How To Naturally Detox Your Body (And Lose Weight Too)

If you’re looking for the best methods on how to detox your body naturally then you’ve come to the right place.

Deadly toxins can build up in your body causing you to gain weight, lose energy and get sick easier.

The buildup of these toxins in your body can lead to type 2 diabetes among other chronic illnesses.

Toxins can have a disastrous effect on your body’s ability to balance blood sugar and metabolize cholesterol. This will cause negative changes to your body.

Some of the environmental toxins that can build-up in your body include…

  • pesticides
  • chlorine
  • bleach
  • ammonia
  • carbon monoxide
  • heavy metals

This report found nearly every person on the planet has a good amount of nasty chemicals in their body.

The good news is your body will naturally detoxify itself through your kidneys, liver, skin, lymph system and intestines.

They convert these harmful toxins into water-soluble molecules. Your body can then flush out through urine or feces.

The bad news is these toxins can build-up over time. Toxins cause your natural detoxification processes to become compromised.

Damage to your body happens if these toxins aren’t properly filtered and eliminated.

What Is The Best Way To Detox Your Body

how to detox your body naturally

These harmful toxins in your body will inevitably cause chronic illnesses to develop. It’s critical to make sure they’re eliminated from your body.

Most people think you have to take a crazy cleansing supplement that’ll cause you to sit on the toilet all day.

Your body is actually your best weapon against harmful toxins and chemicals. The key is doing the right stuff to encourage your body to detoxify at its maximal potential.

To detoxify your body you’ll have to start feeding it the good stuff and keeping the junk out.

Gut irritants like alcohol are going to have to go away while you’re detoxing. You’re going to need your body running at its peak potential.

Juice fasts won’t do a whole lot for you in the short run. A 1-day juice fast isn’t going to eliminate all the harmful toxins from your body in 24 hours.

If you’re planning on using intermittent fasting while you detox it might be a good idea to hold off on it.

Fasting can be super stressful on your body. It won’t allow your body to get rid of all the harmful toxins it’s capable of.

Don’t get me wrong intermittent fasting can be fantastic, but for detoxing it’s best to use other methods.

With this detox, you’ll be cleansing your body from the inside out as you nourish it with what it craves. This way you’ll flush out all those nasty toxins.

You’ll come out feeling renewed, protected from diseases and on your way to optimal health. A 3 day detox might be just what you need to kickstart your progress.

Boost Your Water Intake

hydrate your body to detoxify

Drinking enough water when you’re detoxing if going to be of the utmost importance. Otherwise, your body won’t be able to flush out the toxins.

Most people aren’t hydrated making it way harder than it needs to be for your body to get the waste out of your blood.

An easy hydration tip to remember is to check the color of your pee. If it looks clear then it means you’re in the “clear” but if it looks like apple juice then you need to drink more.

You can also take half your body weight in pounds. This will be the minimal amount of fluid ounces you should be drinking daily.

So if you weight 180 pounds then 90 fluid ounces of water daily is going to be your absolute minimum. If you’re working out or drinking caffeine then it should be more.

I like to take a water bottle, like the Hydro Flask, and figure out how many of those I should be drinking daily. So if you need 90 fluid ounces daily, and your water bottle holds 20 fl. oz. then you should be drinking around 5 of those a day.

You should stay away from drinking tap water while you’re detoxing. It has a good amount of chlorine and other chemicals that can make things worse.

Make sure you buy spring water, filter your water with a carbon filter or use reverse osmosis.

Detox Drinks

detox drinks

Tea is full of powerful antioxidants fantastic for reducing inflammation in your body. Drinking tea will also help to hydrate your body.

The antioxidants in tea kill off the damage-causing free radicals in your body. This will keep them from attacking your cells.

Try to find a tea with dandelion or milk thistle in it. These two ingredients have been found to help boost your liver function.

Milk thistle can also strengthen the cell walls in your blood. This will help to reduce the likelihood toxins can get inside.

Drinking tea with these ingredients stimulates enzymes making toxins less harmful to your body.

Tea is one of my favorite weight loss drinks. Even if you aren’t detoxing it should be a part of your daily diet.

Keeping the alcohol out of your body while detoxing will be critical. Alcohol places stress on your liver where it’s processed and broken down.

The more your liver has to work processing alcohol the less it’s able to detoxify the rest of your body.

Try drinking lemon water and apple cider vinegar first thing in the morning. It’ll provide your body with a boost of electrolytes.

Lemon juice also helps your body produce enzymes. This encourages your liver to eliminate more toxins.

Eat Real Food

eat real food

You probably already know the foods you shouldn’t be putting in your body. During this detox is super important to keep them out to maximize the detoxing effect.

Keep out the sugar, refined carbohydrates, and processed foods from your diet. Instead go with food that is natural, unprocessed and 100% organic.

Ideally, you’ll buy your food from local farmers and organic producers.

Most foods today are heavily processed and Genetically Modified (GMOs). These are bad foods that are loaded with pesticides.

Now is the time to give your body a clean break.

GMOs are in part responsible for the huge spike in western obesity since they were introduced in the 1990’s.

This long-term Norwegian study found animals fed GMOs ended up being fatter with more toxicity than the others that didn’t eat them.

Sugar is one of the biggest causes of belly fat. The more fat builds up in your body and belly the more places these toxins have to hide.

Dropping the sugar and artificial sweeteners will be key to not only getting rid of abdominal fat but for helping your body detox.

Instead, go with my list of superfoods to make sure you’re eating the healthiest and cleanest choices while detoxing.

Best Fats For Detoxing

good fats to eat

While detoxing it might be a good idea to cut dairy out of your diet.

Even though dairy fat is good for you there may be digestive problems that come with it.

As our bodies age, it becomes more difficult to process certain foods. Lactose intolerance has become a big problem in the western world.

Dairy is normally fine for you, and can even help you lose weight. Yet, you could be causing you some digestive problems with you not even knowing it.

You can always go back to drinking dairy after you finish detoxing if you don’t feel any different.

I’ve had some clients who I made go off dairy for a week and they said they felt 10x’s better.

Fill your diet plan while you’re detoxing with my list of good fats to eat.

The Best Supplements For Detoxing

No, you don’t have to worry about those weird “cleansing” supplements that only make you run to the toilet five times a day.

But there are a couple supplements you might want to add into your detox to amplify the effects.

MetaboGreens is a high-powered superfood supplement loaded with powerful polyphenols.

These powerful probiotics can boost your gut health allowing your body to eliminate more toxins.

See my other article on the best probiotics for men’s weight loss for more.

Leaky gut syndrome is a disorder where food particles and toxins can leak through your gut into your bloodstream.

A whole host of problems develop in your body from leaky gut syndrome such as…

  • excessive fatigue
  • digestive problems
  • nutritional deficiencies

Krill oil is the other supplement you should be taking while detoxing.

You’ll want to reduce inflammation in your body as much as possible while detoxing. The omega-3 fatty acids in krill oil are fantastic for fighting inflammation.

Krill oil is superior to fish oil as it’s more bioavailable (your body absorbs more of it). It also contains the powerful antioxidant astaxanthin to fight off free radicals.

Add these two supplements to your detox to take things to the next level.

Try to keep the soy out of your diet as best you can too. Discover more about why soy is bad for you here.

Exercise Your Toxins Out

exercise helps you detox

Exercising encourages circulation in your blood and lymph system. This will enhance your digestion, reduce tension and strengthen your body.

Research has found people who exercise regularly have far fewer toxins in their blood than people who don’t.

Circulation is critical for your body as it provides more oxygen to your liver and kidneys. This helps them to better filter out toxins.

This study in the International Journal of Obesity found those who lost a lot of body fat ended up having higher levels of circulating hormone disruptors.

Exercising also clearly encourages your body to burn more fat.

The more fat you have on your body the more toxins are able to hold onto these fatty cells and tissues.

You’ll not only burn off more fat from exercising, but you’ll also work to get more harmful toxins out of your body.

Try out some of my favorite HIIT workouts to maximize your metabolism and melt off more belly fat.

Sweat It Out

sauna detox your body

Using the sauna isn’t only associated with helping you stay young. It can also help sweat out those nasty toxins.

This 2012 review of 50 studies found sweating was effective at removing…

  • lead
  • cadmium
  • arsenic
  • mercury

Researchers found it was the most effective with those who had the highest heavy metal toxicity.

Your skin is one of your greatest weapons for eliminating toxins. With the sauna, you’ll be able to maximize its potential.

Sweating in the sauna will also help your skin maintain its elasticity. This helps you looking younger for longer and reversing the process of aging.

There’s even a theory as your body temperature rises it’ll kill off some of the infections and bacteria in your body.

This is why you get a fever when you’re sick.

Make sure to re-hydrate your body after going in the sauna.

You’ll not only sweat out water but also some minerals and electrolytes.

Skin Brushing 101

skin brushing 101

Believe it or not brushing your skin can help your body detoxify.

Dry brushing helps your skin get rid of old cells that can clog up pores. The freer your skin is the better it will be able to sweat freely.

Brushing your skin stimulates circulation beneath your skin. This helps it to renew the area with fresh cells.

You’ll also stimulate your lymphatic system as you brush your skin.

Your lymph system is what’s responsible for eliminating cellular waste products.

When you’re lymph system isn’t working the way it’s supposed to toxins can build up leading to inflammation.

Try to find a soft-bristled brush to use before you hop in the shower.

Afterwards, expect to feel a slight tingling that’ll make you feel good.

Sleep Better

get more sleep detox

This study review found 70-75% of obese people have chronic disharmonious sleep patterns.

And they had 18% decrease in leptin levels along with a 28% increase in ghrelin levels. This will cause you to feel hungrier more often.

As your hunger for more sugar and refined carbs increases so does your belly.

Sleep deprivation can be hard on your immune system. You’ll also have a harder time staying on your detox with diminished willpower.

Try to get 7-8 hours of sleep each night. Keep a regular sleeping schedule to allow your natural circadian rhythms to flourish.

A study by the National Institutes of Health found sleep helped your brain remove harmful toxic waste.

Many of the toxins your brain removed while sleeping were responsible for brain disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

As your sleep, your brain cells shrink by 60% allowing it to better remove this toxic waste.

Get Fiberlicious

As you get older it becomes your body has to work harder to get rid of the waste buildup in your intestines.

Toxins can then stick to your colon and intestines as they refuse to get out of your body.

The trick is to increase your daily fiber intake to get rid of these pesky toxins as soon as possible.

Insoluble fiber will travel through your digestive system completely intact. It won’t be broken down in your body.

This kind of fiber will quickly allow your body to eliminate any toxins hanging around in your digestive tract.

Soluble fiber is the kind of fiber that dissolves in water.

It’s fiber found in fruits that keep the natural fructose from spiking your blood sugar levels.

Your daily total dietary fiber intake should be around 25-30 grams per day.

In the meal plans below you’ll automatically ensure you’re getting enough fiber every day.

14 Day Flat Belly Detox

14 Day Flat Belly Detox

My 14 Day Flat Belly Detox will give you everything you need to know for a step-by-step detoxification system.

You’ll be able to eliminate toxic waste from your body while also flattening your belly.

Belly fat is one of the favorite places harmful toxins like to hang on to.

This is why its vital to get rid of your belly fat through a detoxification process.

With my 14 Day Flat Belly Formula you’ll have 2 weeks worth of toxin-removing meal plans, recipes and workouts.

By the end of the 14 days you’ll eliminate the harmful toxins holding you back from living at your optimal health.

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It’s crazy to think of the toxic waste floating around in your body right this second.

It doesn’t have to be.

Using the strategies above through my 14 Day Flat Belly Detox will quickly help your body get rid of them.

You’ll feel instantly better as you finally eliminate the toxic junk in your body.

You’ll give your immune system a boost, skyrocket your metabolism and feel better than you ever have before.

Harmful toxins and chemicals don’t have to be a part of your body any longer.

It’s time to get rid of them once and for all.