Meal Plans For Weight Loss

As I’m writing this blog post it is the second day of the new year and I’m sure there are many New Year “Resolutioners” who are going to be looking to jumpstart their body transformations so I’m going to meet them halfway with my meal plans for weight loss.

The truth is you’re going to have to drop the crap from your diet if you truly wanted to transform your body and lose belly fat.

Training in the gym is going to help burn some fat and tone up your body but if you go home and eat a whole pepperoni pizza then you’re going to stay fat.

If you ask my opinion I believe weight loss is 70% diet and 30% training.

Even some of my clients and boot camp members will not lose much fat if they don’t seriously follow my nutrition programming.

They’ll surely gain some lean muscle and burn some fat but if you keep dumping bad calories into your body then it’s going to be next to impossible to lose weight long term.

In the free download below I’m giving you some awesome meal plans for weight loss that I give my clients and are also featured in my Flat Belly Formula system.

Why These Meal Plans for Weight Loss Work

The secret sauce in these meal plans is that they eliminate processed foods, bad carbohydrates and sugar.

These meal plans are packed with delicious recipes that are made from real whole foods that promote fat loss and lean muscle gains.

One of the biggest things you’ll notice in these meal plans is that they do not contain any processed foods and this is the key when it comes to fat loss and developing a healthy body.

Processed foods are horrible for you and have been well known to cause numerous health problems such as heart disease, type II diabetes and obesity.

For example you can take a look at the eskimo population who have for centuries feasted on high fat diets but once they start consuming processed foods they quickly get the health problems mentioned above.

That’s pretty crazy to think because eskimos mostly eat whale blubber, fish and organ meats but even though their diet was extremely high in fat it still contained all natural foods and nothing processed.

The #1 thing you can do with any meal plans for weight loss is to make sure they only contain foods that are in their most organic, natural and unprocessed state which is the way our bodies have been consuming food since man existed.

If you trace the statistics of when such horrible degenerative diseases such as obesity, diabetes and heart disease they all coincided with the increase consumption of refined flour, refined sugar, and vegetable oils.

Most people should be focusing on eat healthy fibrous carbohydrates such as fruits and vegetables along with lean proteins and healthy fats to turn your body into a fat burning furnace.

If you restrict these all important macronutrients it makes it extremely difficult for your body to be healthy and get lean.

Sure it’s not going to be as easy as driving down to the nearest McDonald’s and ordering a Big Mac but if you’re finally ready for a change then the little bit of cooking required in these meal plans will be well worth it.

One huge tip I can give you when starting to eat a healthy balanced diet is to go grocery shopping on a full stomach around 9 o’clock in the morning.

At this time you’ll be less likely to make impulse purchases.  I would also recommend going grocery shopping with your meal plans for weight loss and take note of everything that you’re going to buy so you only pick up the stuff you need for your pre-planned meals.

This will help to eliminate the purchasing of junk foods and snacks that you don’t need.  One huge tip I give my clients is to throw all their junk food away because if it’s in the house then there’s a high probability it’s going to be eaten.

And guess what?  If you only have healthy foods in your house then you’ll be significantly more likely to only eat healthy foods.

Extra Benefits of My Meal Plans for Weight Loss

I can also promise you that if you follow these meal plans for weight loss explicitly then you’ll definitely feel an increase in energy and mood.

When most people start a new meal plan they’ll quickly get scared because they don’t think they can eat healthy forever, but the truth is that once you start eating healthy, natural and an unprocessed diet you will no longer crave those junk foods.

Every time I go grocery shopping I always focus on doing my shopping along the outsider perimeter of the market because that’s where all the natural whole foods are.

In comparison to the center aisles which are loaded with foods that have a long shelf life because they’ve been processed and they’re packed with sugar, flour, wheat, salt and artificial sweeteners.

But don’t think you shouldn’t get anything from the center aisles because I do recommend picking up some natural almond butter, green tea and extra virgin olive oil as well.

If you can follow the guidelines and if you understand the principles that I’m giving you in these meal plans then you can simply lose weight and keep it off for good.

weight loss meal plans

I’m not a big believer in constantly counting calories and for these meal plans I definitely do NOT recommend you eat all of the food that is prepared.

Instead eat until you feel 80% full or even right to the cusp of fullness and then stop eating.  Save the rest for leftovers tomorrow.

The BIG problem with most people is that they are way too quick to lose motivation after only a few weeks of embarking on their journey to transform their bodies.

After that initial “high” of starting a fat loss program wears off people usually fall right back into their old habits of eating poorly and skipping most of their training sessions.

But I’m going to challenge you to be one of the 3% of people who actually achieve their goals and are not stuck and the bottom of a hole.

You have to accept responsibility for where you are right now and can’t blame it on your parents, your upbringing, your relationship, your kids, your time constraints or your economic status.

It’s your responsibility to be healthy and to finally lose that extra weight you’ve been carrying around all these years.

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