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Best Probiotic for Women (For Weight Loss) #1 Recommended!

If you’re looking for the best probiotic for women then here you’ll find the absolute best one for your health and for losing weight.

Probiotics are the “good” bacteria your gut needs to thrive so it can improve your health. But there are many other benefits probiotics can give you such as weight loss and your immune system.

If you’re bloated often or have digestive issues then this could cause you to store belly fat. This can persist even after cutting out grains and dairy from your diet.

Taking probiotics will help to get rid of these stomach issues. If you’re a woman then the good news is there are more and more studies coming out proving how effective probiotics can be for your overall health.

Probiotics can give you a mental boost too. The health of your gut is linked to both depression and anxiety. So taking a probiotic supplement can help to lower some of these mental health issues.

Reoccurring yeast infections can be a nightmare. Taking probiotics can help improve your vaginal health as it gives your immune system an overall boost.

It can be hard whether to know if taking probiotics are really good for you which one is the best.

Here will find out which probiotics and strains are the best for your health as a woman.

You’ll soon discover all the benefits of taking probiotics as well as which one is the absolute best for you.

Best Probiotic for Women’s Health?

Best Probiotic for Women’s Health

Probiotics are the “friendly” bacteria your body needs to help break down food, absorb vitamins and strengthen your immune system.

You have about 100 trillion bacteria living in your gut and your body relies on a healthy yet diverse balance of this friendly gut bugs.

Your G.I. tract is about 70% of your immune system and it’s also considered your “second brain.” This alone is more than enough reason to be supplementing with a probiotic.

If you’re stressed, ill, traveling, taking antibiotics or have a poor diet then this can disrupt your normal bacterial balance.

This can cause the following symptoms:

  • gas
  • bloating
  • constipation
  • skin issues
  • sleep issues
  • brain fog
  • lack of energy
  • sugar cravings and more

It’s critical to your overall health to get rid of these annoying symptoms with the use of the best probiotic supplement.

Probiotics are different from prebiotics. Probiotics are more of a source of food for your bacteria call me to feed on.

If you’re currently or have in the past suffered from any of the above problems then a probiotic supplement can help.

The problem is most probiotic supplements don’t work very well.

They’re either already dead by the time you take them or the acid in your stomach kills them before they reach your intestinal tract.

I’ll show you how to find the best probiotic for women!

Best Probiotics For Women’s Weight Loss

Best Probiotics For Women's Weight Loss

If you’ve had problems losing weight then good news! Taking probiotics has also been found to help you lose weight.

Gut bacteria lines your intestines and comes in contact with the food you’re eating. How much you absorb these nutrients can be the direct result of the quality of your gut bacteria.

This study found good gut bacteria can have a huge impact on your weight. The more good gut bacteria you have the more likely you are to lose weight.

There are many studies finding probiotics can help to lower the amount of fat and calories your gut absorbs.

This can clearly help you with weight loss by preventing junk from getting absorbed into your body.

You’ll also be better able to break down vital micronutrients your body needs to run an optimal metabolism.

This study found taking probiotics can help to lower belly fat and weight. They worked as well for body fat mass and percentage.

And in this 2013 study researchers found women taking probiotics lost more weight than women on a placebo.

Interesting enough the women taking probiotics continued to lose weight after the trial had ended.

You can see is how important taking probiotics can be for helping you to lose weight.

If you’ve ever had trouble getting rid of stubborn weight then taking probiotics can help.

Also if you’re looking for the best protein powder for women’s weight loss then this will help you out too.

Probiotics Can Cure Stomach Issues

Probiotics Can Cure Stomach Issues

Taking probiotics can help cure stomach problems such as constipation, diarrhea or irritable bowel syndrome.

Probiotics have been found to help relieve constipation by softening your stools. This particular strain of probiotics B. lactis was found to provide significant constipation relief.

If you’re constipated (or have been in the past) then taking probiotics can help you eliminate more frequently.

There’s nothing more frustrating and annoying than feeling constipated. Good thing taking probiotics can help.

Those in this study found taking probiotics resulted in less bloating and less burping.

If you’re having problems with diarrhea then taking probiotics has been found to reduce the number of times you poop while having diarrhea.

In this review study, researchers found those taking probiotics had improved symptoms of irritable bowel syndrome.

If you suffer from bloating, gas, nausea or abdominal pain then taking probiotic supplement can help.

Probiotics Improve Your Mental Health

Probiotics Improve Your Mental Health

You might be a little surprised to hear taking probiotics can help treat depression and anxiety.

Changes in your intestinal bacteria can play a big role in your mental health.

If you’ve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then taking a probiotic supplement may help you out.

Intestines are their own nervous system. They generate many of the same neurotransmitters that the brain generates.

Many researchers today believe your brain and gut can talk to each other. This is why when you have anxiety or depression it can cause you to get stomach pain.

If you’ve ever gotten “butterflies” in your stomach when you’re nervous then you’ll know what I’m talking about.

This 2017 study found evidence taking probiotics helps to lower depression and anxiety.

Researchers in this 2016 review analysis found probiotics significantly decreased the depression in participants.

So if you’ve ever had problems with anxiety or depression then taking a probiotic supplement can help give you a solid mental boost.

Best Probiotic for Women’s pH Balance

Best Probiotic for Women’s pH Balance

Probiotics are not only great for weight loss and stomach problems but they’re very effective for restoring your pH balance.

If you’ve ever had yeast infections or UTIs then you’ll know just how annoying these conditions can be.

Taking a probiotic can help fight off yeast and UTIs especially if you’ve had any issues with them in the past.

Taking a probiotic can help prevent invading yeast bacteria from thriving and multiplying.

If you’re taking (or have taken) antibiotics then you should know that it will also kill off your good bacteria along with the bad bacteria.

This is why it can be so critical to make sure you’re taking a probiotic supplement!

Taking a probiotic will help to restore this delicate pH balance in your body.

The Lactobacillus strain feeds off the natural sugars in your vagina producing lactic acid.

This helps your vagina to sustain ideal lower pH levels. This will help to fight off bacteria from causing yeast to flourish.

In this review study, researchers found probiotics helped to prevent vaginal infections.

If you’re a woman who’s ever had a yeast infection or UTI then you’ll know how much you don’t want to get another one.

You’ll be able to significantly lower your chances of getting another one by using probiotics.

The Best Probiotic Strains (For Women’s Health)

best probiotic strains

Lactobacillus acidophilus

This particular strain of probiotic helps prevent the growth of bad bacteria in your body.

It produces lactic acid in your body via the enzyme lactase (which is the same one found in dairy).

This particular strain of probiotics has been found to:

  • lower cholesterol
  • prevent reduce diarrhea
  • improve IBS
  • promotes weight loss
  • vaginal health
  • fights cold/flu symptoms
  • lower allergies
  • improves skin conditions like eczema

Lactobacillus acidophilus is king of the probiotic strains and it’s terrific for your good health.

Lactobacillus plantarum

This strain of probiotic improvements your gut functions as well as many other health benefits. It works as anti-cancer, anti-inflammatory, anti-obesity and anti-diabetic.

L. plantarum can also reduce anxiety by increasing dopamine and serotonin levels.

If you’ve had any problems with anxiety or depression then this particular strain of probiotic can really help you out.

This study also found this probiotic strain helps with weight loss.

best probiotics for women over 50

Lactobacillus rhamnosus

L. rhamnosus fights off the bad bacteria in your body and is a part of your normal gut microflora.

In this study, it was found to induce weight loss in women by reducing fat mass and fat in the body.

The strain is also beneficial for fighting off diabetes. It has an anti-glycemic effect that will also improve insulin sensitivity.

Taking this strain of probiotic can help to fight inflammation, improve allergies, improve asthma and it’s great for your skin.

If you’re a woman who’s pregnant then taking the strain of probiotic can be beneficial for your baby.

This study found L. rhamnosus helped to improve the composition of newborns microflora in their gut.

Bifidobacterium breve

This strain of probiotic helps improve your digestive health while fighting allergies, gastrointestinal infections, and inflammation.

B. breve is also great for your skin and boosts weight loss.

It’s found in human breast milk and the gastrointestinal tract of infants and adults.

This study found B. breve increased skin hydration and clearness in women.

It does this by improving skin elasticity and hydration. It was also found to fight the damage caused by UV irritation.

So if you’re looking for better-looking skin then this is the probiotic strain you’re looking for.

Bifidobacterium lactis

B. lactis is a strain of probiotic that helps boost your immune system while also preventing infections.

This study found it helped to fight obesity. It was found to significantly reduce BMI, bad LDL cholesterol and inflammation in the body.

It’s also been shown to be beneficial for those suffering from diabetes. It does so by improving glucose intolerance, decreasing fasting insulin and blood glucose.

This study also found B. lactis gave a boost to the immune system in women.

The Best Probiotic Supplement For Women

Best Probiotic for Women (For Weight Loss) #1 Recommended!

If you’re looking for a probiotic with all the above strains and you’re a woman then BioTrust Pro-X10 is the absolute best choice.

Most probiotic supplements are worthless since the probiotics die off before they ever reach your intestinal tract.

But BioTrust uses patented microencapsulation technology that will help to provide five times more living probiotics to your gut.

This can result in getting really great results in just days while others can take weeks or even months.

Another great benefit of BioTrust supplements is they contain nothing artificial in them. There are no artificial sweeteners and it’s completely non-GMO.

Best Probiotic for Women (For Weight Loss) #1 Recommended!

BioTrust Pro-X10 is equivalent of taking 50 billion CFU of probiotics. This is a phenomenal amount of bountiful probiotics for your gut health.

BioTrust Pro-X10 also contains prebiotics which feeds the probiotics. It’s been shown to help healthy gut bacteria flourish.

BioTrust is a GMP certified facility, uses 3rd-party testing and their quality is always guaranteed.

If you want to try a free sample of BioTrust Pro-X10 then just click this link here to receive your free sample.

Click Here for Free Pro-X10 Probiotics

What is the best probiotic for women?

If you’re just looking for a one particular brand of probiotic then I’d recommend Biotrust Pro-X10. It has all the strains of probiotics found by science to improve gut health and weight loss.

The Last Word

There is no doubt that taking a probiotic supplement can increase your overall health.

Taking a probiotic can work wonders if you want to lose weight, boost your mood, improve your immune system and restore the pH balance in your body.

Many probiotic supplements out there on the market today do not contain all the strains nor will be able to reach your gut intact.

I personally recommend BioTrust Pro-X10 as it contains all the strains mentioned above. All in bountiful amounts with a patented system to reach your gut intact.

If you’re looking for an all-in-one solution then I’d also recommend checking out Athletic Greens which contains probiotics.

Taking a probiotic supplement will without a doubt help you lose weight and give a big boost to your overall health as long as you’re going with the best choice.

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