Does Soda Really Cause Belly Fat?

Soda is without a doubt quite unhealthy for you, but does soda cause belly fat too?

We already know soda is bad for us it still doesn’t stop a lot of people from drinking a can of that cool sweet beverage every day.

Yet, we all don’t like having belly fat too. Perhaps more of us would stop drinking soda if that’s what is causing it.

Belly fat isn’t only not physically unattractive, but it can also mean some serious health problems for you.

Belly fat, also known as visceral fat, is the fat deep inside your stomach that wraps around internal organs like your liver and pancreas.

When visceral fat starts to build up on your organs it can cause those organs to not function properly.

Visceral belly fat is associated with increased cardiovascular disease, inflammation and type 2 diabetes.

Soda is still a very popular beverage in the United States with 30% of Americans drinking at least one sugary beverage per day and another 20% drinking an artificially flavored one.

You’re going to want to make sure you read this entire blog post to find out if diet soda causes belly fat too or if it’s a healthier alternative.

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Does Soda Cause Belly Fat? What You Should Know

can soda cause belly fat

The American Heart Association recommends limiting your daily sugar intake to just 100 calories for women and 150 calories for men.

The main driving factor for these recommendations is sugar is just not good for you.

When you drink soda in large amounts the sugar is turned into fat in the liver.

Your liver in turn begins to become overloaded and turns that sugar into fat.

This accumulation of sugar in your liver can lead to non-alcoholic fatty liver disease according to this 2010 study.

The sugar in most sodas today are in the form of High Fructose Corn Syrup (HFCS), and there is a well known association with fructose and an increase in visceral belly fat.

This 10 week study found those who drank sweetened beverages had an increase in belly fat, but soda drinkers had an even higher amount of visceral belly fat than them.

Subcutaneous fat is the belly fat right underneath your skin. This fat is less dangerous than visceral belly fat because it doesn’t surround your internal organs.

This study by the National Heart, Lunge and Blood Institute found those who drank sugary drinks gained 27% more belly fat over a 6 year period than those who never or almost never drink them.

The study looked at over a 1,000 participants finding daily soda drinkers gained an average of 2 pounds of visceral belly fat.

So if you’re a daily soda drinker you can fully expect for you belly to get fatter year over year you drink it.

I used to love orange soda growing up (who didn’t??) and would try to drink it daily but thankfully my Mom wouldn’t let me.

Fortunately, I was able to eventually kick the habit as I grew older yet I remember how bad the cravings were even at that young of an age.

The researchers also noted the increases in belly fat over the years was higher in those who were already overweight or obese.

If you’re overweight or obese it’ll be extremely counterproductive to be drinking soda as it’ll put your risk of increasing belly fat much higher than everybody else.

Does Diet Soda Cause Belly Fat? The Truth

does diet soda cause belly fat

Many people opt for diet soda to get their soda fix after finding out how sugar is causing their belly fat.

Sure, the aspartame is technically zero calories, but will soda help you gain or lose belly fat is the real question.

Researchers theorize artificial sweeteners in diet soda trigger the sweetness receptors in the brain preparing it for an influx of calories.

After zero calories arrive into your body there are still cravings for these calories causing you to eat more.

The artificial sweeteners inside diet soda confuse our bodies and weaken the link in our brains between sweetness and calories.

Why Diet Soda Causes Belly Fat

This study found artificial sweeteners in diet soda are associated with a drop in the hunger regulating hormone leptin.

Leptin is a hormone in your body that will naturally tell you when your stomach is full and you shouldn’t eat anymore.

But when you’re drinking a diet soda your body keeps tell you you’re hungry!

This 2015 study by the Journal of American Geriatrics Society found people who drank diet soda gained 3x’s the amount of stomach fat over a nine year period compared to those who didn’t drink any.

The study followed 749 people aged 65 or older finding non-drinkers gained 0.8 inches around their waist while soda drinkers gained an average of 3.2 inches.

do diet soft drinks cause belly fat

Many health experts also believe if your body has anything sweet in it there could be a release of insulin.

An animal study found mice fed artificial sweeteners had changed gut bacteria in ways making them more susceptible to glucose intolerance and insulin resistance.

Having an increase in both glucose intolerance and insulin resistance is the driving for behind developing type 2 diabetes and obesity.

JAMA Pediatrics published a 2016 study following 3,000 pregnant women and their infants finding mothers who frequently drank diet sodas were 2x’s as likely to have babies that were overweight or obese after one year.

And to put a nail in the coffin for diet soda this study in Diabetes Care found drinking diet soda daily led to an increase in metabolic syndrome.

The researchers found those who drank soda were more likely to be obese, have bigger waist circumference and have high triglycerides leading to type 2 diabetes and cardiovascular disease.

One more study found drinking 2/3 of a diet soda prior to eating caused the pancreas to release a lot more of the fat storing hormone insulin.

When your body takes in sugar (or anything sweet) it releases the hormone insulin to bring your elevated blood sugar levels back down to normal.

A consequence of insulin is the storing of body fat combined with the loss of lean muscle.

Constantly elevated insulin levels also leads to type 2 diabetes.

Go here for some of my favorite ways on how to stop eating so much food all the time.

Your Brain On Diet Soda

Your Brain On Diet Soda

Yep, diet soda will not only cause you to gain more belly fat but it’ll also mess with your brain chemistry leading to headaches, anxiety, poor memory and insomnia.

This study by the European Journal of Clinical Nutrition found the main artificial sweetener in diet soda aspartame to be a neurotoxin altering brain chemicals, nerve signals and the brains reward system.

Imagine when you finally kick diet soda out of your life for good and having a headache, anxiety and insomnia free life.

I’m not saying diet soda is the sole cause of these mental problems, but they’re definitely making the situation worse for you.

This 2013 animal study found rats drinking diet soda had damaged cells and nerve endings in their brain responsible for motor skills.

Even the rats are addicted to diet soda. Haha

You should almost immediately begin to feel more mental clarity after your stop drinking soda and diet soda. It’s worth kicking this bad habit once and for all.

After all, we only have one brain and one body that has to last us a lifetime so why should we throw it away on diet soda.

The Lesser Of Two Evils

do diet sodas cause belly fat

I know some of us out there will never completely give up soda because it’s just too addicting.

So instead of 100% kicking soda and diet soda out the door you may want to know which one is the lesser of two evils to be drinking.

Yes, both soda and diet soda are going to cause you to gain belly fat but it’s good to know which one is going to cause the least amount of damage.

The best comparison I can make is soda is like shooting your arm off while diet soda is like shooting your leg off.

Just because soda is well known to be bad for you it doesn’t mean diet soda is a better alternative.

Diet soda is far from innocent and even though it contains zero calories it can still cause you to gain belly fat.

But if you had to choose one to drink occasionally I would go with a small portion of soda that uses real cane sugar instead of HFCS.

You can find a bottled soda like Coca-Cola using real cane sugar in most foreign food stores.

Yes diet soda technically has zero calories but if you aren’t able to regulate your calorie intake then it’ll make you gain more weight.

I would still rather shoot off my arm then drink it, but hey it’s a free country and people will do what they want to do.

In an ideal world both soda and diet soda would be banned from the Earth and thrown into the sun.

This also applies to other sugary drinks you find at the store including Gatorade, Vitamin Water, Monster Energy drinks, sweetened iced teas and fruit juices.

They’ll all cause your body to spike your blood sugar causing your belly fat to get bigger and bigger.

How To Stop Drinking Soda

How To Stop Drinking Soda

Drinking soda can be an addiction for us that can be extremely hard to kick that habit.

Soda and diet soda have very powerful effects on our brains reward system.

It not only tastes delicious and sweet, but most sodas complete the high by giving us a caffeine boost.

You can try to only drink soda and diet soda in moderation, but at the end of the day there really is no clear definition of moderation.

I’ve found most people who try to have their soda in moderation end up saying “screw it” sooner or later and just end up back where they started.

You can gradually try to reduce your intake of soda to ease the symptoms of sugar withdrawal. So if you drink 3 cans a day then cut back to 2 and so on.

I’ve found this method to work decently, but at the end of the day you’re still allowing your body to get it’s soda fix and sooner or later you’ll end up back to your old habits.

You can try eating more superfoods full of fiber filling you up so hopefully you’re not as hungry for these sugary sodas.

Or maybe say screw it and go totally cold turkey. We all know how that ends.

power of habit soda

The true secret to kicking your soda habit for good can be found in the book “The Power of Habit” by Charles Duhigg.

Duhigg talks about the habit loop where your brain goes through the cue, routine, reward routine every time for all habits (good or bad) you have.

So at lunchtime when you normally drink your diet soda you’re used to having the sugary and caffeine high afterwards.

Alcoholics Anonymous teaches their members to change their routine of alcohol so they still get a similar reward.

This method works a lot more efficiently than the other methods I’ve mentioned above.

So after a long day of work when you’d normally start drinking alcohol you should instead eat/drink something else that will give you the similar reward as if you drank alcohol.

For soda, the best thing you can do is if you’re used to drinking one at lunchtime is to replace it with an iced coffee sweetened with stevia to give you the sweet and caffeinated reward.

That’s just one example, but think about what similar drinks and foods (that are healthy) that give you the same reward as soda and just swap them out.

Healthier Alternatives to Soda

soda healthier alternatives

Instead of drinking this poison try swapping out soda and diet soda for healthier weight loss drinks.

One of my favorite replacements for soda is to fill a glass with cold club soda, add in some stevia and squeeze half a lime in.

It tastes delicious and just like soda.

La Croix is another option if you’re craving a sweet soda like beverage on a hot afternoon.

I don’t 100% recommend them but they’re a lot better than popping open a diet Pepsi.

You could even try other stevia sweetened soda replacements such as Zevia.

I’ll admit isn’t the best option, but it’s a good alternative if you were going to drink soda instead.


There’s no doubt that both soda and diet soda are going to cause you to gain deadly visceral and unsightly subcutaneous belly fat.

If you’re already overweight then you can expect soda to make your belly fat bigger than those who aren’t.

Belly fat may not only be physically unattractive but it can lead to many serious health problems such as cardiovascular disease and type 2 diabetes.

To keep your pants fitting tight both soda and diet soda are two drinks you should try to kick out of your life for good.

If you’re searching for the best methods to lose belly fat then you’ll need to get on a proper nutrition and training program such as my Flat Belly Formula system.

It delivers the best nutrition and workout methods to strategically target rapid fat loss so you can have a slimmer stomach and drop that belly fat for good.

To ultimately drop soda and diet soda for good you’re going to have to change your routine pattern to this deadly habit.

It may sound hard but if you’re able to drop this bad habit then you’ll be rewarded with a much flatter stomach.