery store on fruits and vegetables.

I fully think MetaboGreens is worth it and provides you with more than enough of your money’s worth. If the price is a concern for you then try to use the special link below to save up to 51% off your order:

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