Transformation Solution Review

I wanted to do this Transformation Solution review because Bill Phillips literally has helped millions of people transform their lives through diet and exercise.  I consider Bill Phillips to be one of the Godfather’s of fitness and he’s just released his latest program, The Transformation Solution.  His book Body-For-Life has sold millions of copies and he also started the dietary supplement company EAS too.

When I was first studying to be a fitness trainer, Body-For-Life was one of the first books that I had ever read in the field of fat loss.  I honestly didn’t learn too much on what it really takes to lose fat and transform your body successfully.  Sure I learned what you should be eating and all the stuff but I never learned the other factors that bring success.

Most people have a general idea of what they need to do to get in shape, eat better and workout more.  Even though that’s a simple recipe for success it sure as heck isn’t easy to do.  Staying motivated once the initial inspiration wears off is tough.

Bill Phillips uses a few great tools in his new Transformation Solution program that will ensure you’ll stay motivated and complete the program.  One simple thing that I really liked was the success journal that comes with the program.  Most people NEVER write down their goals and the few who do are WAY more likely to achieve them then those who don’t .  By writing it down you’re making a statement with what you’re about to do.  I even go so far as recommending that you tell your friends and family about the goals so you’ll stay motivated even more.

Think about it.  If you tell somebody you’re going to do something it’ll automatically become 10x’s more difficult to back out of it.  A little tip when I go out to dinner at a restaurant with friends or family and I want to stay on my diet, I’ll tell them that I’m dieting right now and I’ll let them know how important it is for me.  So when I try to order those buffalo wings they’ll make me think twice.

Also Bill Phillips has also given you full access to his Transformation Support Community, which is going to awesome to because you’re going to be able to surround yourself with like-minded people who are also trying to reach the same goals as you.  I know not everybody has the most supportive family and friends when it comes to transforming your body and life so this will be a breath of fresh positive air.

I also wanted to touch on The Transformation Success Videos in my Transformation Solution review.  When I was going through the package of this program this was one of those things that really struck a chord in me.  Hearing these inspirational stories got me so motivated that I went out and had one of the best workouts of my life.  Whenever I’m not feeling like doing anything I’ll just play one of these videos and I’ll be ready to take on the world.

Besides all of the incredible inspiration that comes with the Transformation Solution program, the diet and the exercise protocols simply work great.  Bill Phillips has tested everything he recommends in the book on thousands of people and it’s all be proven to work.  You won’t find any B.S. in the training manual and you’ll find what are the biggest things that you should be doing to get the most results out of your training and nutrition program.

And even if all the above information doesn’t motivate you, you’ll gain entry access into his $50,000 transformation contest.  I don’t know about you but winning an extra $50,000 would inspire me to work my butt off.

Some other great features in my Transformation Solution review:

  • The 3 Deadly Dieting Mistakes Audio: After listening to this audio recording by Bill Phillips I was shocked to learn some of the things that my clients and even I was doing that was holding me back.  Most people won’t have a clue they’re doing these critical mistakes that are holding back their success.
  • The Top 10 Exercise Tips For Results: While most people who go to the gym are doing things totally wrong and practically wasting their time, this will help clear the air about what are the most effective practices and exercises they can do when working out to get the most results possible.
  • The Transformation Solution Audio Book: Don’t have time or the patience to sit down and read the manual? Well put down your excuses because know you can play the audio on your iPod or burn it onto a CD and listen in your car.  Now there’s no more excuses about why you can’t do this.

All in all, The Transformation Solution is the complete package.  If you’ve ever had a problem staying motivated with your fat loss program then this will be the solution for you.  This is a simple, yet highly effective program that will inspire you to finally transform not only your body but also your life.  This Transformation Solution review isn’t so much about how you’ll completely change your body but how you’ll finally feel and how happy you’ll feel once you’ve accomplished your goal.

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