10 Best Exercises To Lose Love Handles

Be sure to give these 10 killer exercises to lose love handles a try the next time you’re training to increase fat loss and tone up that muffin top.

It’s a little ridiculous when I see people in the gym wasting their time doing side bends. You know the exercise when you hold a dumbbell at your side and then lean to the opposite direction thinking it’s going to tone your abs.

If anything it’s going to put a lot of stress on your spine and you’ll walk away with a back injury.  Seeing people doing this exercise all day long in the gym makes me just want to shake my head.

But this doesn’t mean you can’t do exercises that target your obliques while also burning fat at the same time.  Usually when I see people in trying to tone up their love handles they’re usually just doing some variation of an isolation exercise.

exercises to lose love handles

While doing isolation exercises focusing on the love handles is okay every once in a while it shouldn’t be your sole method of getting rid of your muffin top.  Of course to effectively eliminate fat off your body and more specifically your stomach you should definitely put the majority of your focus on implementing a nutrition program such as the one in my Flat Belly Formula.

Even doing something as simple as getting rid of processed foods from your diet will help to reduce the fat on your body and your love handles.  The high amounts of refined sodium in processed foods is enough to cause your body to retain water making your stomach look bigger than it actually is.

Alcohol is another “bad guy” in the battle against your love handles.  Drinking this little devil will shut off your fat burning hormones as it slows your metabolism to a stand still.  I would limit your alcohol intake to only 2 drinks per week on your cheat day unless you want to keep that beer belly for the summer.

There are some other methods such as metabolic resistance training that will also help to increase your metabolism and the building of lean muscle.  I would also try this HIIT workout routine I designed to help your training program kick started for mega fat burning.  All of these training protocols when done correctly will burn crazy amount of fat compared to the workouts most people do in the gym.

The exercises to lose love handles video I made below focuses mostly on full body exercises that also involve the oblique muscles into the movement.  There are also a couple of my favorite isolation exercises thrown in such as side-ups and mermaid crunches but for the most part these exercises will train your entire body.

Although I didn’t specifically state the order of these exercises for love handles I would recommend coupling the full-body exercises and then throwing in an isolation exercise such as the side-bands at the end of the coupled exercises before repeating again.

With these 10 exercises you can make hundreds of different combinations.

I’m also using a challenging weight for the kettle bell and for me I have to use a 53 pound one to get an effective workout.  For women who are just starting and not sure what weight to use I would recommend trying a 24 pound and for men I would recommend a 36 pounder.  If you absolutely don’t have access to kettlebells then I you can also use a dumbbell for these exercises.

My Exercises To Lose Love Handles Video

Exercises To Lose Love Handles List

  1. Kettlebell Suitcase Deadlift
  2. Kettlebell 1-arm Clean & Press
  3. Kettlebell Alternating Swings
  4. Superband Tight Rotations
  5. Superband Side Plank Rows
  6. T-Stab Pushups
  7. Side-ups
  8. Mermaid Crunches
  9. Kettlebell Reverse Lunges
  10. Kettlebell 1-legged RDL

Final Word On These Exercises For Love Handles

In the real world to lose your love handles it’s mostly all about your diet, diet and diet.  Put the majority of your efforts into your diet and then you can incorporate these exercises too to excelerate the progress towards your results.  Put these 10 killer exercises to lose love handles to the test for yourself.