Bodyweight “Dirty Thirty” Workout

It’s Workout Wednesday and I’m back with another bodyweight workout that you can use to get a quick workout in. I was working pretty intensely the other day without much time or inclination to go to the gym so I whipped up this “Dirty Thirty” workout.

I hope your New Years Resolutions are going strong, and being in the fitness business I also get pretty busy this time of year. It’s great seeing new people getting motivated to workout and live healthier lifestyles. It’s even great to see people who fell off the wagon get re-energized again.


But just getting to the gym can quickly become a daunting task when your energy levels are running low, and your slammed with work. So instead of saying, “Screw it” I would HIGHLY recommend taking the 10-15 minutes for a quick bodyweight workout like this. It’s critical to keep the momentum going strong when you have it because everybody knows it doesn’t last forever.

Even if you’re really passionate about something it’s going to only last so long before it wither and fades away. While you have it it’s important to use it to it’s fullest so you can extract all potential to maximize your workouts, diet and lifestyle changes.

You’ll notice in this workout I alternate upper body, lower body, anterior and posterior chains for a very specific reason. It allows your body more time to recover while simultaneously training the other parts of your body. This will keep your heart rate elevated so you can keep working out, which is going to be the driving force towards burning fat.

Here’s the workout:

1. Mountain Climbers x30
2. Crab Bridges x30
3. Spider Crawls x30
4. Jump Squats x30
5. Push-ups x30
6. Reverse Lunges to 1-legged Hops x15/side
3x rounds total

You could also throw this workout that only uses bodyweight exercises at the end of your current workout for a great finisher. And while I’m not a big fan of doing strictly bodyweight training I do highly believe it should be a part of a well-planned training program.

Most people who are just getting started working out for the most time will benefit the most from this style of training. It’ll help to build a strong foundation while getting results they’ll be happy with. Just make sure there’s a consistent and effective diet behind it to get real and lasting results.