Best Breakfast for Weight Loss (Burn Fat Every Morning)

It can be super confusing knowing what really is the best breakfast for weight loss. Especially with all the different choices available to you.

Your mom used to tell you breakfast was the most important meal of the day and it turns out it really is.

Breakfast is often too easily skipped or can become boring after eating the same thing day after day.

This doesn’t mean you can eat anything you want for breakfast.

You have to throw out your morning orange juice and toast if you want to turn your body into a fat burning machine.

Turns out your metabolism works most efficiently earlier in the day. This makes it the optimal time to give your body the nutrients it’s craving.

Eating a breakfast built for weight loss will stoke your fat burning furnace. Try to time for a 400-700 calorie breakfast within the first 30 minutes of waking.

Your body is much less likely to store the food you eat for breakfast as fat. Eating a big breakfast will help to fill you up for the rest of the day too.

Stay away from carb-heavy breakfasts that put your body on a blood sugar roller coaster. This only leaves you feeling hungry not long after eating.

I know it can be confusing for you to know what and how much you should be eating for breakfast.

If you’re ready to lose weight with a delicious and fat burning breakfast then you’ve come to the right place.

Here you’ll find weight loss friendly breakfast ideas and tips that are the same ones I recommend to my clients.

Best Breakfast For Weight Loss Tips

There’s no doubt eating breakfast will help you lose more weight.

This 12-week study found those who ate their biggest meal for breakfast lost more weight and belly fat than those who ate a large dinner.

The group eating a large breakfast ended up losing 2.5 times more weight and 4.6 inches than the group eating a bigger dinner.

The big breakfast eaters also ended up lowering their cholesterol, raising their good cholesterol, improving insulin sensitivity and felt less hunger afterward.

Most people who skip breakfast end up eating more throughout the day.

Non-breakfast eaters tend to snack more and eat bigger dinners. This results in more unnecessary calories flooding into your body.

You can also use intermittent fasting for weight loss and still get results eating a big breakfast.

This study in The Journal of Nutrition found those who ate breakfast ended up changing their bodies in ways that help protect against type 2 diabetes.

Make sure you eat your big breakfast when you break your fast.

Even better, workout right before you break your fast then your big breakfast will be better utilized by your muscles for recovery.

Keys To the Best Breakfast

Here are the four main factors you need to have for the best breakfast for weight loss…

  • Slow and steady rise in blood sugar
  • High in protein
  • Good quality fats
  • Reduces inflammation in your body
  • Gives you energy throughout the day
  • Reduces the feelings of hunger
  • Boosts your mood and brain function

The Worst Breakfast Foods

First off it’s a good idea to know which breakfast foods you should stay away from if you’re trying to lose weight.

It’s crazy how food manufacturers have given us heavily processed and sugary foods to eat for breakfast.

Cereals are the worst offender here.

I used to love waking up every morning and eating a big bowl of Lucky Charms or Fruity Pebbles.

Turns out about all cereals are ridiculously over-processed. They’re all loaded with sugars and processed chemicals.

These cereals are heavily fortified with vitamins and minerals. You might think this is good but turns out it drastically changes the chemistry of your food.

Even most instant oatmeals out there have added sugars in hopes your sweet tooth will buy them.

Make sure you stay away from donuts and pastries.

Most people already know they should be eating donuts and pastries. The vegetable oils they used to cook them are heated to the point it can cause chemical changes in your food.

These chemical changes from heated vegetable oils can become trans fat. Trans fats are very bad for your body and not only cause you to get fatter but can also lead to cancer.

You can uncover more about the healthiest cooking oils for weight loss here.

Another tricky one to stay away from is yogurts. Most people think eating yogurt for breakfast is healthy, but it turns out most are not.

Many yogurts are low in fat and higher in added sugars. If you have to have your morning yogurt fix then go with a plain Greek yogurt with no added sugars. You can always add some berries to sweeten it up.

Stay away from high glycemic fruits such as bananas. You would think a banana first thing in the morning would be good for weight loss.

But it turns out bananas are higher on the Glycemic Index (52). They also have a higher Glycemic Load (14) than what you want first thing in the morning.

If you’re going to eat higher glycemic foods like bananas then try to save them for pre-or post-workout.

Here’s a list of low carb breakfast idea you can go with instead.

Egg Breakfast Is Good For Weight Loss

If you have any fear about eating eggs because they may raise your cholesterol then it’s time for a wakeup call. Eggs are healthy for you and it’s a good idea to add them to your diet.

This study found eating two eggs in the morning can lead to better weight loss compared to eating a bagel for breakfast. This was despite calories being equal.

It turns out eggs are actually very good for you and will help you lose weight amongst other benefits.

The study found protein and eggs helps to increase satiety signal called Peptide YY. They found those who consume the protein-rich breakfast reported feeling less hungry and ate fewer snacks afterward.

Peptide YY is a hormone in your gut that has been found to help regulate hunger so you don’t overeat.

This study found protein reduces the feelings of being hungry while boosting your metabolism much better than carbohydrates.

The American Journal of Clinical Nutrition found breakfast skipping among adolescents was strongly associated with obesity.

The researchers discovered eating breakfast improved appetite, hormonal and neural signals that controlled food intake regulation.

A protein-rich breakfast works for satiety, reduce food motivation and reward and improving your diet quality.

But if you don’t have time for a protein-rich breakfast then it’s best to go with the whey protein shake.

Whey protein is the quickest absorbed protein by your body. It’s been found to improve the feelings of feeling hungry.

Whey protein will also help preserve muscle mass as you lose more weight and age.

Drink Your Morning Coffee

Drinking coffee or green tea in the morning will help you lose more weight and also give you a quick energy boost.

I thought for the longest time growing up that drinking coffee was bad for you. But it turns out drinking coffee has many health benefits including weight loss.

If you’re like me I’m sure you glad you now know you don’t have to give up your coffee with your breakfast. As much if not more than the people around you.

Make sure you drink your coffee black or at least without any added sugar or artificial sweeteners. Yes, it’s true even a zero calorie artificial sweetener like Splenda can make you fat.

Caffeine has been shown to improve your mood, alertness, and mental performance. It’s a great natural drug to kickstart your day and improve performance.

It’s been found that drinking coffee for breakfast can increase your metabolism and fat burning. The study found 100 mg of caffeine per day help to burn an additional 79-150 cal over 24 hour period.

To maximize the benefits (without side effects) of drinking coffee for weight loss aim for 38 to 400 mg of caffeine per day. This equates to about 1/3 to 4 cups of coffee.

Many people today are jumping on the Bulletproof Coffee fad and it turns out it’s not that bad for you.

Bulletproof Coffee is when you add grass-fed butter and MCT oil to your coffee. It does have some health benefits and can help you lose more weight, but it won’t work miracles.

If you are drinking Bulletproof Coffee just make sure you watch your calories throughout the day. There are a lot of calories in butter and it’ll become far too easy to over consume calories the rest of the day.

Green Veggies Are King

Most people aren’t getting enough green veggies in their diets and it’s causing them to get fatter.

I always recommend eating a lot of green veggies in any nutrition plan. And getting them with your breakfast is a great way to start off the day while giving your body an energy boost.

Usually, I’ll steam some broccoli and cauliflower then add them to my egg breakfast.

This meta-analysis found broccoli help to fight estrogen in the body. Having increased levels of estrogen. I don’t have to explain why men shouldn’t have heightened estrogen levels.

Eating broccoli has also been found to reduce cancer. Broccoli makes my superfoods list and should be a staple of everyone’s diet.

Anytime you’re able to get some of these green veggies into your diet the better.

They’ll increase your satiety so you reduce the odds you’ll snack indulgently the rest the day.

You can also make a veggie smoothie in the morning if it’s easier for you. Just make sure you don’t add too many high glycemic fruits to the smoothie.

Fiber Fills You Up

Fiber has been found to improve the feelings of being full so you won’t be tempted to snack on those donuts. This will help to keep your calories down.

It doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know if you feel full you’re not going to be eating more than you need to.

Eating more fiber with your breakfast will also help to reduce bad cholesterol.

As you eat higher fiber foods it will tend to slow down the digestive process. This results in a more sustainable form of energy. It’ll keep you from experiencing fat-storing blood sugar spikes.

I get a lot of questions about eating oatmeal and whether or not it’s good for you.

Most people should stay away from eating oatmeal because they should be eating low carb breakfasts.

Save your oatmeal for pre-or post-workout. You don’t want your cortisol levels elevated so early in the morning. But you can have your oatmeal if you are exercising in the mornings.

If you’re going to be oatmeal make sure you go with an Irish steel cut brand. Also be sure to add some cinnamon for added weight loss to prevent blood sugar spikes when eating.

Fat Is Good For You Now

Eating more good quality fats for breakfast will result in a slower release of energy in your body.

This will result in more sustainable energy throughout the morning and rest of the day.

Eating a variety of nuts can help you get these good fats early in the day. I usually have a mix of almonds, cashews, walnuts and Brazil nuts I keep in a bag.

I’ll grab a handful in the morning and add them to my breakfast.

You don’t have to worry if the nuts are raw or roasted as it doesn’t really matter nutritionally.

If you’re allergic to nuts or want to mix things up then avocados are a great choice.

Avocados will help to curb your appetite. They give you some fantastic monounsaturated fats to boost your brain function, mood and satiety.

Ideally, you want to be eating foods for breakfast that add volume with the minimal amount of calories. It turns out avocados are a fantastic choice here.

My Favorite Breakfast For Losing Weight

My favorite breakfast for weight loss combines high-protein, good fats, and green veggies.

This will give my metabolism a boost, provide substance to my muscles and won’t result in a blood sugar spike.

I’ll usually eat 2 to 3 eggs in the morning. On top of these eggs, I’ll add a little bit of organic ketchup, turmeric, and black pepper.

It might sound a little weird adding that on top of the eggs, but turmeric has been found to drastically help reduce inflammation in your body.

I’ll also add in broccoli and cauliflower I steamed when I was cooking the eggs.

For the good fats, I’ll then add in either handful of mixed nuts or an avocado to finish it off.

This is all after I wake up and have a scoop of MetaboGreens and filtered water.

I’ll also drink black coffee in the mornings with a little bit of Onnit MCT oil mixed in.

What is the best breakfast for flat stomach?

Preferably you would practice intermittent fasting and wouldn’t eat anything at all for breakfast. But if you really want to eat breakfast then I’d recommend one that will not spike your blood sugar. So having a couple eggs and steamed vegetables plus a small handful of almonds is most likely going to be the best breakfast you can eat to get a flat stomach.

The Last Word

It turns out skipping your breakfast in the morning can result in your body losing less weight.

I try to eat the same thing most days because it makes things easier. If I need to I’ll swap some foods for others to mix things up.

It’s always a good idea to not have to think too much or work too hard when it comes to the foods you’re eating in your diet. The easier you can make it on yourself the more likely you are to stick to it.

Eating the same thing every day can become a little boring and repetitive. That’s why it’s a good idea to swap out other foods to add some variety.

If you can’t eat a big breakfast in the mornings then postpone your breakfast to lunchtime. You can use intermittent fasting and have your first big meal of the day be a big breakfast at lunchtime.

You’ll lose more weight, have more energy, and think clearer when you’re eating the world’s best breakfast for weight loss.