The Jason Statham Workout and Diet Plan for Extreme Ass Kicking

If you’ve seen any real action movie recently then I’m sure you’ve seen Jason Statham in it.  And you won’t believe where he goes for inspiration for his hardcore kick ass workouts.  He’s not flipping on a lame P90x DVD anytime soon, Jason Statham goes to prison to find his training inspiration.

Totally put off my big gyms and their machines with wussy trainers walking around, Jason Statham went out to find the ultimate anti-gym and was inspired by visiting a prison and seeing how the inmates trained.  I was surprised to find the similarities with his own diet plan as I found in my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review.

Jason Statham wants his own workout to be extreme and brutal while strongly emphasizing the use of bodyweight training over machines.  Jason Statham’s own personal trainer, Logan Hood, is a former Navy SEAL himself and was also one of the guys who got the crew for the film 300 in such great shape.

His trainer takes a no B.S. approach to his training and diet philosophy with Jason Statham admitting that there’s no place to hide when working out with him.

From all my research I’ve done with Jason Statham’s training routine I’ve found that his style of training is probably the one most similar to my own.  This guys is going really hardcore and leaves no excuses on the table.

I really like his attitude when it comes to training and he doesn’t get caught up with all the hoopla of pansy Hollywood workouts and diets.

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Ripped 6 Pack Abs Workout in 4 Minutes

By popular demand I’m back with the 4 minute abs workout.  Doing this baby has helped me get my 6 pack abs and it’s a crazy intense workout.  Getting a great set of abs is something that everybody and their mothers want but they always come hard earned.

To be perfectly frank, to get 6 pack abs you’ll need to get a consistent workout program as well as an awesome diet.  And diet is going to make up 80% of your results, and you can never out-train a bad diet.

That stuff aside, this 4 minute abs workout will definitely get your abs ripped 100x faster than you would doing 1000 sit-ups.  But all things come with a price and this workout program is going to be pretty darn intense.  The big key with training your abs to get a ripped 6 pack is to not have any rest time between exercises.

When you do this the abs will obviously train a lot harder and therefore they’ll build up more lactic acid and really shred your abs.  If you’re looking for more fast ways to lose belly fat be sure to check out my last blog post with 50 of my favorite strategies.

I personally like to throw in this workout after an intense total body program and finish off with my abs blast.  This way my heart rate is already elevated and my body is rapidly burning the fat stores in my body for energy, and once I start targeting my ab muscles with this workout, it’s ON like Donkey Kong.

And the burning sensation you feel when your pumping your muscles is the lactic acid that’s building up in your body.  The longer you can tolerate the pain the better results you’re going to be able to get.  So if you can train your abs and take the burning sensation, then you’ll get far more results than those who give up once they feel some pain.

That’s when the “crazy” part of the workout comes in and if you can imagine all the pain you’ll have to go through to get ripped 6 pack abs, then you’ll know whether it’ll be worth it or not.  And to me that’s the great part of it.

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4-Minute Bodyweight Fat Loss Tabata Workout

I know we all get a little busy and flat out don’t have the time to workout…but does this mean we should never workout? This is the problem I want to solve with my 4 minute fat loss tabata workout. What you say Josh!? Tabatas are basically this really cool and fast way to get …

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The Ultimate Upper Body Chest Warmup Exercises

If you’re not doing the right kind of upper body warm-ups when you’re working out your chest and shoulders you can get some serious problems down the line. I remember when I used to not doing anything to warmup my body and I was always wondering why the heck my body was so stiff and …

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Marine Corps Military Workout Plan

Hey I hope you’re doing great and your taking your fitness levels to another degree. I was getting extremely bored the other day with my normal workout routine so I thought I would be creative and spice things up a little bit. Then I came up with the Marine Corp Military Workout Plan. Military workouts …

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