Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss

Just the other day one of my boot camp members was asking me if I had any ideas for healthy snacks for weight loss on the go. And then whamo! I thought it would make an awesome blog post to write about healthy snacks for weight loss that anyone can eat on the go.

It’s obvious that most people are super busy with their lives and to find time to fully prepare meals makes it harder and harder to stick to nutrition programs. Skipping meals should never be an option for most people because they can actually make your body stop the fat burning process.

Skipping meals halts the fat burning machine because your metabolism will slow down as your blood sugar drops as well. Doing this for an extended period of time will cause your hunger to increase dramatically until the point that most people end up binging. And when people end up binging they usually totally overeat too much of the bad stuff leading to even more fat gain.

Not to mention when your blood sugar gets that low and you eat something unhealthy, most likely bad carbs, you’ll splash your blood sugar levels which will cause an insulin release lead to fat storage. In other words you’ll get fatter.  No bueno.

Crappy “Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss”

A lot of people also are unaware that many of the snacks that they’re eating are actually bad for them when they’re supposedly marketed as “healthy”. Some of the snacks include  “energy” bars, fiber bars, granola bars, pretzels, chips, Cheetos, crackers, popcorn, goldfish, rice cakes and pretty much every other grain-based snack you can think of.

I told you to stop eating my Cheetos!

It’s crazy to hear from so many of my clients who are chopping down fiber bars and actually think that it’s healthy for them, but it’s one of the reasons that they won’t be losing any more weight any time soon. Now let’s take a look at some healthy snacks for weight loss that you can easily make and take with you anywhere.

My Health Snacks For Weight Loss List

  • hard-boiled eggs ( boil for 7 min.)
  • celery with almond butter
  • canned tuna or sardines
  • “PB&J” = berries with almond butter
  • berries
  • Prograde Cravers
  • nuts
  • seeds
  • cottage cheese with the fruit topping
  • protein powder
  • plain Greek yogurt with some cinnamon
  • jerky

If you take a look at the approved healthy snacks for weight loss above you’ll realize that they’re all real whole foods and nothing is processed. This is of course going to take a little extra work in preparation but I can guarantee you the snacks are going to burn fat multiple times faster than any of the granola bars you’ve been chomping down.

These Healthy Snacks For Weight Loss Are Super Important

Snacking is very important in the overall process of fat loss because it’ll help keep your blood sugar levels stable so your appetite levels don’t dip so low that you end up binging. Most people only eat a couple meals a day and one of  the big reasons they eat so much at night is  they haven’t eaten anything all afternoon and by the time dinner comes around their ready to eat a horse and its carriage.

So prepare and pack your snacks in some Ziploc baggies so you’ll be ready when it snack time during the day. It’s time to start laying off those Doritos and start eating some of the healthy snacks for weight loss I’ve approved above, go for it!