How to Lose Belly Fat 101

In this blog post I’m going to share with you my most effective strategies to lose belly fat and if you’re serious about making some changes to your body then this is a no-brainer read.  Unfortunately a lot of the information out there about how to burn belly fat is total B.S. such as severely cutting your calories and going on a low fat diet.

The truth is that these kinds of diets will only slow you down from losing belly fat not to mention they’ll make you miserable.  Please keep an open mind when reading the information below since it may go against what the media has been feeding you.

This is the latest cutting-edge information on how to lose belly fat and my clients can tell you how effective it is when it comes to transforming your body.  But keep in mind that all of this information is going to be completely worthless if you never take action on it.  Way too many people like to learn how to lose fat but when it comes down to pulling the trigger they never take action.

Don’t be another one of those people who initially start off doing something but then they totally forget about it once the high goes away.  Read the research backed information below on how to get a flat belly and then you need to actually do it to get results.

Lose Belly Fat 900% Faster With HIIT

The first order of business is going to be to stop walking or jogging on the treadmill when you cardio and instead focus on doing high intensity interval training.  Have you ever heard of the “fat burning zone?” At around 60% of your maximum heart rate you’re going to be burning more fat as a percentage than at higher intensities such as 80%. But this has been totally misconstrued by both the media and the general public. Even though it’s true your body will burn a greater percentage of fat at lower intensities your body will in the end burn you’ll burn way more total calories through higher intensity work.

Besides high intensity interval training burning more calories in a single workout than low intensity cardio you’ll also keep burning fat well after you finish. A research study in 1994 proved that interval training was 9x’s more effective at burning body fat when compared to endurance training. And the reason for this is Excess Post-Exercise Oxygen Consumption (EPOC).

To put it simply the EPOC means you’ll keep burning fat at an increased rate after an interval workout as your body tries to erase the “oxygen debt.” And this increased rate of oxygen intake following intense interval training is what’s going to have your body burning fat up to 38 hours following these workouts.

To Lose Belly Fat Stop Eating BAD Carbs

If you could only eliminate one thing from your diet that’s causing you to not lose belly fat then I would recommend eliminating BAD carbohydrates. This will be the single most important factor when it comes to fat loss and even if you’re working out like an animal but you’re eating pizza and pasta every night you’ll never lose the weight you want.

The reason these unhealthy carbs cause you to pack on the fat is because they set off a chain reaction of hormonal releases in your body that basically tell it to hold onto all the fat you have and actually causes you to crave more of these fattening carbs. Unfortunately these processed carbs have also overtaken our modern diets as they’ve become very inexpensive and easy to manufacture. In addition to causing hormonal chaos in your body they’ll also cause digestive problems as well leaving you feeling bloated and feeling like you’ve been inflated with a balloon.

These are some of the BAD carbs you want to avoid:

  • Pizza
  • Pasta
  • Bread
  • Processed & Refined foods
  • Muffins
  • Bagels
  • Donuts
  • Gluten containing foods (for the majority of us but not everyone)
  • Tortillas
  • White rice

Eating More To Lose Belly Fat?

Though it didn’t get much better than the cheat day? Well this is another counterintuitive dieting strategy because we’re used to starving ourselves or only eating 1-2 meals per day. You actually cause your metabolism to slow down when you only consume 1-3 meals per day so our goal is going to be to increase that to 5-6 feedings per day. One of the reasons you store more fat by eating fewer meals is because those meals are most likely to contain more calories and you’ll be more likely to binge.

It all comes down to your blood sugar levels. If you’re only eating 2 times per day then your blood sugar levels are naturally going to drop down and you’ll become hypoglycemic. Some of the symptoms of hypoglycemia include irritability, anger, anxiety, hunger, confusion, fatigue, lack of energy, headaches, dizziness and nervousness to name a few. When you blood sugar gets this low you’ll also instinctively want to feed your body the worst food possible such as pizza or a bacon cheeseburger. But if you’re consuming 5-6 smaller meals throughout the day then you’ll keep your blood sugar in homeostasis meaning it’ll be in the fat burning zone and you shouldn’t experience as many cravings.

But this doesn’t mean you get to pig out 5-6 times per day. Consider these more frequent meals to be smaller “feedings” and not a license to go buck wild. Try to set a timer and eat every 3-4 hours to keep your blood sugar levels stable so you can lose belly fat quickly.

Workout With Weights To Lose Belly Fat

I’ve heard it over and over again from the majority of my female clients that they don’t want to lift weights (especially heavy) because they don’t want to build big, bulky muscles. The reason females won’t look like a juiced-up Arnold Schwarzenegger is because they simply don’t have enough testosterone in their bodies, they’re not going to be lifting that heavy and they won’t be consuming calories like an asteroid is about to hit the earth. So bringing in weight lifting into anybody’s routine will not only help lose belly fat but it’ll also help tone up the body as well.

In 1997 a study was published by the Journal of Clinical Nutrition who found the strength training group lost 44% more fat than the group that only did aerobic training. In the end they also found the resistance training group increased their metabolisms while the aerobic training group actually decreased.

Another huge myth is using light weights with higher repetitions for fat loss. This will practically be the equivalent of wasting your time. To gain lean muscle I recommend metabolic resistance training, which is a form of weight lifting by using heavier weights in the hypertrophy repetition range of 8-12. An example of this would be to alternate between sets of exercises of opposing muscle groups such as performing a set of push-ups and then immediately moving on to a set of front squats. You’ll be able to maximize your work density and your time under tension therefore increasing your total calories burned.

Eat A Protein Rich Breakfast And Lose Belly Fat

Growing up I was one of those kids who loved cereal and my favorite was Lucky Charms. My mornings wouldn’t be the same if I didn’t get to eat my cereal. As I grew older the cereal just wasn’t cutting it anymore and I could feel my body crashing. It wasn’t only not healthy but it was causing my body to put on fat.

Eating a protein rich breakfast of preferably 25-30g of protein is going to be critical to lose belly fat. Make sure you eat this breakfast within 30 minutes of waking to ensure you keep your blood sugar levels stable so you keep burning fat. The protein is going to play a critical role to keep the muscle you’ve been gaining which will also help to naturally burn fat for you on auto pilot.

If you really despise eating breakfast then I highly suggest getting some protein powder and drinking your breakfast first thing in the morning. It’s probably not going to be as beneficial as eating real whole foods but you’ll be getting the needed nutrients to keep your metabolism going strong so you can lose belly fat. I remember reading a study4 which found the group who ate eggs for breakfast lost more weight then the group that ate a bagel. So put away those bagels, donuts and cereals and instead focus on eating a protein rich breakfast every morning upon waking.

To Lose The Belly Fat Means No More Drinking Calories

To improve your health and to lose belly fat one of the most important strategies I recommend to all of my clients is to not drink their

calories. The only liquids you should be drinking are water, brewed green tea and freshly juiced vegetables. Other than that you shouldn’t be drinking anything else and putting it into your body. There are a ton of calories and sugars in most drinks out there and they’ll be so bad for your body that the fat will just start to pack on.

Even a lot of the drinks we think are actually healthy for us are causing us to get fat such as:

  • Smoothies
  • Fruit Juices
  • Coffee (with milk, sugar, cream, etc.)
  • Muscle Milk protein shakes
  • Alcohol
  • Soda & Diet soda

To lose belly fat it’s going to be very important to not drink your calories and I can’t stress this one enough. As well with drinking a lot of water I also highly recommend investing in a vegetable juicer and start juicing. You’ll quickly be able to consume a boatload of healthy nutrients and it’s way easier to get in your veggies this way rather than eating them all separately. But whatever you do stay away from the list above and instead focus on water and juiced vegetables as your only liquids.

If you are going to drink alcohol try to drink it in moderation and stick with a red wine. Stay away from beer, champagne and other sugar drinks as they will more likely prevent you from losing belly fat.

But you should be drinking a lot of iced water throughout the day because it’ll not only keep your body hydrated but also raise your metabolism and for you body to optimally perform, and burn fat, it needs to be well hydrated.

Get More Sleep To Lose Belly Fat Fast

Probably the easiest strategy to burn mega amounts of fat you’re going to read in this report is this one. Getting enough sleep can help you lose fat while naturally increasing your energy levels. Way too many people unfortunately avoid this part of the fat loss equation and they’re really missing out on some relatively easy fat burning.

The big reason why you’re going to lose belly fat from sleeping more is because of a hormone called ghrelin, which in high levels will increase your hunger causing you to eat more, slow down your metabolism and decrease the rate of fat oxidation. Increasing our sleep time will naturally keep lower levels of this hormone in our bodies.

They found 8.5 hours of sleep to be the optimal time for most people. Now I know this may be difficult for some people who have busy lives but do your best to prepare yourself for some sleep.

But don’t think all you have to do is sleep all day and the fat will just melt off your body. Make sure you’re using this strategy along with an awesome nutrition program and training system.

That was definitely a ton of information but hopefully you now have a great idea of what you need to do to lose belly fat forever.