Pushup Workout | Can You Survive The Ultimate Pushup Workout Routine?

I wasn’t quite sure if I wanted to make this pushup workout or not because who in the world is just going to want to do pushups for an entire workout?

But I thought it would be a fun way to spice up your workouts every now and again by doing something like this and for the record I definitely do not recommend doing this workout all the time.  In fact, I would only do this workout at maximum once per week.

The rest of the week you should be doing total body workouts and working various muscle groups with high intensity.  But you can also throw in this workout to mix things up or if you’re stuck without any workout equipment and want to get in an awesome but intense bodyweight workout.

I remember reading about the 100 pushup workout but doing a 100 of the same kind of pushup is going to get boring super fast.  So instead of repeatedly doing the same exercise over and over again we’re going to mix things up a little bit in my ultimate pushup workout.

First of all I’m also going to drop the disclosure that I don’t recommend anybody to do this pushup workout if they have a chest or shoulder injury because doing so is likely going to cause to make it worse.  And with that out of the way let’s talk a little deeper about this pushup workout routine.

Like I said a little earlier I wanted to find various forms of pushups for this workout so we’re weren’t doing the same thing until the end of time.  So I looked at the ways athletes from various countries and sports do their pushups to enhance their effectiveness.

It’s a little crazy after doing a little research all the different kinds of pushups out there are.  I only wanted to find the best ones that would be the most beneficial for athletes and those looking for rapid fat loss.  And even after I gave this pushup workout program a try I was struggling to breathe.

For the actual workout part of this you’re going to perform each of the 10 various pushup exercises for 30 seconds each and then rest for 30 seconds before moving onto the next one.  After you’ve finished all 10 exercises you can take a 2 minute break and if you’re ready to go again then start crushing it.

If you’re not in that great of shape then I recommend waiting a little longer between sets possibly 45 seconds to 60 seconds or even decreasing the amount of time that you’re performing the pushups.  While you’re resting in between sets it’ll also be a wise idea to completely take all the pressure off of your upper body.

I like to stand up and walk around to allow my upper body to recover from doing the pushup exercise.  This way I’ll ensure that I’ll maximize my recovery so that I can do the next pushup variation with the maximum intensity.  So don’t crouch, squat or bend down while you’re resting, instead walk around and get some rest before you go again.

With all that being said check out the video below…

Pushup Workout Exercises

And Here’s The Exercises For The Ultimate Pushup Workout

  1. Pushups
  2. Alternating Grip Single-Leg Pushup
  3. Uchi Mata Pushups
  4. Twisting Pushup
  5. Triangle Pushup
  6. Corkscrew Pushup
  7. Military Pushup
  8. Leg-Kick Pushup
  9. Muay Thai Pushup
  10. Pushup Knee Tuck

Let me know what you think of the pushup workout by leaving a comment below!