Best Carb Blocker for Weight Loss (Lose Weight + Stay Young)

If you’re looking for the best carb blocker for weight loss then you’ve come to the right place.

Many believe taking a carb blocker will allow you to eat your favorite carbs while minimizing some of the consequences that come with it.

Taking a carb blocker can help you lose weight by helping to stabilize your blood sugar. Otherwise, your blood sugar would spike after eating a carb heavy meal.

There is a ton of evidence coming out proving how eating sugar and starchy processed carbs is a big cause of weight gain. Especially in the western world.

The question if taking a carb blocker will really work to help you lose weight.

I know it can be hard to know if carb blockers really do work to help you lose weight and which is the best one for you.

With taking a carb blocker you may be able to eat your carbs and still lose weight and it could help you live longer.

Here you will discover if carb blockers work for weight loss and the best one you can take.

Finding The Best Carb Blocker to Help You Lose Weight

Carb blockers are typically taken in supplement form and are becoming more well-known for helping people lose weight.

There so it isn’t a whole lot as of yet even though there is more and more evidence coming out every day proving their effectiveness.

Most carb blockers work by blocking particular enzymes needed to digest certain carbohydrates.

Simple carbohydrates are those like typical table sugar. Complex carbohydrates are made up of many different simple carbohydrates and include potatoes, rice, and pasta.

Pretty much all the tasty foods!

Many of the delicious complex carbohydrates are the same kinds that will cause you to gain weight.

These High Glycemic carbs are the ones found to cause you to gain weight.

Carb blockers can help you lose weight since the fewer carbohydrates you’re eating means the fewer calories and blood sugar spikes your body will go through.

Today’s evidence is finding one of the main causes of weight gain are chronically elevated blood sugar levels that come with eating sugar and high glycemic carbs.

How Do Carb Blockers Work?

Most carb blockers work by containing enzymes that prevent the enzymes in your body from breaking down the complex carbohydrates in your belly.

Then about 50-65% of these carbohydrates are passed to your large intestine without being fully digested and absorbed into your body.

This will prevent these starchy carbohydrates from elevating your blood sugar and adding to your daily calorie intake.

Most of these carb blockers are made from white kidney bean extract. There are some studies proving that they actually work.

They will also theoretically reduce your appetite. Since the food isn’t going to be fully digested in your stomach it all leave you feeling fuller for longer.

I’m not the biggest fan of this kind of carb blockers. This study found this kind of carb blockers still allow 93% of the carbs to be digested and absorbed.

If you’re interested in a carb blocker then take a look at one that contains bitter melon extract and rock lotus.

Keep in mind that taking any kind of carb blocker for weight loss will usually not do a whole lot unless you’re also watching your calorie and macronutrient intake.

Taking a carb blocker doesn’t give anybody a free ride to eat all the pizza and pasta they want. It should be used only as an “add-on” to minimize the damage from occasional eating of high glycemic carbs.

Best Carb Blocker Ingredient #1: Bitter Melon Extract

Bitter melon extract is the new kid on the block and in my opinion the best carb blocker for weight loss.

Taking bitter melon extract is linked to lowering your blood sugar and has properties that act like insulin.

This will help bring glucose into your cells for energy. Taking bitter melon extract can help your body utilizes glucose better.

If your cells can better utilize glucose then it will be a will to move into your liver, muscles and fat more efficiently instead of your belly.

There is some evidence finding that taking bitter melon extract can help your body keep nutrients that would otherwise be converted to glucose and end up in your bloodstream.

This is the big cause of how so many people are becoming diabetic and gaining weight in the western world.

This double-blind randomized study in the Journal of Ethnopharmacology found bitter melon extract reduced fructose levels in patients with type II diabetes.

The researchers found bitter melon extract did just as good a job as medications designed to lower blood sugar levels.

This study in Nutrition Journal also saw significant weight loss in participants taking bitter melon extract. The researchers found the participants reduced their waist circumference a.k.a. they lost belly fat.

An animal study in the Journal of Nutrition found bitter melon extract helped to lower body fat, insulin levels and normalize glucose tolerance.

You can see more and more evidence is stacking up in favor of taking bitter melon extract before you eat a carb heavy meal.

And a new study in 2017 found taking bitter melon extract holds the potential to significantly improve diabetic conditions with no ill side effects.

The researchers found bitter melon extract was effective for those suffering from hyperglycemia a.k.a. elevated blood sugar levels.

Best Carb Blocker Ingredient #2: Rock Lotus

Rock lotus is a plant native to Bama County in the mountainous region of western China.

This place is known as the home of longevity as is inhabitants have the highest ratio of centurions in the world.

The inhabitants look much younger than their age. Many medical researchers believe daily consumption of the Rock Lotus plant contributes to their longevity.

There are two factors that have been proven to increase the longevity of humans.

  1. Lowering of insulin-like growth factor 1 (IGF-1)
  2. Restricting calories

Taking Rock Lotus will do both of these for your body helping it to fight aging and keep you staying young.

This 2009 study found the extract from the Rock Lotus plant helped to improve insulin sensitivity and glucose intolerance in mice.

The Rock Lotus plant also removed excess body fat significantly in a five-month Japanese study by Jutendo Medical University.

The researchers found taking Rock Lotus helped to reduce excess fat on the inner organs while also helping to lower blood sugar levels.

At the end of the study, the participants improved their liver function and fatty liver. The improved blood glucose control effectively reduced the insulin levels in the participants.

Both bitter melon and Rock Lotus are very similar in the benefits they can provide for stabilizing your blood sugar.

You can see how taking both of these together will give your body a powerful combination to block high glycemic carbs from spiking your blood sugar.

My Recommendation

If you’re looking for the best carb blocker for weight loss then take one that contains both bitter melon extract and Rock Lotus.

It contains a proprietary formula that can help block the carbs you eat from turning into fat while also promoting anti-aging.

It uses both bitter melon extract and Rock Lotus as its main ingredients. More and more research is proving both are highly effective for stabilizing your blood sugar while also keeping your body young.

I recommend taking some  before a starchy carb meal to help prevent the carbs from spiking your blood sugar levels.

But you should take it every day to get maximize all the fat fighting benefits.

The long-term benefits of taking a supplement containing bitter melon extract and Rock Lotus will also help to fight aging and keep you looking young.

Keeping optimal blood sugar levels and insulin are becoming more widely well known to lose weight. Still being able to occasionally enjoy your favorite carbs is also a necessity.

It’s not realistic to tell people you can never eat any kind of high glycemic carbohydrate ever again. But there are some ways you can minimize the damage.

This is why I recommend this carb blocker as it contains two natural very potent ingredients to block carbs from spiking your blood sugar and help you keep burning fat.

It doesn’t hurt this supplement will also help to increase your longevity by keeping you looking young and feeling great.

Do carb blockers work?

Yes carb blockers can work up to a certain extent but I wouldn’t expect total miracles either. If you have diabetes or your body doesn’t process carbohydrates efficiently then taking a carb blocker could help you with weight loss. You should keep in mind that carb blockers will only block a little more than half of the carbs you’re eating from being digested and absorbed into your body. So taking a carb blocker doesn’t give you free reign to eat all the carbs you like but it can definitely enhance the weight loss process for you.

The Last Word

The truth is you can’t take any one carb blocker and expect to lose a lot of weight if you’re still overeating the bad carbs.

But this doesn’t mean you can occasionally eat your favorite carbohydrates and so lose fat as long as you’re taking a carb blocker that works.

There is more evidence proving carb blockers are effective for weight loss. They improve your blood glucose levels and insulin.

One of the main factors of weight gain is not just calories, but keeping stable blood sugar levels and insulin.

Carb blockers are not only for diabetics but for those looking to lose belly fat, drop weight and fight aging.

Now that you know the best carb blocker for weight loss it’s time to put one to use so you can still enjoy your favorite carbs while having some damage control.