Why Crash Diets Don’t Work

why crash diets don't work

Did you know 80% of people who go on a diet will eventually gain back their previous weight… It’s crazy but some will even get fatter than they were before. The big reason why people always gain back the weight they lost is because the diet simply isn’t sustainable. Even though they may lose some… Read more →

Drinking Coffee for Weight Loss ☕️

is coffee really that bad for you

Every time I wake up in the morning I’m excited because coffee is my favorite part of my morning routine. I’ll start with making my bed, meditating, and then proceeding directly to making my coffee. I’ll admit I’m turning into one of those annoying coffee snobs who has to have their morning coffee brewed JUST… Read more →

Take THIS 1 Thing to Eliminate Anxiety


Have you ever had bouts of anxiety or know somebody who has? It’s a very debilitating disease that is the most common mental illness in the United States. Over 40 million Americans suffer from it which equates to about 18% of the population. We’ve known for a while now the stress and anxiety you’re already… Read more →

Eat a Protein Rich Breakfast to Lose Fat

protein rich breakfast

Growing up the only thing better than eating cereal for breakfast was eating cereal for lunch. It was my absolute favorite thing to eat in the world, but today it’s the LAST thing I want to be eating for breakfast. I remember the good ol’ days when I’d get home from preschool at lunch time… Read more →

The Gut Busting Breakfast Your Grandma Ate

breakfast weight loss

This is truly the best breakfast you can eat to burn bellyfat while also boosting your energy levels for the rest of the day. Unless you're into intermittent fasting (which after a lot of experimenting I do NOT think is a long term solution) then your body is like a dried up sponge in the… Read more →

13 Best Belly Fat Burning Foods

belly fat burning foods

By now I’m sure you’ve figured out the Big Mac you’ve been eating isn’t going to help you burn belly fat. Fortunately, there are some specific foods out there that will help you burn off your stubborn belly faster than others. Of course, to see any real results you’re going to have to consistently eat… Read more →

My Post-Workout Protein Shake Recipe

post-workout shake recipe

After you’ve just finished an intense workout you’re body is like a dried out sponge just waiting to soak up some nutrients to replenish itself. Now is when your body NEEDS to do two things the most… Rehydrate Recover Assuming you actually worked hard and sweated in your workout you’ll definitely be needing to rehydrate… Read more →

How Cutting Calories Can Make You Fat

Calories in. Calories out. Then you’ll slim down. That’s what they tell you. Right? It’s not so simple as just that. Trust me I wish it was it would make my job a heck of a lot easier. But the truth is there are other factors that are going to prevent you from losing weight… Read more →

Health Benefits of Coconut Oil You Need to Know

coconut oil

By now I’m sure you’ve already heard some of the fantastic health benefits of coconut oil, but is it all hype or is it the real deal? There’s no doubt coconut oil has been getting more and more popular as the word spreads on its powerful health benefits. I’ve heard some sensationalized stories about the… Read more →

Do Carbs Make You Fat? YES + Stupid Too

do carbs make you fat

Just about everybody already knows that sugar is going to make them fat, but not too many people know for sure if carbs will too. For the longest time people have misunderstood that eating fats is the main reason why people get fat. This couldn't be any further from the truth, as more and more… Read more →