The Jason Statham Workout and Diet Plan for Extreme Ass Kicking

If you’ve seen any real action movie recently then I’m sure you’ve seen Jason Statham in it.  And you won’t believe where he goes for inspiration for his hardcore kick ass workouts.  He’s not flipping on a lame P90x DVD anytime soon, Jason Statham goes to prison to find his training inspiration.

Totally put off my big gyms and their machines with wussy trainers walking around, Jason Statham went out to find the ultimate anti-gym and was inspired by visiting a prison and seeing how the inmates trained.  I was surprised to find the similarities with his own diet plan as I found in my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review.

Jason Statham wants his own workout to be extreme and brutal while strongly emphasizing the use of bodyweight training over machines.  Jason Statham’s own personal trainer, Logan Hood, is a former Navy SEAL himself and was also one of the guys who got the crew for the film 300 in such great shape.

His trainer takes a no B.S. approach to his training and diet philosophy with Jason Statham admitting that there’s no place to hide when working out with him.

From all my research I’ve done with Jason Statham’s training routine I’ve found that his style of training is probably the one most similar to my own.  This guys is going really hardcore and leaves no excuses on the table.

I really like his attitude when it comes to training and he doesn’t get caught up with all the hoopla of pansy Hollywood workouts and diets.

The Jason Statham Workout Plan

—>  Interval Based Training is the foundation behind Jason Statham’s training routine.  He used super intense workouts that would explode his heart rate to achieve the maximum fat loss possible.

If you’ve been following me for any time now then you’ve probably known that I’m a big advocate for interval training.  Not only interval training but High Intensity Interval Training.  When doing Interval Based Training like Jason Statham be sure to get your heart rate up to 90% before allowing yourself to rest.

As you rest, the maximum you’re allowed to rest is until your heart rate gets to 60% of your maximum, and then it’s time to go balls to the wall again.

As an example, Jason Statham would do 10 minutes of sled pulls (a giant rope attached to a weighted sled that weighed 90 pounds) and then he would go right into 20 minutes of bear crawls.  And I don’t know if you’ve done either one of these movements but both are CRAZY difficult and even the fittest people will have a hard time getting through them., let alone this interval based circuit.

—>  Jason Statham and Logan Hood both used big bodyweight core movements such as the squat, deadlift, push-up and pull-ups for the basis of their training.

Gone with all the big stupid machines and more of the bodyweight core movement training.  Inspired by the prison inmates who used nothing but their bodies and some additional weights to get an awesome workout, Jason Statham also follows this similar style of training.

And even though some might stay away from machines, a lot of people working out will still stay away from the big core movements and instead go for the easy and fun exercises such as bicep curls (which have their place but only after doing the big movements).

Instead try doing a big core movement such as squats, deadlifts, cleans, pull-ups, etc. to start off your workout and then base the rest of your workout around it.  So if you do a squat day on Monday then also focus on doing pulling exercises such as pull-ups, rows, EZ-bar curls, etc.

This way you’re doing a big core movement such as the squat (a pushing exercise) and supersetting the rest of the day with the opposite…pulling exercises.

He also uses lots of free weights and also some other functional training equipment such as heavy ropes, kettlebells and sandbags.

—>  They also used pushing and pulling supersets interwoven with their big core movements.

So gone are the days of doing chest and tricep days or back and bicep days, that stuff is old like counterfeit gold.  Now Jason Statham uses pushing and pulling exercises in his workouts just like most professional athletes use in the training workouts today.  When you train like this it’s a much more natural system for your body rather than doing a chest a tricep day.

You’re also making it super simple by just doing pushing and pulling.  And when you superset the pushing and pulling days with an opposite movement day, you’re setting yourself for an awesome fat burning and muscle building workout.

—> Never do the same thing twice.

Changing up your workouts is going to be critical to making sure that your body keeps guessing and adapting.  Whenever the body does something for too long, it’ll adapt and you won’t see the same results that you saw in the beginning.  So make sure to change your workouts up monthly and always be progressing them to make sure your pushing yourself to the limits.

The Jason Statham Diet Plan

Jason Statham’s diet before he was working out so hardcore was composed mostly of bacon sandwiches and booze.  But his trainer made him get on a kick ass diet plan while he trained with him.  And for his diet, Jason Statham went back to the basics and would take in mostly food combinations such as broccoli and salmon, chicken and veggies, etc.  He stayed away from white flour and its byproducts while also saying goodbye to sugar.

He also says that he would drink a ton of water all the time so that he would be well hydrated throughout his extreme workouts.  Water is going to be crucial if you want your body to run at its maximum effectiveness and if you want to drop fat and build muscle fast.  Your workouts will worsen even if your are 3% dehydrated, so make you drink up plenty of water throughout the day to stay strong and lean.

Jason Statham also has a journal for everything that he eats during his diet plan.  This is imperative for accountability and it’s going to be a heck of a lot more difficult to cheat on your diet if you have to write it down and show it to your trainer.  It’s just how it works.

So to take a lesson from Jason Statham go ahead and start writing down everything you eat for your diet and all your workouts.  Might sound like a pain in the ass but it’ll totally be worth it as you hold yourself accountable.

So what do I think of Jason Statham’s Workout and Diet Plan?

Overall, I’m very impressed with his work ethic and how devoted he is to taking things to the next level.  A lot of the time you hear of Hollywood actors going through the pansiest workout this side of the Mississippi.  But Jason Statham does an awesome job of going hardcore in his workout and diet plan.  And for that, you see all his hard work come through with his athletically built body.  Hope you enjoyed this celebrity workout review of Jason Statham and if you like it be sure to leave a comment and I’ll keep them coming!