11 Amazingly Simple Ways To Stop Eating So Much

There are some simple tips you can use to stop eating so much throughout the day.

I’m sure you’ll agree with how hard it can be to eat a healthier amount of food each day.

There’s so much temptation such as TV shows, Instagram, Pinterest, and advertisements. No wonder it’s incredibly difficult to stay on track.

Every time we see an attractive image of food blood rushes to the part of your brain associated with taste.

There are other factors that can cause you to eat more than you should.

Stress, lack of sleep, crazy family members and even hormones can all add to the temptation to binge.

Portion control is going to be key to losing weight as we make over 200 food decisions every day.

Should you eat that cookie or broccoli?

These small decisions throughout the day add up only making it more difficult to stay on track.

You can easily use some non-brainer methods to quickly lower the amount of food you’re eating.

Here you’ll find the best ways I’ve found on how to stop eating so much during the day to help you lose weight.

How To Stop Overeating And Lose Weight

how to stop overeating

Everybody loves food and we’re wired to eat more than we should as often as we can.

Think about it.

Back in the caveman days when food wasn’t readily available at all times, we’d have to forage for food.

When we came upon some food we’d eat until our bellies couldn’t eat anymore.

That was great back then so our bodies evolved to eat this way. Nowadays this doesn’t work as our food supply is available and bountiful at all times.

Extreme calorie restriction also doesn’t work very well. You really just need to find out how to stop food cravings.

You can only go so long by cutting your calories before your body panics. Next thing you know you’re binge eating everything in sight.

There are some science-backed ways you can use to stop eating so much.

Making better priorities with your eating is the foundation of it all. Proper food planning is what’s going to keep you from overeating during the day.

Overeating isn’t good for you. It’ll cause you to become overweight along with increasing your chances of obesity, diabetes and heart disease.

Yet, even eating the healthiest foods can cause you to gain weight if you’re eating too much of it.

Let’s dig into the best ways I’ve found to stop eating so much so you can lose more weight…

Increase Satiety

increase satiety to fight off hunger

Satiety is the level of fullness you feel in your belly. There are some tricks you can use to make yourself feel fuller longer so you don’t eat as much.

Eating more fiber and protein will increase your satiety. You to eat less during the day by eating more of these two foods.

Some good protein choices are:

  • chicken
  • turkey
  • fish
  • seafood
  • dairy
  • eggs
  • legumes
  • nuts
  • seeds

This is why it’s a good idea to eat a high protein breakfast first thing in the morning.

It’ll give your metabolism a jumpstart so you’re on the right track for the rest of the day.

This study found those who ate a high protein breakfast weighed less and ate less during the day than those who ate a carb-rich breakfast.

You can find some of my favorite low carb breakfast ideas here.

A study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found adults who doubled their vegetable intake had greater hunger satisfaction. They also lost more weight compared to the group eating fewer veggies.

The fiber in vegetables (the non-digestible part) is what will help your belly feeling fuller longer.

Some high-fiber foods you can eat include:

  • broccoli
  • Brussels sprouts
  • avocados
  • coconut
  • figs
  • artichokes
  • squash
  • kale
  • berries
  • nuts
  • legumes
  • seeds

Hydrate Your Body

hungry or thirsty

It’s crazy to think about but a lot of the times you’re feeling hungry your body is actually just thirsty.

Drink a tall glass of water about 15-20 minutes before the next time you’re about to eat a meal

It’ll help to curb your appetite so you don’t overeat.

Your body has a hard time telling the difference between hunger and thirst.

Try eating more foods with a high amount of water in them such as:

  • soups
  • salads
  • vegetables
  • smoothies

Here’s a good rule of thumb for staying properly hydrated.

Take half your body weight and that’ll be the minimal amount of fluid ounces you should be drinking daily.

So if you weigh 150 pounds then you should be drinking at least 75 fluid ounces daily.

Drinking water before eating won’t mess with your digestion unlike what some nutrition “goo-roos” claim.

Start carrying a water bottle with your throughout the day too. It’s an easy way to make sure you have a readily available hydration source.

Eat More Fat

good fats

There’s no other more satiating food in the world than dietary fat.

It’s too bad fat has been unjustly blamed for weight gain in the past few decades.

There are studies proving those who eat fat from dairy are less likely to be overweight than those eating low-fat dairy sources.

Nutrition “goo-roos” of old no longer recommended eating fat in your diet. Instead, they told us to go eat more carbohydrates.

This lead us to also eating more artificial sweeteners as well. But even drinking diet soda can cause belly fat.

The Yale Journal of Biology and Medicine found eating artificial sweeteners can lead to weight gain as they fuel sugar cravings.

When you eat these artificial sweeteners your body is expecting calories to come along with it.

When there aren’t any calories it causes your body to crave more of them.

Instead of the sugar and refined carbs, you should instead try these best healthy fat food choices.

Eating fat will not only fill your belly, but it’ll also keep your blood sugar levels stable throughout the day

The 80% Full Method

80 percent full method

Try only eating until you feel about 80% full to keep you from overeating.

You most likely won’t even notice eating 20% less than what you normally would.

All you have to do is serve a little less than you usually eat.

Once you get to 80% fullness, wait 15 minutes for your brain to register you’re full before eating any more.

Try slowing down your biting as you’re eating.

Put your fork down between bites and allow yourself to enjoy and savor the flavor of your food.

I used to shovel food into my mouth so fast. I’d just eat and eat before my brain could tell I was full.

Next thing you know you’re eating way more than you should have.

Nothing worse than the horrible feeling of being in a food coma from eating too much.

This simple method alone will keep the pounds off your belly for good.

Buy Smaller Plates

use smaller plates when eating

This is another trick I like to use to keep my clients from overeating.

Using smaller plates makes it look like you’re eating more food than you actually are.

If you place the same amount of food on a large plate then it’ll look like there’s not as much food there.

Regardless of the quantity of food the size of the plate can make all the difference.

Psychologically speaking using a smaller plate helps your brain to think you’re eating a full meal.

So start using smaller plates for your meals. It’ll help your brain to think you’re eating more food than you really are.

Do Something Else That Makes You Feel Good

walk your dog instead of eating

Sometimes when you’re feeling hungry it’s wise to take a moment and think about what’s going on.

Why are you really hungry?

You could be craving to eat your favorite comfort foods because you’re feeling nervous, depressed, lonely, anxious.

We all have certain foods that are comforting to us.

We eat these foods to fight off the feelings of sadness or longing. Also to satisfy an emotional need for connection.

This 2011 study by McGill University found those who were tempted with images of their favorite foods were able to fight off the feelings when they thought about their favorite activities.

Instead of eating a pint of ice cream when you’re feeling down try taking your dog for a walk or taking a yoga class at the gym.

Even calling a friend or loved one can help you get out of the cycle of emotional eating.

We learn to eat for comfort when we’re kids. It all starts with giving a screaming child a lollipop to keep them quiet.

I remember I loved to eat cereal as a kid and would practically beg my Mom to let me eat it.

I wish I instead went and played with my Legos or played outside.

Keep It Out Of The House

kick junk food to the curb

Ever hear the saying, “Out of sight out of mind?”

It’s 100% true as research has found the harder food is to get to the less likely you’re going to be to eat it.

A little extra effort like having to use a chair to reach the junk food on the top shelf will decrease the odds you eat it.

Any extra work involved makes you think twice if it’s actually worth it.

This is a great opportunity to talk yourself out of eating that extra food. Sometimes laziness is better for you than lust.

I have a rule that if it’s in the house then you’re going to eat it.

There have been so many times I wished I was able to eat my favorite junk food. The only thing keeping me was I didn’t put it in the house in the first place.

Otherwise, you can bet I would’ve eaten it.

Try putting out healthy snacks like veggies and nuts on the kitchen counter instead of M&M’s and cookies.

Chew Chew Chew

chew your food hunger

Making sure you chew your food thoroughly can be the difference in you overeating or not.

Chewing your food well will mean your body will absorb more calories, but also more nutrients.

Absorbing more nutrients from your foods will help to increase satiety while promoting weight loss.

Does chewing your food more mean your food will be digested faster, therefore making you hungry?

This is definitely a possibility. Most research has found the additional nutrients you’re digesting keeps your brain thinking it’s fuller for longer.

Try to chew your foods 25-35 times before swallowing.

This also depends on the food you’re eating. You don’t have to chew scrambled eggs 35+ times before swallowing.

Your digestion begins in your mouth as your saliva starts breaking down the food. Enjoy the taste of the food in your mouth and allow it to go to work.

The slower you eat the more aware you’ll be of how full you’re getting.

Make Your Own Food

make your own food

Another easy way to make sure you stop eating so much is to start making your own food from scratch.

This alone will help to ensure you keep out any sugar, refined carbohydrates or processed foods.

It’ll take a little more time to make your food but that’ll be the whole point in keeping from eating a lot.

You’ll automatically eliminate the bad foods from making your own foods. Most pre-made foods have additives that will keep you coming back for more and more.

Your body will never be satisfied eating those bad foods. You’ll crave more and more of them to get the nutrients your body’s missing.

Cooking your own food will give you pride over your meal as you stop eating out so much and buying pre-made foods.

There’s something incredibly satisfying about sitting down to eat a meal you made yourself.

We take more pride in things we have to work for.

You can swap out bad ingredients in recipes for good ones too. For example, I like to swap out traditional flours for either almond or coconut flour.

You’ll make your meal 10X’s healthier this way.

I like to batch together my meal prepping for the week on Sundays. This way you’ll start the week on the right track.

It’s easier than you think to make your own meals. You’ll also be able to control your portions placing your meals into Tupperware.

This is one of the tricks bodybuilders use to make sure they’re eating the right meals during the day.

All you have to do is open the fridge and the food is right there ready to eat.

No thinking or willpower involved.

Don’t Dine With Your Electronics

eating with electroncis

I’ll admit there’s something oddly satisfying about sitting in front of the TV or your smartphone while you eat.

Yet, this isn’t going to good to stop you from eating so much food. As you eat your stomach begins to stretch and the receptors tell your brain you’re full.

It’s harder for your brain to register you’re full when your multitasking and distracted by electronics.

You can expect to eat a few hundred extra calories a day from being distracted while you eat.

I used to eat with the TV on and a smartphone in my hand. Talk about mindless eating.

Nowadays, I’ve found it way better to turn off all my electronics and focus on the food I’m eating.

A 2009 study by Eating Behaviors found having snacks while watching TV increased overall calorie intake.

Enjoy the flavor of your food and the company you’re with while eating.

Mindless and distracting eating will only cause you to gain more weight by eating additional calories.

Get More Sleep

get more sleep to lose weight

Most people are already under slept, which leads to eating more during the day.

When you’re stressed or not getting enough sleep your body releases the hormone cortisol. This hormone causes your body to store more belly fat in response.

Cortisol from stress promotes hunger and overeating.

Those who don’t get enough sleep are much likelier to have diminished willpower and cheat on their diet.

Instead, focus on getting 7-8 hours of solid quality sleep each night.

  • turn off all electronics (I like to keep my phone in the other room)
  • black out all blinking lights with tape
  • keep your room cool
  • have the same sleep schedule

If you have trouble falling to sleep there’s a little weight loss drink you could make to help.

Mix 1-2 tablespoons of apple cider vinegar along with some raw honey into a glass of warm water.

There’s something magical about this drink that will knock you out in no time.

When you’re stressed you could also try ways to reduce it such as:

  • deep breathing
  • meditation
  • taking a nap
  • walking
  • talking to a friend
  • journaling


Now you’ve found some ways to stop overeating so you can lose weight.

You can expect results just from implementing one or two of these strategies.

Eating too many calories is a clear cause of weight gain. Even though the quality of the food you’re eating is super important the quantity is also a big factor.

Starving yourself through extreme calorie restriction isn’t a long-term solution. Instead, use some of the strategies above to stop eating so much.

Start off by picking one or two methods that’ll work best for you and your lifestyle.

Get good at making these daily habits. This is what will get you the results you want.

Then as you get better you can slowly start to add more to your daily routine.

Here’s to you eating less, weighing less and feeling better for it.