How to Lose 15 Pounds in 2 Weeks (It’s Possible!)

Want to discover how to lose 15 pounds in two weeks?

If you need to lose some weight fast for an event, wedding, vacation, pictures, a weigh-in or even a weight loss challenge then this article will help you maximize your weight and fat loss in only two weeks.

Most people say you can only lose 1 to 2 pounds per week but this couldn’t be any further from the truth. You can most definitely lose more weight than that in just two weeks by upgrading and accelerating your weight loss plan.

It’s more than possible to lose 15 pounds in two weeks but not through old-school traditional methods that research today is saying is very unreliable (1). You’re going to have to take things up a notch by using the latest and greatest science-backed principles of faster weight loss.

It can seem a little impossible to lose 10 to 15 pounds in just two weeks. But by following the below strategies and tricks you’ll be able to reach this goal faster than you thought possible.

Need to Lose for 10 to 15 Pounds Fast?

Need to Lose for 10 to 15 Pounds Fast

First off not everybody’s going to be able to lose up to 15 pounds in just two weeks. A lot of it is going to depend on how much weight you have to lose, to begin with. If you have a lot of weight to lose such as 30+ pounds then it’s going to be more than doable to lose that much weight in 14 days.

But if you already have a relatively low body fat percentage and only a handful pounds of fat to lose then it’s going to be much more unlikely you’re going to be able to reach this goal of losing 10- 15 pounds.

For the vast majority of people, it’s gonna be perfectly safe to lose this much weight in two weeks. But if you have any complications with your health then it’s a good idea to talk to your doctor first. I’ll also add a little bit of caution to anyone who has or has had an eating disorder in the past as this might not be the best plan for them.

Many people who try to lose that much weight that fast end up just losing water weight. I know at the end of the day most people think any weight loss is better than no weight at all. But just keep in mind when you lose water weight it’s very easy to gain it right back. In the below plan you will be shedding off some of this water weight but you’ll also burn off the maximum amount of unwanted fat on your body.

Your diet is going to be the key to losing these 10 the 15 pounds in two weeks. There’s no doubt about it if you’re eating too much of the wrong foods then you’re not going to lose any real weight over the next two weeks.

There’s a popular saying amongst personal trainers that you can’t out-train a bad diet. This is 100% true as your diet is going to make up the bulk of your weight loss over the next two weeks.

Losing a lot more weight at first is actually a good thing too. Studies have found you’re much likelier to stay motivated to keep to your weight loss plan with greater initial weight loss (2).

Lose 15 Pounds in Two Weeks by Going Low Carb

low carb to lose 15 pounds

If you have trouble with your weight then is a high chance that your body doesn’t process carbohydrates very effectively. I’ve been doing this for a long time and those who are overweight usually have a problem processing carbohydrates (3).

When you eat carbohydrates the excess calories are converted into glycogen for future energy use. They are then stored in your body as fat if not used. So unless you’re very very active and working out as much as an athlete then you won’t be able to burn off this amount of stored carbs before it gets stored as fat on your body.

This is why the vast majority of my overweight clients who I’ve put on a low-carb diet end up having the greatest success. Now, this isn’t to say that you’re not going to eat any carbohydrates over the next two weeks. But you should for sure stay away from many of the starchy, refined and processed carbs that are causing you to gain weight in the first place.

Most of your carbohydrates should instead come from low glycemic vegetables such as kale, spinach, and broccoli.

Intermittent Fasting Is King

Intermittent Fasting

Another way to accelerate your weight loss results over the next two weeks is to use intermittent fasting (4,5). If you’re not already familiar with intermittent fasting for weight loss then it’s a lot simpler than you think.

You’ll alternate between a fasted state and a feeding state. The fasting state should last up to 16 or 18 hours and then followed up by a feeding state.

But a big mistake would be to eat whatever you want during your feeding window. You should still stick to the daily allotted calories and macronutrients in your weight loss plan.

If you’re feeling hardcore then you could also try doing a 7-day water fast or the fasting every other day diet. But for the vast majority of people, I’d recommend an easier step with a 16 or 18-hour intermittent fasting window.

Another mistake most people make with intermittent fasting is to not feed their bodies with anything during their fast. This is a recipe for becoming super irritable and very hungry during your fasting window. This will make it likelier that you’ll give up on it.

Instead be sure to drink lots of water, Keto Elevate for the ketones, black coffee, green tea, and other weight loss teas.

Eat More Protein and Good Fats

high protein diet good fats

One of the problems with rapid weight loss is most people lose more muscle than they do fat (6). This will not only give them the mushy “skinny fat” look but it’s also a lot less healthy than losing fat (7).

One of the ways to lose weight in the form of fat loss is to eat a higher protein diet. Studies have found higher protein diet is effective for weight loss (8). Research has found protein is also a lot more satiating than other foods meaning it’ll help you feel fuller longer (9). And it doesn’t take a rocket scientist to know the fuller you feel the less likely are you going to be to eat more food (10).

For decades eating fats was vilified as causing you to get fat. A more recent meta-analysis study found eating fats and even some red meats are perfectly healthy for you with the unhealthful claims have been vastly overblown (15).

Eating some good fats in your diet will help to increase your feelings of being full (16). Plus eating more fats will help to lower your blood sugar and insulin levels (17). Both of which when out of control and constantly spiked will promote the storage of fat in your body (18).

The only problem with eating more fats is to make sure you’re watching your overall caloric intake. Fat per gram contains more than double the calories than carbs or protein. So it’s a good idea to make sure you’re tracking your daily caloric intake.

Cut Calories & Check Macronutrients

calorie tracking macronutrients

There is no if and’s or butts about it you’ll not be able to lose 15 pounds in two weeks if you’re not cutting your daily caloric intake. Now, this doesn’t mean you have to eat only a leaf of lettuce every day. But you’re going to have to keep lowering how much you eat per day to drop those 10-15 pounds in 14 days.

I recommend for most people to follow a daily caloric intake of 1200 to 1500 calories. Most people vastly overestimate how many calories they’re eating per day (19). This is a recipe for why so many people gain weight so easily.

I highly recommend using a food journal for at least a few days to write down everything you eat daily. Then use a calorie tracking app to plug-and-play to find out how many calories, carbs, protein, and fats you’re eating daily.

You’ll not only lose weight faster by cutting your calories but studies have found the caloric restriction is the most proven way to reverse aging and improve longevity (20).

How to Lose 15 Pounds in Two Weeks With Exercise

Believe it or not, in some ways adding exercise can hinder your weight loss efforts over the next two weeks. If you’re using resistance training then your body will surely add some lean muscle. This can throw off the scale because as you lose weight you’ll also be gaining some weight in the form of muscle.

Now adding some muscle to your body is good in the long term since it’ll help to tone and shape your body. Adding some lean muscle will also help you to burn off fat better from stubborn places such as your love handles and belly fat.

Studies have also found exercise itself can make people feel less hungry (21).

The sweet spot with exercise in rapid weight loss is to use high-intensity cardio followed by steady-state cardio to maximize the effect. Doing more high-intensity sprints, jump rope, rower machine, and bike riding is a great way to increase weight loss while minimizing the effects of adding more muscle to your body.

Eventually, it’ll, of course, be good to add a resistance training program to your exercise and diet plan. But if your goal right now is to just lose the maximal amount of weight for whatever reason then doing high-intensity cardio followed by steady-state cardio is the best way to go.

Sleep the Pounds Away

sleep the pounds away

One of the hidden causes of long-term weight gain is the lack of proper quality sleep. Studies have found not getting enough sleep can lead to hormonal dysfunctions in your body that’ll promote weight and fat storage (22).

Plus studies have also found not getting enough sleep will cause you to have less self-control (23). And without self-control, you’re going to be much likelier to skip out on your diet and exercise plan over the next two weeks.

Studies have also found those not getting enough sleep tend to overeat on junk foods (24). The reason for this has to do with your ancestors. Without enough sleep your body will go into a “survival mode” and crave calorie rich foods in order to survive a famine.

Try your best to get 7 to 8 hours of quality sleep per night. I know this is not always possible but try to maximize your quality sleep per day the best you can at least over the next two weeks.

Cut out artificial lights in your bedroom when you’re trying to sleep (25). Also eliminating blue light from electronic devices will help improve your sleep quality (26).

If you have trouble falling asleep or getting into a deeper sleep then try taking some of the best CBD oils out there. Studies have found them to be effective for improving the time it takes for you to fall asleep as well as how deep of a sleep you get (27). It’ll also help to relieve stress which we all know can prevent a good night’s sleep (28).

Cut Those Liquid Calories

lose liquid calories fat

By far one of the simplest ways to lose weight faster is to stop drinking liquid calories. Sodas, diet sodas, alcohol, smoothies, and fruit juices will all cause you to gain weight.

Most are loaded with sugars that’ll cause your blood sugar spike as well as an insulin response in your body. This will cause a hormonal chain reaction in your body that promotes fat storage and cause you to gain weight.

Even smoothies and fruit juices contain sugar from the fruit that can derail your weight loss. I’m not saying you can’t ever drink either one of these but over the next two weeks, you should cut them out of your diet completely.

If you have to drink soda then I hate to say it but drinking a diet soda is the lesser of two evils. But keep in mind long-term studies have found those drinking diet soda gain just as much weight as those who drink regular soda. Researchers believe artificial sweeteners can mess with your brain and gut which can cause you to overeat on foods.

Instead be sure to drink more healthy beverages such as lemon water, athletic greens, coffee, green tea, and other weight loss drinks.

How can I lose 15 pounds quickly?

Not everybody will be able to lose 15 pounds in two weeks. But if you have a good amount of weight to lose to begin with then it’s more than achievable to lose that much weight in two weeks. With that said it’s probably not going to be easy but if you have to lose that much weight that fast then you can get it done by following the strategies and principles laid out above.

Is it healthy to lose 15 pounds in two weeks?

Depending on your current weight it’ll most likely be more than perfectly healthy and safe for you to lose that much weight that fast. With that said if you have an eating disorder then it’s probably not the best idea to try this kind of fast weight loss. Or if you’re already underweight or you only have a few pounds to lose then losing that much weight this fast might not be the best thing for you.

The Last Word

Trying to find the answer to the question of how to lose 15 pounds in two weeks can be tough because most people will tell you that it’s not even achievable. Or use worse yet they’ll jokingly tell you to chop off your leg if you want to lose that much weight that fast.

But by using the best science-backed principles for faster weight loss you’ll be able to achieve this goal faster than you think. With that said you need to put in the work in by following the plan and sticking through it even during the tough times.

There is no magic pill for weight loss like this. So if you have some kind of event coming up soon then it’s best to start getting to work right away. With that said you’re about to park embark on a journey that’ll leave you feeling successful and well achieved when you come out on the other side 15 pounds slimmer.