The Matt Damon Green Zone Workout

Matt Damon just released a new movie Green Zone and in this post I’m giving you the details on how to take your own training program up a notch and get ripped like he did by following this workout.

In the video below there are lots of details as to what Matt Damon would do during his training and workouts for the film Green Zone.  Matt was already in fantastic shape for the film Invictus and he cranked up his training even more for Green Zone and you can tell he cut down a lot.

For this Green Zone workout you’re going to want to train at a very high intensity AKA boot camp style.  The training program involves a circuit exercise format so there are 5 different exercises that you rotate through.

Do each exercise for 45 seconds and then rest 15 seconds before going on to the next exercise.

After you do the circuit 3x then you’ll want to hop on the treadmill and finish out with some High Intensity Interval Training for 10-20 minutes.

You can do this up to 5x a week Monday through Friday and then do extra double cardio days Monday, Wednesday and Friday.

For nutrition in the Matt Damon training program it is recommended having a 60-20-20 nutrition split. 60% carbohydrates, 20% protein, 20% healthy fats.

You can even go above and beyond the combat boot camp training and fill up a backpack with weights or water bottles and go hiking or crank up in the incline on a treadmill so you simulate it.

These workouts are going to help you burn fat fast but it won’t be easy, there’s a price to pay, but if you can take the heat then you’ll be rewarded!

Create Greatness,