Metabolic Resistance Training Workout For Abs

I originally wrote this metabolic resistance training workout for abs for clients of mine who wanted to do some extra 20 of the midsection in her home with just her body weight. And she seemed to like it very much so I decided to share it here on the blog.

The awesome thing about this metabolic resistance training workout is that you do in your home and pretty much anywhere else you can imagine. The one thing I do recommend you use is an interval timer such as the one I wrote about in my Gymboss review.

So just briefly go over some of the key elements of metabolic resistance training you’re going to make sure the workout has a high time under tension along with heavy resistance, in our case our body weight, along with using multiple joints in multiple planes. This is without a doubt the most effective way of burning fat through exercise but the trade-off is that it’s going to be much more difficult. So if you’re a wimp that this is NOT for you!

Even though this metabolic resistance training workout is meant only for the abs it’ll still be a highly effective workout to burn fat off the rest of your body. I was dying when I was just demonstrating these exercises during filming the video and I wasn’t even doing it for the whole time!

You’re going to form full of five rounds in this workout with six different exercises that are going to kick your butt. You’re going to do each exercise 45 seconds and then rest for 15 seconds before you move on to the next exercise. After you have completed all six exercises you can then rest for 60 seconds before starting the circuit all over again.

Metabolic Resistance Training Workout For Abs

Exercises For This Metabolic Resistance Training Workout

1.  Divebomber Pushups

2.  Extreme Mountain Climbers

3.  V-Situps

4.  Atomic Pushups

5.  Plank-to-Pushups with Cross-Body Mountain Climbers

6.  Bicycle & Rotates

That’s pretty much all there is to this workout and if you’re really looking to take things to the next level then I would highly recommend doing a HIIT workout following this metabolic resistance training one for around 10-15 minutes.  High intensity interval training paired with this workout will be a very powerful fat burning combination and I can’t recommend it highly enough to lose belly fat.

If you’re serious about doing more Afterburn workouts for fat loss then I HIGHLY suggest taking a look at The Flat Belly Formula program.  It incorporates all the principles of Metabolic Resistance Training (Afterburn) and I would definitely recommend this program for anybody interested in taking their training up to the next level.