Post-Workout Nutrition Tip: Chocolate Milk

I know it can be difficult to find a quick and cheap post-workout nutrition drink that will give you the adequate amount of nutrients that are needed after a great workout.

I’ve found chocolate milk to be a great source of nutrients after you work out and it’s also pretty darn inexpensive form of getting those nutrients as compared to buying some expensive protein shakes.

Chocolate milk has the perfect carb to protein ratios to ensure your body has the nutrients it needs after a hardcore workout.  Be sure to drink it within 15 minutes after completing your workout.

In the whole milk vs skim milk debate there is a clear winner here. Drinking whole milk will not make you fat but will help you lose weight.

But this isn’t a free ticket to drink chocolate milk ALL the time, only for post-workout nutrition only and try to stay away from the giant bottles of it.