The Protein Shake Diet for Weight Loss (7-Day Meal Plan)

If you need to lose some weight fast then the protein shake diet might just be the thing for you.

Even just going on a protein shake diet for one week can help to jumpstart your metabolism and get you back on the right track for weight loss.

A high-protein diet will help keep your hunger levels lower while at the same time keeping your calories down too. Both of these will help you lose weight fast.

Another benefit of the protein shake diet is it’s very low in carbohydrates as well as calories. As long as you’re using with the right protein shake.

A high-protein diet is very good for you and helps to promote weight loss. Studies have been found protein helps to build lean muscle without the muscle bulk.

High-protein diets are perfectly safe for you and an easy way to get your protein is through shakes. Protein shakes are a big timesaver since you won’t have to cook or prepare meals.

While I don’t recommend staying on the protein shake diet forever it can be done safely and effectively for weight loss for up to a week.

The protein shake diet will help to promote thermogenesis in your body. This means your metabolism will increase and burn off calories leading to weight loss.

I’m sure you’ll agree if you want to jumpstart your metabolism than the protein shake diet will be the answer for you.

You’ll be able to lose weight fast without much of the hunger pains you’d normally have with calorie restriction diets. Here you’ll find how to use the protein shake diet to maximize weight loss and get the best results possible.

Do Protein Shakes Help You Lose Belly Fat

protein shake diet belly fat

If you’re looking to slim down your waistline then a high protein diet has been found to help do just that.

An easy way to get a lot of protein in your diet is to supplement with protein shakes.

And if you’re planning on going on the protein shake diet then I recommend only staying on it for up to a week. Otherwise, your body could easily slip into fat-storing mode. This will drastically slow down your metabolism.

This can happen a lot with super low-calorie diets. This is when your body starts restricting fat burning and can even lead to muscle burning. This can cause the “skinny fat” syndrome where you appeared to look thin but your body is actually mushy.

One of the benefits of taking protein shakes is it’ll help increase the likelihood you have success losing weight.

This study in Obesity found drinking meal replacement protein shakes was a very high indicator of weight loss success.

One of the big benefits of drinking protein shakes is they are easily accessible. Unlike meals, there is very low preparation required.

In this meta-analysis by the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition, the researchers found a higher protein diet had numerous benefits over other diets.

The researchers found a higher protein diet helped to:

  • improve appetite
  • body weight management
  • increase satiety
  • weight loss
  • fat mass loss

And in this study, those on a protein enriched meal replacement diet lost significantly more belly fat than those on a standard protein diet

The Best Protein Shake

best protein shake

Make sure you find a protein shake that’s higher in protein and lower in carbohydrates. This study found a high protein low-carb shake was better than a high-carb/low protein shake.

The best protein shake for the protein shake diet is BioTrust Low-Carb.

Both of these protein shakes are grass-fed, low-carb, have no artificial sweeteners and are Stevia sweetened without any denaturing of the protein.

You have be careful with a lot of protein shakes out there on the market that use cheap fillers, artificial sweeteners and other junk you don’t want to be putting in your body.

When you think about the cost of a protein shake it’s a lot cheaper than you would normally be paying for a meal.

Buying the ingredients for meals can start to add up. When you do the breakdown the protein shake will only end up costing you a couple bucks per serving.

So, in the long run, you could be saving a lot more money by drinking protein shakes than you would be buying and preparing meals.

After you finish the one week on the protein shake diet it’s a good idea to stick with drinking some protein shakes.

Otherwise, you can quickly gain all your weight back. I recommend replacing up to two meals per day with protein shakes.

Is A High-Protein Diet Safe

high protein diet safe

It’s a myth that eating a lot of protein or drinking protein shakes is somehow bad for you.

The myth is if you eat too much protein it will strain your kidneys, make you bloated, make you gain weight, cause nauseous and lead to bone loss.

The good news is it’s a total myth and none of these supposed cons of a high protein diet will come true.

The real truth is it’s going to be hard to get fat if you’re eating a lot of protein.

In reality, you’ll improve your muscle protein synthesis, increase your metabolism and promote satiety a.k.a. the feelings of being full.

In this eight-week study, researchers found taking 3.4 g per kilogram of body weight of protein caused greater fat loss than a 2.3 g per kilograms diet. The former group ended up losing more fat even though calories were 500 more than the latter.

The participants also all had perfectly fine functioning kidneys after the study was concluded.

In this study in the Journal Of The International Society Of Sports Nutrition, researchers found a high-protein diet didn’t lead to any bone loss.

The study followed women who trained and exercise regularly and there were no symptoms of bone loss in them after consuming a high-protein diet. Why I’d go with whey protein if you’re a woman trying to lose weight.

How To Do The Protein Shake Diet

how to do the protein shake diet

First off, I recommend you use a whey protein powder like either BioTrust Low Carb.

This study found the whey protein group ended up having significantly less body fat and greater preservation of lean muscle.

You want to have some muscle on your body as it’ll help regulate your blood sugar and elevate your metabolism.

Many people who go on calorie-restricted diets end up losing muscle more than fat appearing skinny fat.

One of the big benefits of the protein shake is it’s really effective for the person on-the-go. All you have to do is blend or shake up the protein shake powder and you’re good to go.

Although I do not recommend using soy protein or drinking Soylent on the protein shake diet.

This study found whey protein stimulated protein synthesis better than soy protein.

Whey is more quickly absorbed than soy protein. This leads to more lean muscle spared during weight loss.

To measure how much protein you should be taking per day all you really have to do is to take your body weight in kilograms and multiply it by three.

So for example, if you weigh 150 pounds you would divide that by 2.2 to get your weight in kilograms. Then you just multiply that number by three to get your daily protein requirements

150 / 2.2 = 68 x 3 = 204g of protein per day

I recommend adding some other low-cal foods to your shakes too. This will help increase fiber and give your body some needed micronutrients to keep your energy levels high.

Make sure these are all non-processed foods such as green leafy vegetables and organic berries.

I also recommend mixing in some MetaboGreens for added micronutrients such as antioxidants and probiotics.

Adding in some kind of fiber will help to keep your bowels healthy. This is so you don’t have to run to the bathroom a couple times during the day.

Stay hydrated on the protein shake diet by drinking at least half your body weight in fluid ounces per day.

Make sure you’re not snacking throughout the day. This will defeat the whole purpose of the protein shake diet.

I highly recommend staying away from alcohol, fast food, refined carbs and artificial sweeteners while you’re on the protein shake diet.

Protein Shake Diet Meal Plan

Here’s a sample meal plan you can use while on the protein shake diet:


  • Protein Shake (2 servings)
  • MetaboGreens


  • Protein Shake (2 servings)
  • 2 cups spinach
  • 1/2 cup of blueberries


  • Protein Shake (2 servings)
  • 1/2 avocado or 1 cup Greek yogurt


  • Protein Shake (2 servings)
  • 2 cups kale
  • 1/2 cup raspberries

You can also add in an extra serving of protein here if this is too difficult. Just split up your protein shakes with 1-2 servings of the protein powder for 5 total “meals.”

Protein Shake Diet Results

guy drinking protein shake

Like with any diet you’re on it can become repetitive and up feeling a little boring by the end of the week.

You need to stay motivated and stick to the plan if you want to lose weight while you’re on the protein shake diet.

Keep in mind a high-protein diet will be more satisfying than other kinds of diets. Studies have found protein to be quite satiating so you shouldn’t feel overly hungry throughout the diet.

The protein shake diet is very simple to follow and is easy to stick to since there’s low effort required.

One thing I found over the years is the more effort required for the diet the less likely they are to stick with it.

The easy-to-follow protein shake diet will help you jumpstart your weight loss and get you back on track.

If you’re determined to make the necessary changes to live a longer and healthier life then the protein shake diet will help get you started.

Although I don’t recommend going on it longer than one week because then it can start to mess with your bowels.

After the one week diet, it’ll still be a good idea to replace 1 to 2 meals per day with protein shakes. This will help to keep your protein levels high, carbs low and your calories low.

Try to have some activity while you’re on the protein shake diet to increase your results.

This will help you burn off extra calories and fat while helping to keep your lean and toned muscle.

Also take a look at my 5 Day Diet Plan if you’re looking for more quick jumpstart diets like this one.

>Are protein shakes good for weight loss?

Protein shakes can be good for weight loss as long as you’re sticking with a high quality whey protein shake to replace your meals with. It’s common sense that you shouldn’t stay on a protein shake diet forever but if you’re just looking to lose some weight fast then it is definitely an option that will work.

Can I just drink protein shakes to lose weight?

Yes you can just drink protein shakes if you’re trying to lose weight but keep in mind that it’s not going to be healthy in the long run. Your body needs more nutrients other than just protein. It’s a good idea to combine your whey protein shakes with a greens powder like MetaboGreens as well as other fruits and vegetables.

The Last Word

The protein shake diet is a great way to jumpstart your metabolism and kickstart yourself back into a healthier lifestyle.

High-protein diets have been found to be very effective for weight loss while promoting lean muscle.

You can expect to lose quite a few pounds while on the protein shake diet but you shouldn’t expect miracles to happen.

I’d only stick to the protein shake diet for about a week and then go onto a more whole food based dieting program.

Check out The Flat Belly Formula for complete step-by-step fat burning diet and workout plan you can use to accelerate your weight loss.

Following any diet can be rough but the protein shake diet should be a little bit easier since it’s highly satiating.

Like with any diet just make sure you stick with it to get the best results possible. Good luck!