Does MCT Oil Break a Fast?

mct oil and fasting

So does MCT oil break a fast or does it not break a fast? It’s confusing! You’re trying to stick to a healthy diet by fasting, but you’re not sure if MCT oil is allowed. Most people aren’t sure if MCT oil breaks a fast or not. Some people say it’s okay because it’s a …

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Does Zevia Break a Fast?

zevia soda cans at grocery store

Does drinking Zevia break a fast? While Zevia might be a delicious and refreshing beverage, that doesn’t mean you can drink it while fasting. Knowing exactly what you can and can’t drink while fasting without breaking it isn’t very clear. The last thing you want to do is unknowingly drink something that breaks you fast. …

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How to Eat Carbs Without Gaining Weight

carbs word scale diet losing weight eating less carbohydrates

Did you know you can still eat carbs without gaining weight? Giving up carbs completely can be beyond hard and make you miserable. But you can still eat the right carbs at the right times, in the right amounts and still lose weight. Limiting carbs to an extremely low amount all the time can feel …

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Can You Chew Gum While Fasting

chewing gum intermittent fasting

Want to know if you can chew gum while fasting? Or does chewing gum break a fast? Chewing gum can make it easier to get through your fasting window by reducing hunger. If chewing gum suppresses your appetite, it’ll make getting through your fast much more effortless. But chewing gum can fall into the “gray …

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Celery Juice and Weight Loss (Does It Work?)

celery juice to lose weight

Have you heard drinking celery juice can help you lose weight? Celery juice is an excellent source of antioxidants, minerals, and vitamins essential for optimal health. Some health experts like Medical Medium say it helps cleanse the body and remove toxins that cause weight gain. But does drinking celery juice really work for weight loss? …

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