How to Lose Chest Fat FAST (10 Best At-Home Exercises)

Ready to discover how to lose chest fat fast?

No doubt having chest fat and man boobs can destroy your self-esteem. Even if your chest fat was huge at one point it can stick around and become quite difficult to lose.

It can feel like no matter what you do they just seem to stay there. Having this extra stubborn fat in your chest can be kind of unnerving, to say the least.

But most people who are trying to lose chest fat and man boobs go about it all wrong. They focus on just losing weight but this isn’t going to get rid of their chest fat.

If you’re ashamed to take your shirt off due to your chest fat and man boobs then it’s time to put that to an end. Here I’m going to show you what really works and how to lose chest fat once and for all.

Why You Have Too Much Chest Fat

how lose chest fat


Now it can be easy to blame your genetics on why you have man boobs in the first place. And you wouldn’t be totally wrong. Your genetic makeup plays a big role in how and where your body distributes excess fat (1). Developing gynecomastia (man boob) is becoming more and more common affecting 30% of males (2).

But that is just the tip of the iceberg. There are many other factors at play for why you developed chest fat and man boobs. The biggest is having too high of body fat (3).

It’s very rare for you to see someone who has been an athlete for their whole lives to have chest fat. That’s because they kept their body fat percentage low. If you had a higher body fat percentage throughout your adolescence, teens, and even early adult years then it’ll be 10X more likely you developed chest fat.

What foods cause chest fat?

One of the biggest reasons for developing stubborn and excess fat is from insulin resistance (4). Eating too many processed and refined carbs along with sugar can wreak havoc on your insulin levels (5). Years of putting your body through an up and down roller coaster of blood sugar & insulin spikes cause this stubborn fat like man boobs to develop (6).

Having insulin resistance will also lower your testosterone and raise your estrogen levels (7,8). If you’re a man then that’s the exact opposite of what you should want. Higher estrogen and lower testosterone levels will bring man boobs and excess chest fat.

So that means I’d start cutting out the foods that are increasing your estrogen levels:

Then it’s time to start eating more testosterone boosting foods like lean meats, fish, nuts, and green leafy and cruciferous veggies. If you want to tighten up that chest fat and lose the man boobs then you have to toss out the cereal and soda.

Soy contains phytoestrogens and it’s another common hormone disruptor (9). It can cause men to have higher estrogen levels and develop gynecomastia (10). So trade anything you’re eating with soy in it for real natural meats. Other common hormonal disruptors to stay away from include plastics, BPA, and pesticides (11).

Making sure you’re getting enough sleep each night is another proven way to naturally increase your testosterone. And if you’re not getting enough required sleep every night you can expect your testosterone levels to drop rapidly (12).

Why “Weight Loss” Isn’t the Answer

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Most people make the mistake of trying to just “lose weight” when they want to lose chest fat. But this is only a small part of the solution.

Of course, running all the time and cutting your calories is going to lead to weight loss. But as your body loses weight it’s not just from your fat stores. You’ll be losing muscle too. And muscle is what you want to tone and tighten your chest so it doesn’t sag or bulk out with fat (13).

This is why lots of people who lose a lot of weight end up looking “skinny fat.” Yeah, you might have lost some weight but now your body is mushy, saggy and there’s no tone at all. In some ways, it can make man boobs appear worse!

So just doing endless cardio isn’t going to lose your flab. I know it can feel amazing to lose a lot of weight but it’s also going to be very frustrating to not see your extra skin flab go away. If you’re only running to try to lose chest fat then I hate to say it but you’re running in circles.

It’s not about weight loss so much as it as about fat loss. The trick to tightening your chest is to lower your body fat while using specific exercises to tone this stubborn fat area.

Can’t Spot Reduce Chest Fat… or Can You?

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Too many people on the internet will snap to tell you that spot reduction is a myth. But that’s not the whole story…

Sure, you can’t do a few sets of bicep curls and expect only the arm in your fat to burn off (14). But by adding in exercises that target your chest you’ll be able to slim down your chest even faster.

Your body is going to burn off the deep visceral fat before your stubborn fat on your body parts (15). This is one reason why pear-shaped women lose weight in their upper body before their hips and thighs (16).

The first step is going to be to lower your body fat. For men, your body fat should be below 17%. The lower your can get it the more efficiently your body is going to burn your stubborn chest fat (ideally less than 13%). Have your body fat percentage checked by a personal trainer or you can pick up a smart scale that can measure body composition. You do this not only from doing cardio exercises like running but also from strength training (17).

I prefer to use HIIT and Metabolic Resistance Training (MRT) workouts. Combined these two not only burn off a ton of flab but will also help to pack on more lean muscle mass on your body (18). Then add in some more exercises that specifically target your chest and you’ll be set.

This way you’ll be melting off the flab from your body while at the same time adding muscle to your chest. This will lose chest fat and tighten it up too.

But be sure your diet is on point too. Follow what I said earlier about skipping out on the junk foods that are causing you to have high body fat in the first place. Replace them with high protein foods, veggies, and healthy fats. For a complete diet to lose stubborn flab check out my Flat Belly Formula program.

At-Home Exercise List




Wide-Grip Push-ups

wide grip pushups


Chair Dips
chair dips


Mountain Scalers

mountain scalers


Elevated Push-ups elevated pushups


Dumbbell Incline Pressdumbbell incline chest press


Dumbbell Chest Press

dumbbell chest press


Dumbbell Pulloversdumbbell pullovers


Dumbbell Flyesdumbbell chest flyes


Plank to Push-upsplank to pushups


How to Lose Your Chest Fat at Home

get rid chest fat man boobs workout at home

Now that you know the best exercises you can do to cut out the chest fat and carve a chiseled chest it’s time to put it together in an actual workout.

Below you’ll see an example of one workout you can do that’ll burn off body fat while targeting your chest muscles too. It implements HIIT and MRT style workouts while sprinkling in chest targeting exercises.

  1. Jump Rope x30 sec.
  2. Pushups x20
  3. Jumping Jacks x30 sec.
  4. Dips x20
  5. Jump Squats x20
  6. Dumbbell Chest Press x15
  7. Burpees x8
  8. Dumbbell Chest Flyes x20
  9. Stair Sprints x30 sec.
  10. Incline Pushups x15

3 Rounds Total

You will need a pair of dumbbells to do this workout and a jump rope. But if you don’t have a jump rope you can just hope in place without one. If you’re a man then I’d go with 20-pound dumbbells if you’re a beginner.

How can I lose belly and chest fat?

Having stubborn flab in common places like your lower belly, arms, chest, hips, thighs, and arms can be frustratingly difficult to get rid of. The reason you developed this stubborn fat in the first place is from having too high of body fat.

So the answer is going to be to lower your body fat through proper dieting strategies while toning up your body with the right exercise. Making sure you kick out the bad foods that cause insulin resistance and increased estrogen. This is also of the utmost importance in getting rid of your belly and chest fat.

The Last Word

Anybody can take a self-esteem hit from having embarrassing fat on their body. But for men having excess chest fat can feel like the worst. Boobs on a man can crush your self-esteem.

Unfortunately, most men go about losing their chest fat totally wrong. They just end up losing weight by going into a calorie deficit but their bulky fat then turns into flabby fat and loose skin. Weight loss needs to happen (especially in the chest area) but fat loss is even more critical.

The trick is going to be to lower your body fat while toning and tightening your chest with targeted exercises. I know this is easier said than done but if you’re following a plan then it’ll be a lot simpler than you’d think. Adding in exercises like pushups and bench press to work your chest muscles will get rid of that excess breast tissue.

Consistency and commitment are going to separate those who actually get results and those who never end up losing their chest fat. Trust the process and stick with the plan. Whenever you feel like giving up just remember your chest fat is going to go away unless you make it.