How Much Protein Do I Need? Know the Facts Before You Get Fat…

How Much Protein Do I Need?…by Josh Schlottman A big question that I’ve always gotten is, “how much protein do I need to build muscle and burn fat?”  And that really all depends, if you’re a skinny guy who needs to pack on a muscle then you should be taking in more than a girl …

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Travel Diet Secrets: How to Join my Exclusive Mile High Club

Travel Diet Secrets: How to Join my Exclusive Mile High Club…by Josh Schlottman

So I’m heading off to Seattle today and I’ve been going into overdrive getting all my snacks ready to go.  I absolutely hate eating airport food and all the junk in most restaurants so I take my travel diet into my own hands.

Instead of paying $$ for overpriced junk food in the airport I’m snacking on some of my favorite healthy foods, while keeping lean at the same time.

A lot of my high end clientele travel a lot and one of their biggest concerns is nutrition and how to have a healthy travel diet.  Most people when they travel just pick up meals to eat here and there, but the real secret is preparation in getting all your healthy snacks and drinks ready to go.

The biggest key in my travel diet are foods that are lean and will last a long time.  Unfortunately I’ve learned a lot of lessons along the way that will make you think twice about what foods to bring on your travel diet.

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The 7 Best Muscle Building Foods

The 7 Best Muscle Building Foods…by Josh Schlottman

When it comes to the best foods to build muscle it’s easy to believe that all you need is protein, protein, protein.  But it goes a little deeper than that when it comes to muscle building diets.  The best part about having some lean muscle on your body is that it will also increase your metabolism and will burn A LOT more fat than you would if you didn’t have as much muscle on your body.

The goal of everybody who wants to have a lean, ripped and attractive body should be to build muscle.  The biggest resistance I get is from females who are really resistant because they don’t want to get big bulky muscles.

But when you go on a muscle building diet you will fortunately also shred a heck of a lot of fat and unless you’re on a crazy training program like Arnold Schwarzenegger, you won’t get big bulky muscles.  If fat loss is your goal, check out my Xtreme Fat Loss Diet review too.

And guys who are trying to build muscle should definitely be eating a lot of the best foods for muscle building.  Many vegetarians are going to have a lot of trouble getting muscle on their bodies because of the lack of lean high protein sources.  I’m not a fan of vegetarian diets but I do respect peoples decision to go on them, but I would NEVER recommend it if you ever plan on putting some good muscle on your body.

I’m still surprised at the amount of people training who don’t know which foods for building muscle they should be taking in.  And to be honest, it’s really not their fault, I don’t ever remember looking at the Food Pyramid and seeing what I should be eating to burn fat and build muscle.  I still remember my younger bodybuilding days when I didn’t have a clue what I was doing and would pound at least 3 protein shakes a day.  FAIL.

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Fast Food Fat Loss: In-N-Out Burger

Hey Everyone, Today I decided to do something a little crazy and against what a lot of the fitness and health “gurus” out there. I’m telling you what you need to eat when you decide to eat fast food. Now I of course don’t recommend eating fast food at all but I’m also practical and …

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