Stomach Exercises For Women

Ready to discover some of my best stomach exercises for women and men?  I always like doing these kind of abs workouts with my clients because everybody on the planet wants to have an attractive stomach.

Unfortunately most people totally focus on JUST doing these abdominal workout routines and they think it’ll be the only thing they have to do to lose stomach fat.

The Truth About These Stomach Exercises For Women & Men

But if you’ve been following me for any time now you’ll already know the truth about losing belly fat.  You have to first have an effective fat loss training and nutrition program such as my Flat Belly Formula before you can lose the fat so you can see your abs.

Spot reduction is not a myth like most personal trainers are way to quick to tell you.  But the results you’ll achieve from spot reduction techniques are going to be so small that you won’t see much of a difference.


The REAL key to fat loss is by constantly implementing a nutrition, training and recovery system.  Most abs workouts are only going to help you tone up your stomach and they shouldn’t be relied on to do all the hard work for you.

With that being said I usually like to throw in an abs finisher into the end of my clients workouts as well as my own.  This is a great way to end the workout by boosting your metabolism and finishing off with some of the ‘beach muscles.’

The programming behind these stomach exercises for women and men is that of a repetition increasing ladder.  This essentially means you’re going to be starting off at an exercise with 10 repetitions and then for every exercise you transition to you’re going to be increasing the repetitions by 10.

This is a very effective and also less boring way of training that I switched around and made an abs workout out of it.  You can also easily use this method to design you’re own workouts and it’s a terrific way to spice things up because if you do the same workout for too long your body will eventually adapt and you’ll stop making progress.

Variety is the spice of life and I’ve seen too many people get excited about a workout program only to fall off the map a month later because it became too redundant and they stopped seeing results.  So mix things up. If you have trouble finding out how to tighten loose skin then this workout video can help some too.

Stomach Exercises For Women & Men Video

List of Stomach Exercises For Women & Men Workout

1. Plank to Pushups x10

2. Spidermans x20

3. Leg Raises x30

4. Russian Twists x40

5. Bicycle & Rotates x50

6. Burpees x10

Repeat but go backwards this time. (ex. Bicycle & Rotates x50, Russian Twists x40, etc.)

I’m also planning on creating a Love Handles workout video as well if everybody likes this one enough. So if you thought these stomach exercises for women and men workout video was the bees knees and the cats pajamas click on the Facebook ‘Like’ button or use the Tweet button to let me know.