Truth About Abs Review

Truth About Abs Review

Read My Truth About Abs Review

Truth About Abs ReviewIn my Truth About Abs review I’m going to tell you my thoughts on this complete training program that was created by Mike Geary.  The Truth About Abs, also known as The Truth About Six Pack Abs is one of the first digital products that I ever purchased over the internet and I haven’t regretted it since.

It’s been quite a few years since I’ve purchased my original copy but everything inside of it still applies today and everything I’ve learned from the Truth About Abs book has influenced my own style of training and nutrition.

I honestly had never really heard of Mike Geary before so I was a little skeptical about the program overall but after hearing a recommendation from a friend for the program I decided to go ahead and take action on purchasing my own copy.

The main point behind The Truth About Abs is that author Mike Geary doesn’t try to sell you on a quick fix workout program that will suddenly solve all of your problems as fat melts completely off of your body.  Instead he offers the truth to leaning out your abs and it doesn’t involve doing a thousands of sit-ups per day.

The Truth About Abs Review: Nutrition

He acknowledges how important diet is to getting the fat loss results that you want and it’s so critical that he devotes the first half of the book strictly to nutrition.  And he doesn’t offer the same regurgitated nutrition advice such as the Food Pyramid and all that junk.

Instead he offers a more unique taking on nutrition and just about everything he discusses in this section will help you get toned abs faster than doing sit-ups until the sun goes down.  He also firmly states in the book that if you can’t handle eating healthier than all the exercise in the world isn’t going to make a difference.  To lose fat you’re going to have to get your nutrition under control and there’s no way around it.

Geary starts off the Truth About Abs by firmly stating the importance of your diet and how it is critical if you want to develop lean abs.  Most people unfortunately have it wrong because they think you can use specific abdominal exercises to spot-reduce the fat on your stomach, but this is definitely not the truth.  The truth is you first have to put a ton of focus into your nutrition and make sure you’re eating the foods that will help you burn fat rather than put it on.

Truth About Abs Review

The nutrition section in the Truth About Abs manual also directly tells the reader to avoid grains and unhealthy carbohydrates to reduce stomach fat.  Keep your blood sugar and insulin levels is a key reason why some people have lean abs and why some people carry a lot of stomach fat.  He goes on to say you should avoid the foods that cause your blood sugar to spike including:

  • refined processed carbohydrates
  • white bread
  • pasta
  • white potatoes
  • ice cream
  • bananas
  • cakes
  • baked goods
Instead of eating these bad carbohydrates it will be much more important to focus on slow digesting foods that are rich in protein and will not cause your blood sugar to spike.  Some of these slower digesting proteins that Geary recommends includes:
  • eggs
  • meat
  • cottage cheese
  • casein blend protein powder

I also wanted to make sure I made note of the authors stance against fad diets in my Truth About Abs review because as a personal trainer and nutritionist I hate seeing people jump from diet to diet with yo-yo results.  While Geary is definitely against consuming the bad carbohydrates he is also firmly against a low-carb diet such as the Atkins.  There are many healthy alternatives to carbohydrates consumption that the author makes sure you’re aware of such as vegetables and low-glycemic fruits.

“EATING FAT DOES NOT MAKE YOU FAT!” says Geary who basically just kicked any low-fat diet in the crotch with that bold statement.  So called experts have long been adamant for a low-fat/high-carbohydrate diet since the 1980’s and since then the obesity, cancer and heart disease rates have only risen.  Animal fats also should not be avoided while following the Truth About Abs as long as it is from organic grass-fed animals that are free-range.

Even though you may be following some of the healthy foods on Geary’s list for the Truth About Abs you have to also make sure that the food you’re consuming is in its most natural and unprocessed state which the author states is the way we were meant to eat food.  Eating foods that have refined flour, refined sugar, refined vegetable oils all are leaded causes towards obesity and heart disease.

Truth About Abs Review: Training PrinciplesTruth About Abs Review

But this isn’t to say that he doesn’t give any abdominal training strategies throughout the book.  I had to mention in this Truth About Abs review the high quality of information Mike Geary provides when it comes to training for a toned stomach.

Even though most of us would like to prefer the easy way of just doing an abdominal workout routine a few times a week Mike Geary knows better and he says this explicitly in The Truth About Abs.

He offers training advice that most of us wouldn’t like to hear but it’s information that we need to hear if we ever plan on transforming our bodies.  Because the truth about abs is to do more total body resistance training exercise combined with high intensity interval training to increase your metabolic rate and then you’ll lose fat rapidly.

He goes in depth about these training principles in the Truth About Abs but I also liked how he didn’t make anything seem like it was too complex.  Most of the fitness trainers who write books for the average Joe’s write down to them and start using all of these crazy fancy big words to make themselves sound smart.  As I read deeper into the Truth About Abs I realized it felt more like a friend was explaining this information to me rather than some snooty fitness diva.

Overall I’m extremely satisfied with investing in The Truth About Abs and I can say that it has helped shape my own philosophies on nutrition and training for fat loss.  There aren’t too many quality all around programs out there when it comes to fat loss but I can happily say in my Truth About Abs review that this one delivers.

Truth About Abs Review

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