How to Get Rid of Fat Fingers (Best Exercises for Skinny Fingers)

Are you in a panic that you can’t get the rings off your fingers and now need to know how to get rid of finger fat? Don’t fret and follow these steps to how to lose fat fingers quickly.

Your body may distribute weight differently than others, and it very well could be causing you to have “sausage fingers.” Unfortunately, getting dealt a lousy hand with genetics can guarantee some will get fat fingers. This is why some may still have fat fingers even though they are skinny. 

Many find they need to get skinnier fingers once they start feeling insecure about giving their hand to others. If you feel like you have “fat people’s hands,” then it’ll be embarrassing having to shake others’ hands. One lady told me she didn’t want to hold her boyfriend’s hand because she didn’t want him to think he was holding a guy’s hand.

The problem with some people is they can lose weight, but their fingers never get slimmer. The “chubby claw” won’t go away just by losing weight. Many are missing one simple step when they’re trying to get skinnier fingers that keeps them from getting results. 

Don’t worry that just because you may have been born with genetics for chubster fingers doesn’t mean you’re stuck with them forever. You can lose those fat fingers fast with just a little dedication. Here you’ll discover how to slim your fingers down so the ring on your finger will be falling off sooner than you think.

How to Make Your Fingers Skinnier 

make fingers skinnier

Now you might’ve heard that spot reduction is a myth. Doing only hand and finger exercises doesn’t necessarily mean you’ll get skinnier hands and fingers.

Just like doing a bunch of sit-ups doesn’t mean you’re going to lose just stomach fat. Sure, you’ll be building some muscle underneath the fat but not necessarily burning off the fat too.

The trick to getting slimmer fingers is to not only do exercises that target your hands and fingers but also lose fat and extra weight throughout your entire body as well. Otherwise, you’ll only be building muscle on your hands and fingers, which could cause them to appear bigger than before.

But once you start losing weight and fat throughout your whole body, then the exercises for your hands and fingers will lead to a leaner, slimmer, and skinnier appearance.

So the first step is not only weight loss but lowering your overall body fat by eating fewer calories and burning calories through exercise. To lose finger fat, you’ll have to be at a healthy body weight, and the best way to do that is by eating a healthy diet. Or else you’ll never be able to successfully reduce body fat and will never get rid of the fat fingers.

Then once you start to lose weight and fat, your fingers will begin to naturally slim down but maybe not as much as you would like. This is when adding in specific exercises that target your fingers and hands to be effective. They’ll add some toned muscle to the area, reducing the volume, making them appear skinnier.

Why Your Fingers Are Fat but You’re Skinny

why are my fingers fat but i'm skinny

Having fat fingers isn’t just a sign of being overweight but usually a sign that you have genetics predisposing you to store excess fat in them. This is why some will stubbornly have fat fingers even after losing weight. But losing fat on your fingers isn’t rocket science and is achievable.

The reason you store excess fat in your fingers and hands is the same genetic reason why some people store excess fat in their belly, thighs, hips, arms, and other stubborn places. Hormones can also cause you to store excess fat in your fingers, which will keep you from slimming them down until you get your hormones under control since they’re causing it in the first place.

One more reason why your fingers are looking fatter than usual is that you could be storing excess water weight in them. This is usually the easiest way to slow down your fingers fast by losing this stored excess water. However, there are some easy ways, like cutting out salt, that’ll flush out this extra water weight in your fingers.

This way you can get some quick results and skinnier fingers and hands fast. So even if you have genetics presupposing you for fat fingers doesn’t mean you’re stuck with him forever. Sure, you may be facing an uphill battle, but it’s still more than achievable with a few lifestyle changes to slim down your fingers.

The Skinny Fingers Diet

skinny fingers diet

One of the most effective ways for weight loss is to put your body into a caloric deficit. The science is simple… if you’re eating too many calories, then you’re not going to lose weight.

Making healthier food choices and consuming a balanced diet is needed to get rid of fat fingers. For example, eating more lean protein like chicken breast has been found to be effective at reducing body fat. Cutting out refined and processed carbs will also enhance weight loss and reduce water retention.

Fluid retention could be a big reason why your fingers are swelling. Many even mistakenly assume their fingers are fat when they’re just retaining water. This is another reason why your hands may look fat even though you’re skinny on the rest of your body.

Cutting out excess salt from your new healthy diet will be crucial to flushing out that water weight. If you keep adding more salt to your diet, then you’ll never be able to get rid of fat fingers because the swelling will keep making them appear big. But, on the other hand, you’ll quickly start to flush out this water bloat from excess sodium and salt once you begin to cut it out.

Stress Causes Chubby Hands

Another possible cause of why your hands are fat is stress and anxiety. It’s a normal response to have your entire body swell when you’re under a lot of stress.

This is why you need to manage your stress and anxiety as much as possible if you want to slim down those fingers. Studies have found you can be otherwise healthy and eat lower calories, but if you’re stressed out, your body will hold onto stubborn fat.

Stress causes the hormone cortisol to be released into your body, leading to swelling and fat storage. Swelling is a sign of inflammation in the body, putting you more at risk for heart disease and diabetes.

There are many ways of how you can instantly reduce your stress levels. Some of these include:

  • Meditating for just 10 minutes daily
  • Getting enough sleep, at least 7 hours
  • Doing relaxing activities that you love the most
  • Eating healthier and exercising more

Spot Reduction a Myth? Or Possible…

Now you may have heard that just doing exercises for your fingers won’t directly cause them to get skinnier. That’s because spot reduction of particular body parts isn’t a very effective way to slim down that area.

Your body distributes and burns off fat throughout your entire body. Then there are stubborn spots on your body that you seem to gain fat first, and it’s always the last place to leave too.

But does this mean you can’t get skinnier fingers by exercise?

The truth is you’re going to have to lose excess fat throughout your entire body and add the below fingers exercises too if you want to get results fast. 

Once your body is losing fat, you’ll tone up and slim down your fingers. But if you just do the finger exercises and don’t lose that fat, then it’ll be next to impossible to slim down your fingers any time soon.

Exercises to Get Your Fingers Skinnier

skinny fingers exercises

Strength training your hands and fingers with grip exercises will be the best exercise strategy to get your fingers thinner. One easy way to do this is to keep stress balls with you and squeeze them periodically throughout the day.

The “Pinch and Release” is one of the best specific exercises that target your fingers. Just hold your hand out and then bring your fingers together in a “pinching” motion. Next, slightly squeeze your fingers together and then release them back to the starting position. Keep repeating for 20-30 seconds and then repeat on the other hand.

The “Squeeze and Release” is an essential exercise that anybody can do to help get rid of fat fingers. All you have to do is hold your hand up with your fingers outreached. Then bring them together in a closed fist. Next, slightly squeeze then bring your fingers back out to the starting position. You can also use some stretchy bands for this exercise.

You can pick up some grip strengtheners fast on Amazon too. Keep them on your desk to get a quick finger workout in. I keep one at my desk all the time. Just pick it up and give it a handful of squeezes during the day.

The Last Word

So if you’re trying to find out how to get rid of fat fingers, then weight loss is only going to be step one. After that, you have to lose weight throughout your entire body by burning more calories than you consume.

Then once your start to lose that extra weight, you can then start focusing on the stubborn fat loss in your fingers. The most crucial factor will be getting on a weight loss plan like the one you’ll find in The Flat Belly Formula. To reduce fat in your fingers and get rid of fat hands, you’re going to have to start living a healthy lifestyle.

Then add specific exercises to tone up your fingers by adding more muscle and encouraging fat loss there. You’ll need to build muscle in your fingers. Otherwise, they’ll always be on the chubbier side. And the best way to do this is with specific exercises that target the fingers.

So start losing those extra pounds to get rid of fat on your fingers. If your goal is to get skinnier fingers, you’re going to have to reduce fat all over first. Then once you get that ball rolling, you can start to slim down your fingers too.